Saturday, February 28, 2009

Completely UN-Classy, Spokane.

In tonight's match up between the Tri-City Americans and the Spokane Chiefs at the Spokane Memorial Veterans Arena, things got a little out of hand. With the Ams clearly in the lead, goaltender Chet Pickard made a save on a Spokane shot and a clear 2+ second later, was hit in the head with an elbow by the Chiefs' Letts (commonly referred to by McBroInLaw as "that asshat monkey bitch"). This shot to the head ended the game for Chet, the Predator's first round pick from 2008. Letts got a 5 minute major and a game misconduct.

Now, I'm not saying that after this the Ams were angelic, but the game went downhill at 90mph after that. I don't have the energy to comment on everything we swore at in the basement at McMan's house, but I will say this:

1) I never thought I'd say this, but I want the screaming kids back - the new snowboarding, stoner, "song writing" neighbors that moved into the other half of McMan's duplex earlier this week are giving an impromtu concert in the basement tonight. Um, it's almost 11 - can we go unplugged? OMGsh - be careful what you wish for - they've busted out the effing bongos. Where's Matthew McConaughey?

2)You may or may not know that I'm not exactly a fan of Dustin Tokarski, but after tonight, that is an understatement. He could've taken the high road and stayed patiently in his crease toward the end of the game while Mitch McColm was being escorted to the locker room after having a "tender moment" with a Chief. Instead he skated to the blue line and beaked the known-fighter. Then, to beak the Ams as they're leaving the ice after the game? Pipe down, Tik. You were a little bit of a sieve tonight - it's all good, it's one game, every goalie has that night. You're already signed by the team that drafted you, skate off, go have a milkshake - hell, even a beer - and get over it. Tomorrow is another day.

For real. Bongos AND guitar now. Awesome. *rolls eyes*

ANYWAY - like I said to Tokarski, tomorrow is another day. We'll see what the league has to say about the suspension they should be handing to Mr. Letts, and we'll see if Chet is still seeing stars before the Ams face the Winterhawks at home tomorrow night. I know all the Ams fans are hoping McNephew was right when he was pacing in front of the TV saying, "My buddy Chet OK. My buddy Chet OK."

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another reason to Heart Carrie Underwear...

There to see her man (and myhusband), Mike Fisher play the greatest sport EVER and not to draw attention to herself, Carrie hits the floor faster than a fainting goat listening to that Tatiana Del Toro laugh (you know, crazy-bitch from American Idol season 8?).

If you listen hard enough I think you can hear her say, "Are those Air Bombay Loafers?!" (10 points for those who can name that flick.)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I hate bad news.

My birthdad called me tonight to let me know that one of my favorite crazy aunts had a massive stroke and heart attack today in the parking lot of a grocery store.

They're pulling the plug within the hour.

I'm so glad I went to see all three of those wonderful, beautiful sisters last fall in Yakima.

Tell me again why I'm watching Grey's Anatomy?