Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Jingle Sharks

Nothing better to lure Santa to Ma McP's house than a shirtless Joe Thornton singing Jingle Bells

Gotta love Ricci.. and the Euros - and Boucher pretending he's Nabby...

Hope everyone has a great Holiday :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Buddy the Elf, What's your favorite color?!

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Well, since there is a huge wind storm here and I can't sleep, I might as well be productive. Getting right down to business, my job today is to report to Santa and let him know who on the Sharkies (or around the league) has been naughty or nice and let him know what a few people need for Christmas.

Naughty list - as a perpetual optimist, I tend to look for the good in people, so this list is rather short.
*Rob Blake - Match penalty for spearing last night warrants a lump of coal in his stocking.
*Brett Festerling (ANA) - The potentially dangerous hit on JR last night. Two lumps of coal and a flaming bag of poo for a present. **Personal note: Brett, Brett, Brett... I'm really excited that you made it to the show (especially since you played in TRI for so long), but can you please refrain from breaking my favorite players? He's old enough to be your father - Respect your elders and don't hit them in the numbers.

Nice list -
*Devin Setoguchi, Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau - whatever they want, they should get. fer reals.
*Jonathan Cheechoo - a new upper body so that injury will go away.
*Dan Boyle - See suggestion for Seto, Joe and Patty
*Nabby and Boucher - See suggestion for Dan Boyle
*JR - scoring stats reminicent of his days in Chicago
*Vlasic - a jar of pickles... and some more goals - kid's doing better than all last season already this year. Keep it up!
*Jody Shelley - another crack at Parros
*Coach McLellan - Players who keep buying into his systems
*Little Joe Pavelski - More wins at the ping pong table
*Torrey Mitchel - A new leg
*Cavanagh, Clowe, Goc, Grier, Michalek, Plihal, Erhoff, Lukowich, Murray and Semenov - 6 more months of exactly what they have been doing.

In other words, Santa, without jinxing anything, my reccomendation is that you bring these guys something that starts with an "S" and ends with a "tanley Cup" You can deliver it via Bettman in approximately 6 months.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I heart XM Radio!!!

So I would have to say that my investment in XM Radio has paid for itself time and time again, but yesterday (on a particularly stressful day at work) it completely made my day.

Not being able to decide on a music station to listen to, I turned to trusty channel 204, NHL Home Ice. First thing I hear is that the next caller/guest they were going to be talking to on "NHL Live!" was Jumbo Joe Thornton. Didn't have a chance to jot down too many notes about what he said, but he was adorable... well, as adorable as a large, hairy, hockey player can be. No wonder I'm infatuated with him - he's a NERD! He confessed that he plays Risk online constantly - always starting with Ontario, of course. His thoughts on the new season are that 1) it's still young, they're not getting ahead of themselves, 2) they've addressed their issues and it's all about playing well in the new system and working well together, which he thinks they're doing well.

A little later in the afternoon on "In the Slot," they completed the trifecta of McP's favorite power forwards - Jeremy Roenick and Todd Bertuzzi. I was emitting squee from my freaking pores.

He called Brian Boucher their “shut out king.” HA!!!!!! I for real LOL'd

On new coach, Todd McClellan – He's implemented a good system and he's all business, no foolin' around. The system is more like Detroit – which we all know works extremely well… high paced, center-driven shooting mentality. The guys accepting and enjoying it. He's excited for the game tonight against Detroit.

About his age and the late stage of his career: He's having so much fun even though ice time dropped. As much as he didn't know if he would, he enjoys being the roll player, setting an example for the younger kids by working hard – plus, he admitted, he's getting older, only so much a body can take, but it’s a great feeling. Pavelski, Setoguchi and Mitchell coming to him for advice gives him as much satisfaction as making the big hit or scoring the big goal because he sees that people still admire him and see his hard work. Papa JR even has the young guys over for dinner once or twice a week to make sure they’re being fed well.

On ending his career with the Sharkies: His buddy "Dougie" Wilson stepped up to the plate when he was looking for a place to go and he is very grateful for the opportunity afforded him. Roenick is happy to be ending his career with his head held high and with a team as classy as SJ.

