Monday, November 15, 2010

little thoughts, big revelations...

I was sitting on the floor of my house folding laundry and watching Conan when it hit me - I am so incredibly blessed to have the life that I've been dreaming about for years. [sidebar - the commercial for "Shake Weight" just came on... giggles! is it bad that i want one?]

I have a WONDERFUL partner. He is absolutely everything I've always looked for in a man, but I never thought I'd actually find. Every day I am blown away that he loves me and that he is willing to accept everything about me, positive traits, faults and issues. Every day I am thankful for that. Every day I try to be the best partner that I can be to him for us.

We have a beautiful home filled with laughter, animals, prayer and music. Eddie and Minnie are getting along quite well - Max is a little too excited about having a kitty in the house to be friends with Eddie quite yet, but it will get there. All of the boxes are close to being unpacked and most things have found their new home. I am in a new community and forming new friendships and relationships with great people here. I am finally able to start looking for a job here - but even that, he wants me to be happy, not just take a job I'm good at, but one that I will like. I've never had support like that before.

Living with someone who isn't just a roommate has been a bit of an adjustment. Luckily there is a spare room where all of my girly stuff can go - Sparkle Room 2.0, as it were. I'm constantly catching myself being careful walking on the floor or worried about neighbors below - I guess that's to be expected after living in apartments for most of my life. Sometimes I even freak out about the surround sound being up too loud when we play RockBand to the wee hours of the morning. Hopefully, I wont have to live in an apartment until Kim, Kristin, Molly and I move into our Raisin Ranch in Florida.

I met his sister, brother-in-law and nephew yesterday. I don't know why I was so nervous about it, they were all just as wonderful as his parents are. And his nephew - that little nugget had me giggling all afternoon! I am excited for him to meet my little brother and his wife tomorrow night, and for my parents to spend some more time with us. I know it's been hard for my mom, me moving away. It hasn't been extremely easy for me either, I miss all of my friends and family in TRI a lot - especially my lil sis and her nuggets, but I really couldn't be happier with my life right now.

AND with being a domestic goddess (and on his night-shift schedule) I must now away to the kitchen and clean up while the latest load of laundry finishes. :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I neglect my blog.

WOW. It's been some months since I even thought about updating this, but I'm laying here in bed and just read a friend's entire blog - yes, the whole thing. I haven't seen her in many many moons, but Facebook very kindly reminded me that today is her day of birth and after congratulating her on that occasion, I decided to snoop around her profile. She recently delivered a human into existence, which I find completely unbeleiveable because most of the time I still feel like we should be hanging out in her bedroom in Kennewick plotting our global domination in pop-star form. (Meaning although I'm in my mid-twenties, I still don't feel like we're old enough to be grown-ups)

All that aside, she posted an entry from her mother's journal from 1977 when she was first starting her relationship with who turned out to be the love of her life and her faithful and loving husband. What makes this so special is that her mother passed away when we were in high school after a courageous fight with breast cancer. (Have I mentioned how much I HATE cancer lately?) So I decided I should probably get back in the habit of writing down my thoughts, events and emotions because someday I'm going to have some little nuggets of my own and if something were to ever happen to me, I'd want them to have some pieces of my brain and heart in word-form.

I'll skip the long "this is everything I've been up to" post and hit a few key points. I now work for a National Laboratory - said goodbye to the Nuclear plant on March 12th. I REALLY love it so far - especially the 7-minute commute and being able to wear open-toed shoes! Hockey season is winding down - or up, depending how you look at it. The Ams are in the Western Conference Finals against the Vancouver Giants (we'll NOT talk about the actual hockey played last night in the Game 1 loss, but I did get conned into being in the Human Hamster Ball race by Miss Erin West... Running around an entire rink in a big plastic ball with no fresh oxygen is a bad idea, kids!) and the Sharks are tied 1-1 with the Avalanche in the first round of the Stanley Cup. I'm leaving for Las Vegas next Thursday for Jessi and Greg's wedding. Who knew when I met Bill almost 3 months ago that I'd be his roommate's Maid of Honor in such a short time? The four of us have a lot of fun here in TRI, so I'm pretty excited for the shenanigans that will be occurring in Sin City. (As long as I don't wake up to a tiger in the bathroom, I think things will be golden!)

In the past six months, I've also gotten back on track with my faith. Not that I ever lost it or doubted it, but it's come back to a more prominent place in my life. I guess the best way to describe it is that I have HOPE back. I have the knowledge that my plan for life may not be what is best for me. My "twin" Shannon (fantastic redheaded friend) sent me a devotional via email the day before yesterday that boiled down to this point:
Emotions are God-given, but when we let those emotions and other people's words and actions dictate how we feel and what we do, we become unstable. How we feel at any given moment probably has very little to do with what God is doing in our lives - He works behind the scenes. Our trust should be in Him that He is doing with us what He intends and our Hopes should be on fulfilling what He wants in our lives.
In other words, like my Facebook status said on Thursday, "Mer, Take a chill pill, I've got your back. Love, Jesus"

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Driving up to the Security Check-Point this morning, the reader board flashed, “September 1, 2009.” Wow. It really is astounding how fast this summer has come to an end.

Someone asked me the other night at hockey what I’d been up to all summer. Of course, the only thing I really did do most of the summer was “Godspell.” As I told everyone at the cast party, that show and the friends I made were a Godsend.

Thinking back on the whole experience, I can’t imagine anything going more perfectly.

Number one, how in the WORLD did I forget that I am a Theatre Person? Being surrounded by people who are like-minded in political beliefs, taste in the arts and with SO much talent, it’s hard to believe I’ve lived the past few years without people walking into my apartment, sitting down and starting to play random things on the piano – things that they’ve written, Beatles songs or Showtunes we all sing along with, or just random sounds. People singing Happy Birthday in 3-part-harmony (in tune!), suggesting new Indie artists I may like and accepting people no matter what their differences may be has awakened a part of my heart that I had forgotten about.

