Thursday, February 21, 2008

I ♥ My Goalie!!!

Great article and pics about Jill and Dennis' visit to Montreal to visit Baby Carey.
Jill said last night that she took Carey to WalMart to go grocery shopping - somehow that doesn't surprise me.

Click here for article and pictures that are funny, but even better if you have ever been around the Williams Residence.

Something also tells me that we haven't seen the last of Carey here in TRI. Jill and Dennis do throw a mean BBQ!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Continuing the Trend

Dear Cody McLeod,

I can't stand you. I haven't been able to stand you as long as I've known you were a human. You were a thorn in my side when you played for the Winterhawks and now you're a burr in my butt with the Avalanche.

Keep your effing stick down and keep your gap-toothed mouth shut. You're damn lucky the refs were checking out Jon Cheechoo's butt out and missed you getting your stick up on Big Joe Thornton's face. I hope that Mike Grier isn't the only guy willing to drop the gloves with you tonight.

You're cockier than most hockey players, and that's not a compliment. Your face makes me want to punch babies.


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Really?! Really.

It's 11:37pm PST. My neighbor upstairs is vacuuming.

quiet hours are 8:00am-10:00pm every day.

I stop playing my piano at 9:58 at the latest.

Vacuuming. Really?! Really. really.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Update Re: People

Then there are the people who are just mean and demanding.....

Not only did the family I have in right now (different family from the service this morning) change the times for public visitation up two hours ON THEIR OWN WITHOUT CONSULTING US REGARDING OUR SCHEDULE, they showed up 30 minutes early and have complained about absolutely everything. EVERYTHING. Dude, your mom was REALLY sick, she's not going to look like her pictures from 5 years ago no matter what the funeral directors do; you gave us no time to do anything the way we normally would've done it, btw, what we did, was a damn good job and in RECORD time.

I can't sympathize with you on what you're going through, but I understand that you're devistated. You're not the only family we're serving this week or even today. You're not the only one who has a loved one who has died, and at least your mother went peacefully and the things you're complaining about are because of a medication she took and now that you've given us the permission, we can fix it, but we don't normally do unnatural things to people. Your wife remained calm and explained things to us... you're acting like a spoiled 12-year-old who is just SURE that everything is RUINED FOREVER and NO ONE can fix it. NO ONE!!! *stomps into the bedroom and slams the door*

with that said.... and deep cleansing breaths taken.... and taking into account that i have not had lunch... or breakfast for that matter... and since this family is here early i WONT get anything to eat before i leave here..... i still.... kind of.... heart people.

Thoughts on the day...

Working where I do (funeral home - office only, no bodies for this girl.) you see a lot of different people. As Finny said yesterday, "everybody's gotta go sometime" and it's true. Doesn't matter what your social standing is, who you are, what your job, class, creed, religion, it's going to happen.

So as I'm sitting here, watching people come in to the service this morning, it's running through my mind how equal we really all are. I admit that I'm a little bit elitist, even though in a town like the one I live in, there isn't really an "elite". I'm snarky. I try to look for the best in people, but words like "Overstuffed burrito" have come out of my mouth when someone wears a skin-tight outfit. (Not saying I'm skinny or the picture of health, but hey, i buy clothes that fit me - not that it really excuses the remark at all)

At times like weddings, funerals, birthday parties... we're all the same. Sure, the way we celebrate each occasion changes from culture to culture, family to family, but it boils down to human emotion. We all have it. Some of us don't show it as much as others, some show it in horrible ways and some in good, but deep down, it's there.

funny.... as I finished that sentence, the whole assembly at the funeral laughed at a photo in the slideshow DVD.

Even if I make snarky comments about hair or clothes, or supress odd looks, I know that deep down, under everything, we're all people, and as I believe, made in God's image. All that said, I love people.

Remind me of that next time I'm driving and talking to you on my bluetooth talking about how I hate all people, especially stupid drivers who obviously are high on meth :) (even though they probably are)