On why Hockey players are so loved by their fans: There is no question in his mind that the egos and the personalities are far and away more likable and respectful in hockey in general than any other sport. If an NBA player was asked, "Who’s the best player in the league?" Jeremy says the only answer you'd get would be, "I am!" As a hockey player the same question, it's not gonna happen. Hockey players have a respect for the media and that the NHL has a nice clean slate (compared to other sports). The players are approachable and that not only makes them more likable, but more fun to watch.

Rossi and Espo didn’t want to jinx it, but they “have a feeling about the Sharks this year"….. if you’re pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down...

Then there was *drumroll please* Todd "Toddball" Bertuzzi!!! My squee cup runneth over!!!

Why did he pick #7 when he got to Calgary? Funny they should ask him that, as Espo was the inspiration. He came up with it with some buddies over some beers.

How does he like playing LW? He Played RW majority of time he was in Van but when he was in Anaheim, he had a little eye trouble with left eye (fluid) and asked to be moved to LW so he could see the ice better... Makes perfect sense. Plus, he doesn't think he couldn't bump Iggy out of the RW position if he tried. As long as he's skating and moving the puck, he'll play anything.

Speaking of, how is it playing with Iginla? He's never met a more competitive human being in his entire life.

What about Andre Roy? "He's a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful man." Andre sits behind him on the plane - it's like own little commentator behind him.

Why Calgary? Spoke to Jerome a bit, and talked to Mike Keenan. He feels he also needed to get back into a hockey market. With no disrespect to Florida or Anaheim, he just felt he needed the pressure that he was being counted on.

When he was a Canuck, he was playing at around 250-245 pounds. He's now 225… skinny Todd! "Kids are too fast now, had to lose it to keep up!"

Todd enjoys passing – would rather have an assist rather than a goal. (To which Espo froke out - "You were born in Sudbury, not New York!") His goal is to get back to 4-6 quality shots a game to get back to 25-40 goal range.

Espo then brought up the little nugget of laughter he'd been talking about the day before - Interviewing Todd after the draft, the price tag was still attached to his brand new suit. A Buddy told him to leave it on. Hockey players... It's all about the buddies.

So after that interview ended, I was able to get back to work... I can neither confirm nor deny that I had a couple voicemails to answer.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cutest, Fluffiest Sharks fan... a report by the flying monkeys

This is Eddie. He's 10 weeks old, loves watching the Sharks and enjoys working on his goalie moves, giving himself baths and long naps next to the Mazel Tov picture frame on the piano.

His natural goalie talent came out at a young age. From the day after McPhizzle adopted him, he'd play with his track ball, stopping it and covering it. Auntie VonHammer was one of the first to notice - and the first to ref him. He covered the ball for two long, prompting her to call him for delay of game.

Full Name: Edouard "Eddie" Vesa Thornton McPhizzle
Favorite Food: Science Diet Liver and Chicken
Favorite Drink: Water or Organic Lactose Free Milk
Favorite Toy: Trackball Scratcher or toilet paper tubes
First Word: Meow
Favorite Sharks: Jumbo Joe and JR
Favorite Goalie Style: A little butterfly, a little pad stack...
Favorite Place to sleep: McP's keyboard or face... we're working on both of those.
Favorite TV show: Sharks hockey, Private Practice
Favorite Naughty Moment: Knocking the collage frame of Agnes down on the piano.
Favorite lap to sit in: McP... Take that, McMan!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Feminist in McPhizzle

A message to Sarah Palin from the Young Girls of America

Whoever you're planning to vote for, please become educated! and Please vote!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend Updates

Spent the weekend scrapbooking and relaxing with my Doodle and 'lil man while her hubby was duck hunting and McMan was finishing up his tour of Western Canada. Got almost all of the DisneyWorld 2007 scrapbook done! YESSS!!!

Ams did well last night... Can't say the same for Friday, but it was the end of a long road trip.

McMan is home!!!

