Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Continuing the Trend

Dear Cody McLeod,

I can't stand you. I haven't been able to stand you as long as I've known you were a human. You were a thorn in my side when you played for the Winterhawks and now you're a burr in my butt with the Avalanche.

Keep your effing stick down and keep your gap-toothed mouth shut. You're damn lucky the refs were checking out Jon Cheechoo's butt out and missed you getting your stick up on Big Joe Thornton's face. I hope that Mike Grier isn't the only guy willing to drop the gloves with you tonight.

You're cockier than most hockey players, and that's not a compliment. Your face makes me want to punch babies.



"Dave Schultz" said...

wow. you just flipped out. i love it. and i'd be looking at Cheech's butt too. mmmm hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, can we have a cocky-off between him and Chris(t) Bourque?

McPhizzle said...

Hammer - you were super fast on the comment. are you stalking me? i hope so.

Teka - that could be fun... or it could be the start of Armageddon.. we should probably hold off on that one.

Finny said...

i effin love it. flipping out is awesome... :)

"Dave Schultz" said...

totally. i hope it is reciprocal.