Saturday, April 17, 2010

I neglect my blog.

WOW. It's been some months since I even thought about updating this, but I'm laying here in bed and just read a friend's entire blog - yes, the whole thing. I haven't seen her in many many moons, but Facebook very kindly reminded me that today is her day of birth and after congratulating her on that occasion, I decided to snoop around her profile. She recently delivered a human into existence, which I find completely unbeleiveable because most of the time I still feel like we should be hanging out in her bedroom in Kennewick plotting our global domination in pop-star form. (Meaning although I'm in my mid-twenties, I still don't feel like we're old enough to be grown-ups)

All that aside, she posted an entry from her mother's journal from 1977 when she was first starting her relationship with who turned out to be the love of her life and her faithful and loving husband. What makes this so special is that her mother passed away when we were in high school after a courageous fight with breast cancer. (Have I mentioned how much I HATE cancer lately?) So I decided I should probably get back in the habit of writing down my thoughts, events and emotions because someday I'm going to have some little nuggets of my own and if something were to ever happen to me, I'd want them to have some pieces of my brain and heart in word-form.

I'll skip the long "this is everything I've been up to" post and hit a few key points. I now work for a National Laboratory - said goodbye to the Nuclear plant on March 12th. I REALLY love it so far - especially the 7-minute commute and being able to wear open-toed shoes! Hockey season is winding down - or up, depending how you look at it. The Ams are in the Western Conference Finals against the Vancouver Giants (we'll NOT talk about the actual hockey played last night in the Game 1 loss, but I did get conned into being in the Human Hamster Ball race by Miss Erin West... Running around an entire rink in a big plastic ball with no fresh oxygen is a bad idea, kids!) and the Sharks are tied 1-1 with the Avalanche in the first round of the Stanley Cup. I'm leaving for Las Vegas next Thursday for Jessi and Greg's wedding. Who knew when I met Bill almost 3 months ago that I'd be his roommate's Maid of Honor in such a short time? The four of us have a lot of fun here in TRI, so I'm pretty excited for the shenanigans that will be occurring in Sin City. (As long as I don't wake up to a tiger in the bathroom, I think things will be golden!)

In the past six months, I've also gotten back on track with my faith. Not that I ever lost it or doubted it, but it's come back to a more prominent place in my life. I guess the best way to describe it is that I have HOPE back. I have the knowledge that my plan for life may not be what is best for me. My "twin" Shannon (fantastic redheaded friend) sent me a devotional via email the day before yesterday that boiled down to this point:
Emotions are God-given, but when we let those emotions and other people's words and actions dictate how we feel and what we do, we become unstable. How we feel at any given moment probably has very little to do with what God is doing in our lives - He works behind the scenes. Our trust should be in Him that He is doing with us what He intends and our Hopes should be on fulfilling what He wants in our lives.
In other words, like my Facebook status said on Thursday, "Mer, Take a chill pill, I've got your back. Love, Jesus"

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