After work tomorrow, I'll stop by my place to get the blueberry pie I just baked on the way to Ma's for Thanksgiving(CAN) dinner!!! I'm so stoked. I'm contemplating skipping lunch. Ma's invited some boys whose billets aren't celebrating.. Should be interesting.

Sharkies won again tonight. 1-0. Boucher in goal - nice to see the former American doing well and getting some ice time in the shadow of Nabby. 15th career shut-out for Mr. Brian Boucher.

THIS little nugget made me giggle... I try to keep my political views private, but since so many people are assuming I'm a Palin fan because we're both former Miss America Organization participants, I have to say, there's no way I want my Vice President dropping the puck and waving to the crowd like she should have something sparkly on her head or saying that her favorite theme of a pageant was "Amer-I Can!".

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Don't go in the water....

There seem to be some Sharks circling! That's right, ladies and germs, the NHL Regular Season has begun for us fans of the finned and I'm ready to dive back in! Well, at least put my feet in the shallow end.

A lot has changed over the summer for the NoCal team - A new coach and lots of different faces in the dressing room.

08-09 Season... My quick thoughts as I'm watching the game:

New Coach - I wasn't down on RW, but shaking things up behind the bench might be what gets them past the second round of the playoffs - but they need to make the playoffs first. He's been described as a good bench-coach, I can roll with that, hopefully the players can, too.

Revamped D - Gone are Campbell (no surprise), Carle, Rivet and Brown. Shiny and new are Blake (Will take a while to get used to that one), Boyle and Lukowich. If the D meshes well together, they'll make things even easier for Nabby, who we all know I have a love/hate relationship with. If they can put up a few points, I'll be a very happy fishie fan (Plus, who wouldn't love a kid with a nickname like Pickles?!). Also, would like to send my best wishes to Kyle McLaren in the AHL - I've always been a big fan of his.

Forwards - Familiar faces Thornton, Marleau and Cheechoo need to put up consistant points. I have every faith in each of them that they can - and every hope that they will. Please? Pretty please? Setoguchi looks good - like he spent the summer waiting trying to impress a girl at the gym - and it worked! Pavelski, Plihal, Michalek, Clowe and Goc are sure to do their fair share and Jeremy Roenick is going into his 21st season - how stinkin' impressive is that!?!?! Ok, ok, I know not everyone is a JR fan, but I have been for as long as I can remember - and the fact that he's spent the last two years of his career (for real this time?) with my team pretty much thrills me to no end. He looks good, too and is super hungry for the cup... will that be enough? pretty please just worked, 0-1 Cheechoo from Boyle (Welcome!) and Michalek... PS. Get well soon, Mitchell!

My prediction: I know it sounds cliche, but if this team gels in a speedy fashion, it's hard to imagine they wouldn't be back in the race for the Pacific Division title, but it wont be easy. The Ducks and the Stars are a perpetual poachers looking for some shark fin soup. 0-2 PP Goal - Cheechoo from Thornton and Blake - ok, it's getting easier to read that name in teal. Sorry, Finny! As for playoffs, ever the optimist, I'm dreaming of being able to watch the 3rd ground without a scowl on my face, wondering who to cheer for while the hostess calls for "Bitter, Party of One?"

If the first two periods of this game are any indication of how the rest of the season is going to go, this could be the season we've all been dreaming of.... I'm not saying, I'm just saying...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hockey season?!

I'll update on the Ams and Sharkies as soon as I don't want to punch myself in the face with a flaming blocker.

It's really annoying how much I miss McMan as he is on his Eastern Swing adventure, taking in more hockey in 11 days than should be allowed in October. Especially without one's smokin' hot g/f... Who happens to have a Bestie in Saskatoon who she hasn't seen in approximately 5 years.

I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hammer has Inspired me...

I'm not gonna lie, before this weekend I had thought of blogging, but hadn't done it. Mostly because I was busy with my cousin's wedding last weekend (free wine - don't abuse the system - you will end up leaving the 2 bottles of wine that you ingested on someone's driveway - and I don't mean in the bottles.....), had to get Casa McP ready for the Mafia's visit this weekend, prepare for McMan's birthday (yesterday) and tend to my aching knee - which apparently has decided to to TU right before hockey season and the big gear-up for our huge evaluation at work. Joy of joys.