Number two, with the events taking place right before (and during) the show, I could have gone into a tailspin, but knowing I had a cast and crew depending on me kept me going.

Number 3, the amount of talent in our cast was astonishing. Every night people were asking if we were touring from New York or LA. There was one little lady from Yonkers who found it VERY hard to believe I hadn’t grown up around there as well. (I guess my “Abraham” was convincing.)

Number four, the whole cast was perfectly selected for their individual roles and brought something special and unique to the experience for cast, crew and audience. There were a few people, however, who I felt a special connection with.

Let’s start with Ellicia, our director-extraordinaire, one of my best friends and someone who has ALWAYS been there for me, no matter what, for all of the 11 years I’ve known her. Whenever I get down on myself, my life, my love-life, I can look at her and see that she has overcome these same obstacles in her life and ended up with a wonderful partner, a job she is passionate about, a beautiful home and two wonderful kittehs. While she’s really not that much older than I am, I do want to be her when I grow up.

Sue Schick… What a magnificent woman! Our Producer and my confidant, always exactly where I needed her with the exact words I needed to hear… Or even just a hug. SUCH a blessing. And Miss Emily… such a sweet, sweet soul.

I made fast friends with Anna at auditions, commenting on how Melissa was so adorable that I wanted to shrink her and carry her around in my pocket everywhere. Melissa and I still laugh about that being the first thing I ever said to her and how she wasn’t sure if I was talking to her or not. Anna’s dry wit and level head kept me sane during some tense rehearsals. Miss Banana Blueberry and I didn’t need many words to tell each other how we were feeling about certain situations – somehow we just understand each other. Thank you for accepting the roll that we are both usually type-cast in so I could try something different. ;)

Speaking of Melissa, I do believe she is my long-lost very-much younger, taller, skinnier and Jewish twin. Her style and heart are equally spectacular to me. She genuinely cares about people, their feelings and well-being. Like most, if not all, of the cast, wise and mature beyond her years. My favorite thing about her is when she is excited about something, her face lights up like a menorah on the eighth night of Hanukkah. (“YAY HANUKKAH!”)

Then there’s Scott. What can be said about him other than he is the “Jack” to my “Grace”? My court jester when I’m about to crack. I can’t count how many times he listened to me vent, told me to do something with my hair and knew exactly what my facial expression meant from across the stage. When I need a little pick-me-up, I watch this on my phone. There’s no one I would’ve rather looked at for the “frozen” monologues of “By My Side.”

Lauren (aka Lolo). How I wish we would’ve bonded earlier in the rehearsal process! Sitting at Shari’s Restaurant trying to help silence the 8 other (LOUD) people at the table, she turned to me and said, “We are the only adults here.” It was true, and it began. I thank the “Super Chill” (Albertson’s generic brand of soda - 10 for $10) and “puppy chow” for cementing the friendship in silliness and practicality. Her free spirit and love of all things… well, that I love, makes me feel as though I’m not so alone in the world in my desires. I’m so much looking forward to October 26, when we will be seeing MIKA in Seattle! (MIKA!!!! SQUEEE!!!!) Whenever we hang out, no matter how mellow the situation or how sick one of us might be, there are always good times had. No one in Tri has been more supportive of my new choices in life and direction I want it to go into. I am so jealous she is moving to Seattle. My tweet from last week, “Alas, the economy keeps me stationary,” rings in my head when I think of how wonderful it would be to pick up and move at the same time so we could share in the adventure of being the new girls in the City.

Yes, I’ve saved my IndyAndy Jones for last. When we started the rehearsal process, we joked around a few times, but I was still stuck in the mind-set that all young, good-looking guys were inevitably jerks and wouldn’t want to hang out with me or be my friend. Wrong. WAY wrong. After he laughed at me for almost blowing a gasket during a particularly aggravating rehearsal and hanging out at DQ, he has been one of the people I talk to the most about the widest range of topics. Without going into much sappy detail, I have never been complimented so highly with such a frequency as I have from Andy. Without any kind of expectation of anything but friendship - after being with him, I leave with the affirmation that someone (besides family members) believes I am a beautiful, intelligent, humorous woman with much to offer the world. The first thing he said to me after walking into Starbucks last night was, “You have a halo of beauty and grace!” What woman in their right mind wouldn’t love to hear that from someone you know isn’t trying to get into your pants?

Being in this show about love, life and community and surrounding myself with these wonderful individuals, my passion for life has been renewed. Peace, Love, Joy, Happiness, Live and Let live. Those are things all people should have in their lives. It’s my new goal in life to help whoever I can have those things by what ever means I can. When people look at me, I hope they see compassion, tolerance, grace and friendship. The only person I can control is me and I am the one who decides whether or not to have a good out-look on life.

So, there it is; the new me. I don’t know where this will lead me. And where that normally would scare the living snot out of me, I am now incredibly excited to see where my life goes.

I’m leaving you with a quote from one of my characters in ‘Godspell’,
“In every community, there is work to be done. In every nation, there are wounds to heal. In every heart, there is the power to do it.” - Marianne Williamson

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Maybe it's the heat...

Or the paint fumes?

After painting my bakers rack with my dad outside in 95 degree heat, maybe I'm hallucinating. Maybe I just wish I was. I'm pretty sure it's the second.

Somehow I knew - I think that's why I never asked. Optimism is one of my strong-suits, but also a downfall at times. Then again, maybe it means nothing (there I go, being all delusional and hopeful again). I guess time will tell, but I think maybe I should give up on this one... it has, after all, been how many years?

I'm a magnet for unavailable men - either literally, emotionally or both. And, as I've said before, I'm a chicken shit.

Maybe September will be different. Probably not. I want to move to the next level in my life. I think I'm ready for that, but obviously someone else doesn't. *looks up* le sigh.

