Friday, February 1, 2008

Thoughts on the day...

Working where I do (funeral home - office only, no bodies for this girl.) you see a lot of different people. As Finny said yesterday, "everybody's gotta go sometime" and it's true. Doesn't matter what your social standing is, who you are, what your job, class, creed, religion, it's going to happen.

So as I'm sitting here, watching people come in to the service this morning, it's running through my mind how equal we really all are. I admit that I'm a little bit elitist, even though in a town like the one I live in, there isn't really an "elite". I'm snarky. I try to look for the best in people, but words like "Overstuffed burrito" have come out of my mouth when someone wears a skin-tight outfit. (Not saying I'm skinny or the picture of health, but hey, i buy clothes that fit me - not that it really excuses the remark at all)

At times like weddings, funerals, birthday parties... we're all the same. Sure, the way we celebrate each occasion changes from culture to culture, family to family, but it boils down to human emotion. We all have it. Some of us don't show it as much as others, some show it in horrible ways and some in good, but deep down, it's there.

funny.... as I finished that sentence, the whole assembly at the funeral laughed at a photo in the slideshow DVD.

Even if I make snarky comments about hair or clothes, or supress odd looks, I know that deep down, under everything, we're all people, and as I believe, made in God's image. All that said, I love people.

Remind me of that next time I'm driving and talking to you on my bluetooth talking about how I hate all people, especially stupid drivers who obviously are high on meth :) (even though they probably are)


"Dave Schultz" said...

I hate other drivers too. and people who let their kids run around crazy and undisciplined. reminds me of that bumper sticker "God loves you, everyone else thinks you're an asshole" i think it's true for some.

<3 you

Finny said...

omg i have to tell you:

1. i love that you quoted me.
2. i think i lost my bluetooth. I'm soooooo mad. :(