Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hammer has Inspired me...

I'm not gonna lie, before this weekend I had thought of blogging, but hadn't done it. Mostly because I was busy with my cousin's wedding last weekend (free wine - don't abuse the system - you will end up leaving the 2 bottles of wine that you ingested on someone's driveway - and I don't mean in the bottles.....), had to get Casa McP ready for the Mafia's visit this weekend, prepare for McMan's birthday (yesterday) and tend to my aching knee - which apparently has decided to to TU right before hockey season and the big gear-up for our huge evaluation at work. Joy of joys.

HOWEVER - In having Hammer and VonHammer here the past two nights and hearing of Hammers tales of blogging buddies, comment-fests and posts galore, I am re-energized.

Quick updates:
* My knee effing hurts. The Toyota center needs to invest in some hand rails so getting up and down the stairs can be done safely and with less pain to those joint-ily challenged like me. Or they need to allow flying monkies to enter the building - stupid no pets rules...

* I heart my goalie. I heart that my goalie is going to Nashville for camp. I, however, do not heart that we'll be without him for a time, leaving me with little confidence in who will be here in his stead. I know not everyone can be Chet Pickard... but at least when Carey was away, we had Chetter to fall back on.

* I need to get my Dish fixed. Damnit.

* *NSYNC's "Pop" came on the stereo in Hammer's car this night as we were leaving the rink. I can neither confirm nor deny that I almost put a McP-shaped hole in the roof of her car and squeeled like a ... well, let's face it, like a 19 year-old McP. I miss them. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who still listens to them on a regular basis.... or plays their songs on the piano when she's feeling low and/or blue.... I mean, I'm just sayin...

* Hammer's comment on the mix cd I have playing right now, "This CD is filled with songs I had forgotten existed."

* The shoe check we witnessed tonight was flinking amazing.

* It's HOCKEY SEASON, BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!