A lesson learned years ago is something I'm trying to remind myself of and strive for: "Patience is a virtue to be practiced in our homes and daily lives, and we must strive to set examples for our companions."

Saturday, August 1, 2009

What a day...

I woke up at 9:00 on the dot this morning. I chugged some water con 4 Motrin, made myself a chocolate soy smoothie (plus frozen raspberries) and realized that I'd only slept five hours. So I promptly returned to a state of slumber. Woke up again at 1:08. ONE-O-EIGHT! Ho-ly. Apparently I was sleepy. It was worth it, though. Hanging out with Kelly and the guys was a blasty-blast. Ran into a few people that I hadn't seen, litterally in YEARS, who oddly enough, ended up knowing each other. Ended up closing down the bar and helping load gear and merch into the trailer - pretty much par for the course when the guys aren't staying in town. Favorite moments of the night:
  • Chatting with a girl who had been at the same BBQ in Yakima 3 years ago and hearing that the shetland-pony-sized Great Dane was still alive and well.
  • Discussing the effects of hot weather on my hairstyle with Chris, who is growing his curly hair out. Things to look forward to, my friend.
  • It was nice to hear, "OMG, [MCP]!!! I saw you in the paper! I love you!"
  • The Manager walking up to Kelly with the band's money and saying, "You look like the responsible one." To which he answered, "Yes. Thank you for not giving this to Calvin!"
  • Being able to say, "I'm with the band" and it's not a joke, but still funny.
  • Kelly walking me to my car and joking about random things and walking through an impromptu acoustic performance of Mr. Big's "To Be With You" by some random people on the corner.
Back to today... I decided since I'd slept half of it away, I'd better make it productive. I cleaned my kitchen (dishes and fridge), laundry (4 loads and counting) and vacuumed, all while watching chick flicks on the various HBOs. Started with "Mama Mia", then "The Wedding Planner", "Where the Heart Is" and finally, "Sex and the City." That's a pretty impressive list for Eddie and I to cuddle through while procrastinating going to the store for foods in 106F weather. I also saved myself $15 and gave myself a pedicure. It's the first time I have had naked (aka non-painted) toe nails in... well, I don't remember when the last time was.

Eventually, once it was pretty clear that no plans would be made for the evening, I did get the energy up to head to Walmart. Something dawned on me while changing my clothes - You're never under-dressed for Walmart (save for nudity). Got everything I needed (and a few things I didn't) and headed to the self-check out and found a short line. EPIC FAIL - they had to re-start the computer when I already had my whole cart emptied onto the belt. There was a little girl roaming around he self check out area opening the doors to the soda fridges and rearranging the drinks - apparently she's not a big fan of segregation.

Got home and realized after carrying all of my bags up at once (I live on the 3rd floor - no elevator) that I had just climbed 3 flights of stairs with the equivalent weight of a skinny girl looped around my arms. I made some dinner after putting all of my goodies away, watched "Lewis Black: Black on Broadway" (HIGHLY recommended!) and now am trying to decide if I want to put on a sweatshirt and stay out her ein the living room and watch SNL or a movie.... OR if I want to do that from my nice, warm bed. Decisions, decisions.

I love days like this - getting things done, while feeling like I'm doing nothing.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What if I WANT to go into the water, hmmm?

It’s already the end of July. My birthday has come and gone, which can mean only one thing – IT’S ALMOST TIME FOR HOCKEY!!!!!!

I took a small break from almost all things hockey after HM and I split – after all, it’s how we met. Now that my heart is mended and the season is sneaking up on me, I decided to jump back into my RSS/Google Reader and find out some dish on my fine, finned team. There’s a lot going on for nothing going on… if you know what I mean.

Draft… We got a couple kids. Let’s face it – the past couple years, draft day has been a let-down for Sharks fans. Nothing until round 2? BOOORING. Which is why I sang at a baseball game instead (you can read about the shenanigans Schultzie and I got ourselves into HERE).

Team news. Well, well, well…. What a tangled web we weave, Sharkies. If you know me at all, you know I’m a goalie-lover. Also, you know I’m not a lover of Nabokov. He is a fine goalie – if you like that feeling of your heart dropping into your butt when you can see he’s WAY too far out of position, but he makes the save by the hairs on his chinny-chin-chin. While doing research for this post, I decided to catch up on some Photoshop Expos at Fear the Fin and stumbled across this:
The first thing that popped into my head as I chuckled was the line by ‘Jack O’Callahan’ in Miracle, “They’re Russian. They get shot if they smile.” BUT, I digress…
He has said that if asked to by the Sharks, he would wave his NTC because he doesn’t want to be with a team who doesn’t want him. How sad is that?! As much as I complain about him, no one WANTS to be with someone they know doesn’t want them. I’m not sure how I feel about this news. Now that Boucher is gone (I still don’t want to talk about it), who IS going to be in net? Let us go over a few options:

· Thomas Greiss – Logically, Thomas is the first choice. He’s spent some time up in the Show and is already listed on the roster behind Nabby Barring any large trade deal, we need a back-up.
· Stalock – Played with Griess in Worster. Stats aren’t bad, but as a Gopher, he’s got to prove himself to me since he went to UMD.
· Dakers – Thinking back to when he played for Kootenay, I remember him not sucking? I think? Possibly there were jokes about him? Any of the Mafia remember that? I’m drawing a blank.
· Sexsmith – Don’t EVEN get me started on this one. I feel the same way about him as I do about Dustin-flipping-Tokarski. Both are goalies who won the Memorial Cup not FOR their team, but WITH their team. Actually, I think Sexsmith is quite possibly even more than Tik. GREAT teams in front of them made them look SO much better than they actually are. HM never failed to rub salt in the open wound that he was a Sharks draft pick whenever the Giants would come to town. Mother of pearl, if he’s in a Sharks jersey this year, he’d better damn well step up his game or I’ll have to slap a bitch.

Let’s move away from goalie news… I’m getting my feathers all ruffled.

Apparently there were talks of sending Cheechoo and Erhoff to Ottawa for Heatley… Hmm… I don’t know how I feel about that. I’m not emotionally attached to Cheech, but I do tend to love my big Dman from Deutschland. And I don’t have anything against Heatley ON the ice, it’s his Diva “I’m outta here” attitude that makes me a little gun-shy on the whole situation. Though, I guess I don’t have to sweat it since apparently Brian Murray schaid the Schensch wouldn’t acschept schusch nonschensche (for those of you who don’t read/speak Brian Murray/Sid the Sloth, here’s a translation: said the Sens wouldn’t accept such nonsense.)

Marleau… At the end of the post-season, all the haters were calling for him to be shipped to Abu-Dhabi in a crate like Nermal. I’m not hater. In fact, heart Cap’n Patty! And how could you not – especially since he has said he’s willing to do anything to put a winning team on the ice, even if it means giving up his captaincy. Je t’aime, Marleau! And NO, it’s not because I’m a closet Seattle fan… ok, so not COMPLETELY because I’m a closet Seattle fan.

Another player near and dear to my heart is my Old man, Jeremy Roenick. Rumor has it that he’s going to hang up his skates, at 39, he thinks his body just can’t handle it anymore. I was hoping for one more year (and hopefully a cup) for the big ham, but if he’s retiring, I wish him all the best and am REALLY glad he went out with my team.

Finally… I guess I have to face it… Big Joe is… Married. There. I said it. Happy? Le sigh. *pouts*

No matter who the team ends up being, let’s make it a good season, boys

Friday, July 24, 2009


Auntie McP drank too much..... Chocolate Milk.... and was feeling a little weird and.... that's enough.

Number one - broken noses suck. Especially when there isn't a cloud in the sky and sunglasses are not an option. Apparently today should be the worst of it....

Why do I do this to myself? I think too much some times. OK, all the time.
I over-think what I'm going to wear in the morning and usually end up wearing the first thing I chose.
I over-thought a job opportunity until it was too late - the posting was gone, at least I still have my current job (which i love).
I over-thought a fear for a month - when I finally decided to face it, the piece of mind came in less than 40 seconds.

But I'm still over-thinking something that has been plaguing me... It's an easy fix. It's one question. I've asked it before. The answer wasn't what I wanted, but it turned out ok. I'm pretty sure it'll end up the same way this time.... AND there I go over-thinking it again.

I'm really impatient and at the same time..... a complete chicken shit.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hope and Inspiration

Ellicia and Geoff - my beloved friend and her beloved husband. A local and tangible example to me that while the hardships in your life may shape you, they don't define you and that good things happen to good people.

While watching "Jim McKay: My World in My Words" on HBO just now, hearing him talk about the 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team beating the Russians and the 1972 Munich games and the tragedy of the Israeli athletes, I was awestruck. To have not only lived through those moments, but being the person sharing that news with the world? Amazing and heavy. My favorite moment of the show wasn't seeing the US team pour onto the ice, but was what he said about his wife's smile,
"Our marriage has certainly been an unusual one, but from the beginning , quite frankly, our love for one another has only grown stronger. Now that I don't travel, we talk from early morning until bedtime about many little ordinary but important things. Her specialties are our kids and grandchildren. Mine are politics, liberal-democratic, and sports. And still she listens. And her smile. That incredible smile is still a thing of wonder to me."
That's what I want someday. Someone, when looking back at our life together, has that one thing about me that they still think of as a thing of wonder.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Birthday Musings....

After spending the evening with G$, looking at random things on the interwebs (and laughing our butts off), we ended up on my blog. On the way home, I decided I needed to write a post.

The 26th anniversary of my birth is on Sunday. I realized this weekend that I am not in the least bit excited about it and in fact, I'm dreading it, which is strange for me. As G$ said, "But it's a day that's all about celebrating YOU!" "I know, but I do that every day."

My 24th birthday was amazing, I was newly in-like with a guy and MissRoomie was about to be named Miss TC. My 25th birthday blew a lot - despite the amazing birthday cake that exMcMan hobbled around and made me, the day itself was less than thrilling (including a too-small bridesmaid dress and having to help MissRoomie give up the Miss TC crown).

My 26th birthday promises to not hold something that I had grown accustomed to and really, cherished, the past few years: a birthday kiss.

The simplest of things is what I'm dreading and I think the reason why is that the lack of that kiss means the lack of some other things I thought I'd have by now - if not being married, at least being in a committed relationship headed toward marriage, maybe engaged. Maybe married and buying a house? Or a nugget on the way? And while in my head I know I still have plenty of time for these things in my life, that lack of the birthday kiss represents failure to me.

At least G$ said even if everyone else bails out, he's free Saturday night so I wont end up spending it watching a rerun of SNL with Edouard.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Draft Day number one...

What? It was draft day? Couldn't tell it by me - since yet again, the Sharks had no first round pick. As a matter of fact, they don't pick until round 3 tomorrow. Therefore, when the minor league baseball team asked if I would be willing to sing the national anthems for the game against the Vancouver Canadians on the first night of the draft, I gladly obliged.

Let's start the day - I headed out to Ma and Pa's place where Ma and I colored my hair and watched the 20/20 specials on both Farrah Faucet and Michael Jackson. Both were great programs and I'm not gonna lie, I squirted a few tears at points in each of them. Two very talented and charismatic people lost in one day. Wow. Still kind of wierded out and shocked by MJ's death.

After finishing up there, I came home and practiced a few tricky spots in a few songs for "Godspell". I love being an Alto, but sometimes I think it might be nice to have the high note - so much easier to hear!

Met up with Mizzle for a little snack and some shopping as well as planning a bit for the show. I'm so stoked not only to be doing this show, but to be doing it with her as my director. I love spending time with her - we might as well be sisters, we're practically the same person!

Hammer got to town as Mizzle and I finished up some costume shopping and we headed to the baseball game. We had some CHOICE tweets... you can head to to check it out.

  • Hammer's comment, "Does he know he's gay?"
  • The fact that she's again a traitorous whore - but it's a little better this time because now she's a "Dirty Canadian Lover"
  • The girl in the SnoCone (aka SnoPenis) who was very reminiscent of the SnoPenis worker from 2007-2009 Ams Camp, (in to her cell phone) "Just a minute, I need to put their flavors on."
  • Yelling, "UGLY BATTER!" works just as well as "UGLY GOALIE!" when yelled at a crucial point in the game.
After the game, we drove through Sonic mostly to feed my face with some delicious tots and Cherry Limeade, a little to avoid the traffic. We took the short drive down here to the land of Hammer and now I'm firmly planted on her couch. Tomorrow morning we'll get up and decorate and finish stuff up for the Canada Day Festivities and then party like we just invented the Canad-Arm!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

McP feels...

Today is a time for feelings. Let's discuss, shall we?

Nervous excitement - I've got a Call Back tomorrow evening for the musical "Godspell." My first return to any kind of theatre in 6 years and my first venture into musical theatre since 2000.
Pride - I walked over ten miles this weekend with my "lil sis" for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. SUCH an amazing experience!
Love - McNephew saw a pictre of Carrie Underwear on my iPhone, pointed at it and said "Dat's you!" "No, baby, that's Carrie Underwood, but thank you!" "No, MeMack, that's YOU!" "if you insist my little nuggett."
Giddiness - The Penguins won the Stanley Cup!!!!!! I know, I know, I'm a Sharks fan, but if the Penguins won, that means THE RED WINGS LOST!!! AT HOME!!!! HAAAAAAA!!!!! (Sorry, Melmo)
Sadness - I just got home from getting most of my stuff from HM (formerly McMan)'s house. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. My hands were uncontrollably shaking the whole time and nothing that i was trying to do to stop it worked. I had a few things over there that I had forgotten about and didn't have room for in my sedan. Suck.
Anger - Because I can't hate him - and believe me, people have done everything they can to get me to. It'd be so much easier if I could call him a douchebag, flip him off and tell him to take a flying leap. I can't' do that. I have to be a big kid. Being a big kid can bite my big toe.

I saved this one for last to remind myself of it:

Joy - My life is wonderful. I have a job, a beautiful and safe home, a wonderful family and amazing friends. I have talents and gifts and a God who loves me and has SO much in store for me. Patience, McP... Patience.

Also, 13 DAYS UNTIL CANADA DAY FIESTA 2009!!!!!!!! (i'm living for this, ladies and gents!)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

McP on the mend

Well, it's day 9 and I'm on the way to feeling like my chipper, sunshiney self a little more every day. I'm sleeping through the night, the smell of food doesn't make me want to vomit and I haven't cried since Wednesday. In a week or so I might be able to hold up to my end of the bargain with HM (formerly known as McMan) that I'll call him (we're remaining friends once I can handle it).

Eddie is still sniffing around the spot on the couch left empty by HM and freaks out when I play "For Good" from Wicked (the song I played before he got to the house to drop the bomb). BUT! He's made the transition from kitten food to big kitty food.

SO! This summer is for McP. I'm auditioning for a musical this week, I'm finally recording an album and I'm committed to getting healthy - mostly so my boobs get smaller *crosses fingers* and my back doesn't hurt as much. Also, I'll be helping out with Ma and her treatments.

I have an amazing support system of friends and family. They have made the past week of my life filled with love, laughter and wonderful "dates". I love you all.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Have I mentioned I hate tumors?

For the past few years, a dear friend of mine has been dealing with tumors in her brain.

Last May, Fred reared his ugly head and ruined my June and July because my McMan was in pain

This May it's my Ma. After showing me the scar on her breast, she asked me what we could do to salvage her retirement job as a pole dancer.

Happily I can report the brain tumor is dead, Fred is dead and hopefully, in a few weeks, my mom's cancer will be gone.

Great time for my favorite Dr. Izzy Stevens to have tumors and start seeing Denny/Papa Winchester again. Hits a little too close to home, and I'm really wishing I hadn't eaten all of my girl scout samoas because those and a big glass of milk would make me feel better right now.

So, tumors? Fuck off. Fuck right off.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

See you in September...

The dust has settled, the tears have subsided and the profanities have been replaced with words appropriate for McNephew to repeat like the tiny parrot he is.

Monday was a bad day. Mama had surgery, McMan announced his trip to Calgary (sans McP) and my Sharkies were ousted from the playoffs by Finny's QuackQuack Ducks. She phoned me after the game amidst the celebration at Honda Center to hear me having an emotional breakdown. I know, I know, it sounds like I'm way too invested in my team - but let's face it, everything compounded, I deserved a good cry (not to mention a stiff drink and some sort of refrigerated baked-good dough).

My opinion of the season:
WOW. What a team. There was a reason they won the President's Trophy. They had great communication on the ice, the team was playing cohesively, and the scoring came from every line. Nabby and Bouche were great in net and made the big saves when they needed to.

My opinion of the post-season:
Brief, yes, but filled with passion (shitting the bed in game 4 aside). The Getzlaf line did exactly what they needed to shut down Big Joe, Cap'n Patty and the Guch. The fight between Getzlaf and Thornton was a BEAUTY (even though i only got to see it in higlights - effing Versus...) - Just when I think I can't possibly love that big man any more, he goes and feeds lefts to Getzy like he's asking, "Please, sir, may I have some mo'?"

Anyone who knows my love of goalies is perplexed when they are with me while watching a Sharks game. I realize that Nabokov is a good goalie, but I lack confidence in him for some reason. My cries of "I LOVE MY GOALIE!!!!" at WHL games turn into "I love my goalie?" watching Nabby. It's a love/hate relationship. I think after the two losses at home, and especially during game 4, Boucher should've been in net - if for nothing else than to send a message to the team. When that man is hot in net, the thing becomes inpenetrable. Would it have made a difference in the series? Maybe, maybe not. Jonas Hiller took on the role of the Jaws-killing "Brody" like Johnny Depp took on the role of Jack Sparrow - it was scary.

My thoughts on changes to be made within the team:
The cry all around, "Trade Joe Thornton because he doesn't produce during playoffs!"
I call bullshit on that. Like I said earlier, Game 4 aside, this was a battle against Hiller and the team in front of him knew exactly who to shut down to help their goalie on his superstar streak.
Sure some off-season changes will be made, that's going to happen anywhere, but I don't think trading Thornton is the answer. He's the assist-king. He's a passer that shoots when he has the opportunity (and those are usually in the back of the net).

To tell you the truth, I'm not a coach or a gm (don't look so shocked! lol) and I don't know what's going on inside the locker room, but it seems to me that with a season like this one, those HUGE trades would only break the chemistry down.

My inner-struggle with who to root for now:
I'm torn. While I don't want to root for the team who made mine look like their red-headed step-child (i can say that - i am one), one of the fibers woven into my being is the one that is Coach Carr from Mean Girls repeating in my ear "If you cheer for the Red Wings, you will get pregnant and die". (Seriously, it was almost a deal-breaker when first dating McMan)
Advantage: Quacks
Plus, if they win the whole thing, it makes the sting of losing to them in the first round not quite as bad.

My parting words for the Sharks 2008-2009 Season:
After the home-and-home to end the regular season, I was afraid of meeting the Ducks in the first round. They're a good team and they fought hard to win in the Shark Tank and got the job done. Had it been any other team, I'm fairly certain I'd still be rocking my Roenick jersey, rushing to the car to turn on my XM on my way home to plop myself in front of the HD feed, cheering my team on. It wasn't the Sharks' year, yet again. Maybe being an Ams fan through the good, the bad, and now back to the good has prepared me for this.

I ♥ my team. See you next season, Sharkies.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

First two games: a reaction.


That's my reaction. EFF.

Jonas Hiller is doing the same thing Giguiere did back in 2003, and it's pissing me off.

Down 2 games, the Sharks need to figure out how to get more than a couple pucks past this guy. Powerplay needs to improve and Nabokov needs to get his swagger back.

I've got a massive sore throat, so the yelling, though massive in quantity, was quite subdued.

Come on, Sharkies. I freakin believe in you - you can do this.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Flying Monkey Report - Playoff Mission 09-01: Complete

McPhizzle wanted us to get this posted yesterday, but we had a bit of a change in plans when we arrived at the inner sanctum of You see, normally, being flying monkeys and all, we’re pretty good about getting in, getting what we want and then getting out. However, McP failed to warn us about the canine that has been added to Finny’s family. We hate dogs – especially dogs that don’t fall for our “go fetch” distraction techniques. Luckily, one of us had some beef jerky in a pouch that gave us enough time to move the photo of the Quacks hoisting the cup in 2007, console one member of the squadron who went into hysterics about how it should’ve been the Senators, and crack the code to (STRIKE) steal(/STRIKE) *ahem* borrow the list Ms. Finny had been keeping safe for Randy Carlyle. P.S. Finny, You should really change the combo on that safe. 37-55-55? Ducks-Lightning-Canucks? Anyone who has half an O’Brain cell would figure those jersey numbers out... If you’re picking up what we’re putting down.

The Flying Monkeys.

Intercepted Communique Labeled Top Secret.

To: Randy Carlyle
From: Christy Finn

RE: Top 10

  • 10. Cup Count. Anaheim: 13 players, total of 17 Rings. San Jose: 6 players, total of 9 Rings. The Ducks have more than half their roster full of men who’ve fully experienced the bitter battle and tasted the sweetness of Victory, drinking it freely from Lord Stanley’s Cup. They know what it’s like to heft that three foot trophy into the air, claim it as their own, and spend an entire summer celebrating their conquest. They also know the pain of watching something they’ve lain claim to pass on into the hands of another, the hands of an opponent, the hands of someone else. They’ll be driven to do what they can to give them another chance at re-claiming their lost treasure. And, more importantly, they know what they need to do, what kind of sacrifice, what kind of superhuman ability will be required – not asked – of them come puck-drop. Now, it’s go time.
  • 09. Quacks No Longer. Once ridiculed as a joke, the Ducks long dropped their image as diminutive quacks trying to get people to take them seriously. Instead, they’ve adopted a rep for being a bully. It’s just like that kid you poked fun at when he was smaller, fatter, slower than you… until he grows up to become a lean, mean, hefty, muscled grown teenager with a long memory and a complex from all the teasing you put him through. Then, the funny business ends and the revenge of the one-time loser begins. Same story. Anaheim went from joke to yoked in a couple of seasons, bulldozing their way to the Cup in 2007. The 2009 Ducks aren’t too different from that squad. Some of the players have changed, but not the formula. Anaheim still boasts a line-up that doesn’t fear a pair of fists from the expected (George Parros) down to the unexpected (Bobby Ryan).
  • 08. The Big 8. What can I say? I love Teemu Selanne. He’s a former Shark, so there’s a little added incentive to gain the upper-hand. Nevermind that the Sharks have a couple ex-Ducks who were part of the Cup-winning team in 2007, so clearly they have some added incentive to up their game against Anaheim. Still, with Selanne entering his waning years in the league, I’m sure he’ll be pumped up to make this run a good one. If anything, he’ll definitely be a problem for the Sharks if he gets the chance to. He’s ranked 5th in the NHL with 16 PPGs.
  • 07. 4-on-4. No, not the play. I’m talking about Claude Lemieux’s four Cup Rings vs. Scott Niedermayer’s four Cup Rings. Lemieux, at age 43, may not have enough gas in the tank to push him through a grinding series against the Ducks. He’s one of those guys who can elevate his game when it comes down to playoff time and can provide veteran presence for the young Sharkies, but he’s got nothing but his age to beat out Anaheim’s four-time Cup winner, Scott Niedermayer. Scotty’s got a 8 year advantage on Lemieux at the ripe, youthful age of 35, and who’s still at the top of his game, all day, everyday. Scotty’s won every single major hockey championship in his career, from the Memorial Cup, World Junior Championship gold, World Championship gold, Olympic gold, four Stanley Cups, and the World Cup of Hockey. Advantage: Niedermayer. Come to think of it, Scotty always comes with the advantage… So, advantage: Anaheim.
  • 06. Double D. As in, defense. Anaheim’s got the blueline special backing them up all the way to the crease, and the line runs deep. Two Norris Trophy winners beef up the blueline in Scott Niedermayer and rough-and-tough (maybe too-tough) Chris Pronger, and the newly returned Boom-Boom specializer, Francois Beauchemin. Added into that mix is Ryan Whitney who played a big role in defending his former team, the Pittsburgh Penguins, to the Finals in ’06.
  • 05. Streaky Sneaky. The Ducks fumbled through much of their season, until they pulled it together to run a hot 7-2-1 record in their last 10. The Sharks, on the flipside of things, fumbled a bit with a 5-4-1 Last-10 record. If they keep that up, they’ll end up repeating history and being shown the door by their younger, southerner siblings. If the Ducks keep up their hotness, they’ll streak right on past the Sharks, but it definitely won’t be easy.
  • 04. You Score, I Score. Anaheim’s offensive talent tips heavily in the direction of the Big Boys on the Numero Uno line, yet Scott Niedermayer, Rob Niedermayer* and Chris Pronger nailed over 10 goals each, indicating that offense can come off any line and at any given time. Most of the opposition will cite the chunk of goals bearing the Perry-Ryan-Getzlaf or Selanne name to mean that if they can shut them down, they’ll lock the quarterfinal up in their favor. I wouldn’t be so sold on that argument if I was San Jose since the name of the game is Step It Up (also known as: Win or Go Golfing), I’ll guarantee some playoff heroes will emerge when others are overly-focused on the moneymakers. [*No word on how many of those goals were empty-netters. Safe to say, a lot of 'em were.]
  • 03. Monster Goalie. Okay, so he’s had his crappy moments this season, still J.S. Giguere has the ability to steal some games if need be (since it's a safe bet that Jonas Hiller will get the nod before J.S. does). But he’s done it before, he can definitely do it again. In 2003, he tossed the whole of the bench on his back and heroically carried them to within one game of Cup glory. In 2006, he brought us to the WCF where we lost to the eventual Cup-winners. And in 2007, he backed us up the distance and enabled us to snatch the Cup from Ottawa. Despite his less-than-impressive season, Jiggy still has it in him… he just needs to lay it all out on the ice and get the job done. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.
  • 02. Chew Up Cheechoo. That’s not necessarily a real reason why Anaheim ought to win, but really, something’s got to be done about that little sniper. Anaheim’s got the manpower to do it. The question that remains is will Anaheim find a way to take Cheechoo-choo down?
  • 01. SoCal > NorCal anytime, anyplace. ‘Nuff said. Bring it on, NorCal. The Ducks are hella ready.

Some interesting stuff up there. Needless to say, this will be a good series, filled with emotional, rivalry-filled games and a few choice texts and tweets swapped between McP and Finny. Yes, we’ve got plenty of beer in the fridge for game-watching. It’s a good thing, too – we’re on 24/7 patrol - Casa McP is on lockdown after the Radical Redhead herself found an intruder from GwaP hacking into her precious new laptop. Maybe Finny was up to the same tricks we were. Well played, Quack-fan, Well played.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Ask and Ye shall recieve!

I called it in Hammer's Liveblog last week!


*does a little dance*

*Ding dong*

"Hello, Quack quack?"
"Candy gram."
"Quack what??"
"Uh... Flowers."
"I'm allergic to flowers, Quack..."
"Stale bread?"
*duck opens door* "Oh no! Quack! Landshark!"

So it begins. The civil war of hockey in California. North versus South. McP versus Finny. We've already discussed it. Both returning to hockey blogging at the same time, this was bound to happen. We've vowed to remain friends no matter what the outcome is.

She's scared - as well she should be. My Sharkies won the President's Trophy this year - that's pretty impressive! Having a record of 32-5-4 at home this year bodes well for the fishes.

HOWEVER - The Sharks and Ducks have battled it out all year. I'm not thinking the Quacks are going to swim right over to an exposed dorsal fin or anything. The Sharks need to want this. The need to play for it and they need to work as a team to get there.

I'm not skipping ahead to any thoughts on the second round, because, well, the first hasn't technically started yet. Let's just say I have confidence in my team. And I'll be on my couch sporting the 27 of My precious JR every game I can catch.

Edouard says "me too, mama." (which sounds an awful like "meow")

Night night WHL playoffs...

Well, it’s over. Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons. It’s almost ironic that my favorite sport, my “social life” and the place I feel most at home is someplace I only get to spend the Fall and Winter.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to make this entry or not, but after putting the sign up in my office that reads, “Yes, the Americans lost. Yes, the season is over. No, I don’t want to talk about it.” I figured I should get a few feelings out so that I didn’t flip out on the Corporate Express delivery guy when he will inevitably ask me how I’m doing with the outcome of the season despite the sign.

So the Rockets did some damage. Ok, a lot of damage. This time it was to the boys on the ice – not me. “Que?” you ask? Well, last time these two teams faced off in round 2 (2004) I got hit in the foot with an errant puck during OT. Bruised the bone – luckily I was wearing boots that night instead of my standard flip-flops. About two weeks later, I dot to gracefully walk onto the Miss TC stage for my audition with a lovely moon boot (aka walking cast). They beat us a few days later at home. Easter Sunday, as it were. Hmm... Maybe Jesus hearts Kelowna on his resurrection day?

It’s bittersweet, really. So many young men poured their heart and soul into this season, some veterans, some rookies. It’s going to be strange not to see a few faces on the ice next year.

Taylor Procsychen – I remember when that kid was a tiny, carrot-topped rookie taking photos with Wendy, Tawnie and I at post-game skates. Always more than willing to stop and say hi to fans big and small and offer a blessing over the meal and attendees at the Booster Club’s annual Christmas party.
You gave your very best effort on the ice to us for five years and led the team in so many ways. Please be very proud of yourself and the man you’ve become - we are. Let the Lord guide you in your future endeavors and please come back and visit whenever possible.

Jason Reese – It’s hard to even think that he once wore a Giants uniform. All I can think of now is the vocal forward in red, white and blue. As close as we’ve gotten to a “local boy” in a few years, it was great hearing his mom scream his full given name when he would drop the gloves and seeing his proud little sister always wearing his button and becoming a familiar face around the rink.
Thanks for helping me choose the quesadilla that night at Applebee’s – I’ll think of you every time I order it now – especially with a “Brewtus” sized beer!

Mitch Fadden – The other half of this year’s “Red Headed Wonder Twins”. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been a fan of this kid since he played for the Thunderbirds (shut up, we all know I’m a traitorous whore). I’ve never seen an Am with better puck handling AND a great personality. When he asked McNephew for “knucks” after a post-game skate, he had my Auntie-heart on a platter. Now, whenever he has his finger up his two-year-old nose, we giggle and tell him to stop giving the “Mitch Fadden Salute”.
Good luck in your promising career, Mitch, and even though you only spent 52 games here, please don’t forget how much we love and appreciate how hard you worked for our team.

Chet Pickard – This one hurts. He’s most likely played his last game in an Ams sweater, and while I’m excited for him to move on and for his professional career to flourish, it’s hard for me to celebrate him not returning to us. One look at him skating back and forth after being scored on or up to the stands when Dan was in town to get feedback (via the famous hand signals) tells you how committed he was to playing well for the Ams. The same held true about his celebrations when a game had gone well. Possibly one of the most down-to-earth people I’ve ever met with his level of talent. That’s not surprising after meeting and becoming friends with his family.
Chet, you have no idea how much joy you brought to your little buddy, GoCamGo. Getting to skate with you is something he still talks about. There aren’t many little boys who can say that they took their first lap around the rink with a first round draft pick when they weren’t even two yet.
To the Pickard family – Thank you for sharing your son (and brother) with us and for sharing yourselves as well. I can’t wait to see you next year even though you’ll be cheering for the TBirds – Especially you, Kelly – I know this is supposed to be about your brother, but you’re one of the most fun people I’ve met in a long time and know I can always count on you for a laugh when I need one the most. I wish I had a hot, single brother for you to marry so you could be in my crazy-ass family.

I’m not going to speculate on which 19-year-olds will be back next year as it hurts my heart too much. Needless to say, with my “son” Jarrett being one of them, the 20 y/o deadline will be a nail biter for me.

To those returning to camp in August to earn their jobs back, have a good summer, but please be safe. There is so much talent brewing in each of you! I have a whole different perspective of the young boys this year for some reason this year. Maybe it’s because it has been three years since I’ve shared a house (and bathroom) with a rookie and have finally let go of the hurt that a certain player caused after leaving the team. Play hard, work out harder, do things that make you a little bit uncomfortable to broaden your comfort zone and do something nice for someone once in a while. (And Spencer, spend some time with your little sister – You’ll be gone from home for good in a few years and it really will mean more to her than you could imagine).

So, night-night, 2008-2009 Tri-City Americans. Thank you for an amazing year and another US Division Championship.

Oh yes, one more thing. GO GIANTS! BEAT THOSE DIRTY CHIEFS!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ma McP and I cover the ACMs

After the Sharks game (and after Ma called to comment on Carrie Underwear) I turned on the ACMs in HD - which took a few minutes since I had to hook up an air-antenna - stupid Dish Network and Fisher Broadcasting fued...

Our text-fest started when Miss Carrie was performing "I Told You So" wearing that beautiful, billowing, red dress.

Ma: That dress is either over-the-top or just all over!
McP: I want to be her when I grow up... You think the red dress was to symbolize "standing by her man?"
Ma: For sure.
Ma: He was hiding under there with the whole team.
Ma: (re: her acceptance speech saying she knew she was forgetting someone) Um... "my boyfriend?!"
McP: LOL!!! So True!
McP: (re: Blake Shelton) This guy called me Darlin' when I met him after the concert here.
Ma: You so sick.
Ma: (re: Taylor Swift) What's with wearing one dress all night?
McP: she's young, we'll forgive her.
Ma: Just this once.
Ma: Maybe Underwear can give her a yard or two off that train. Like she would miss it.
McP: I bet she would, she's a good Christian girl. I'll ask her - after all, she is my sister wife (refering to her relationship with myhusband Mike Fisher)
Ma: She's makin all you compound dresses - and all the sister children.
McP: As long as those compound dresses look like the white one she's wearing now, I'm down.
McP: (re: her acceptance speech for Entertainer of the Year) "mike, baby, I wish you were here!" what about me??
Ma: Wrongo. The cup - oh wait. She's got the fisherman soon!