HOWEVER - In having Hammer and VonHammer here the past two nights and hearing of Hammers tales of blogging buddies, comment-fests and posts galore, I am re-energized.

Quick updates:
* My knee effing hurts. The Toyota center needs to invest in some hand rails so getting up and down the stairs can be done safely and with less pain to those joint-ily challenged like me. Or they need to allow flying monkies to enter the building - stupid no pets rules...

* I heart my goalie. I heart that my goalie is going to Nashville for camp. I, however, do not heart that we'll be without him for a time, leaving me with little confidence in who will be here in his stead. I know not everyone can be Chet Pickard... but at least when Carey was away, we had Chetter to fall back on.

* I need to get my Dish fixed. Damnit.

* *NSYNC's "Pop" came on the stereo in Hammer's car this night as we were leaving the rink. I can neither confirm nor deny that I almost put a McP-shaped hole in the roof of her car and squeeled like a ... well, let's face it, like a 19 year-old McP. I miss them. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who still listens to them on a regular basis.... or plays their songs on the piano when she's feeling low and/or blue.... I mean, I'm just sayin...

* Hammer's comment on the mix cd I have playing right now, "This CD is filled with songs I had forgotten existed."

* The shoe check we witnessed tonight was flinking amazing.

* It's HOCKEY SEASON, BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


*Miss Roomie was named 1st Runner up in the state pageant and will be traveling to Hoopston, IL for the national Sweetheart Pageant! YAY! I'm so proud of you!!!!!!

*McMan's surgery went well last week and he's home and off of the pain meds - still is in a relatively large amount of pain, but as long as he keep it elevated and stays hyrated, we're good to go.

*Starting to get minorly excited about hockey season... it's been a LOOOOONNNGGG spring/summer.

*Thinking of going back to the more auburn-side of brunette... I miss being "that redhead"

*Singing the Anthems tomorrow at the Little League Tourney in the big Wick. Hopefully my voice holds out... I'm starting to lose the "i'm NOT getting sick" battle

Monday, June 30, 2008

AAAND on a happier note...

After chatting with Hammer a bit tonight, I feel much better about cracking under the pressure of Fred the GD Tumor tonight. Especially after realizing that even Cindy Crosby the Human cracks from time to time... even though, as Hammer pointed out, he copes by extreme amounts of exercise and i cope by eating too much teriyaki and drinking copious amounts of splenda-sweetened iced tea.

Without further ado, I give you the "Quotes of the Night" from the 2nd Annual Maple Leaf Mafia Canada Day Celebration.

Quotes from the NHL Monopoly pre-party:

"It's the Ryan Getzlaf House of Hairy Teeth and Balding" - Hammer re: Anaheim

"He looks like Bob the Builder!" - McP
"I fucking love it." - Hammer
re: Drayson Bowman in the Yellow Hard Hat

"It's the no juice juice." - Hammer re: KoolAid

"No one else likes playing Monopoly because they're sucky suckholes." - Hammer

Quotes from the Party:

"Put that wang away!" - SlutBucket

"Guess we're going to Dairy Queen." - SlutBucket re: Hammer forgetting about the grill

"I took her under my stinky armpit years ago." - Hammer re: Glitter being one of her former students.

"We almost had to stay in the Dalles!" - The Lumberjack on the commute from Portland to the party

"Did you take the wrapper off?" - everyone
"Ok, it's officially funny." - VonHammer re:Canadian Pride tattoos.

"WHO SHIT?!?!?!" - Hammer Re: Pims and Jake leaving presents upstairs

"Fuck off with the CanadArm!" - Hammer during the Great Canadian Board Game

"We didn't even have alcohol at that party. It was just funny!" - Hammer re: 'it rhymes with muffalo!"

"Two words, it rhymes with Paint Johns." - Hammer

"Fuck off! ... neh... I don't owe you anything!" - VonHammer re: helping the Lunberjack win the game

"My favorite people are here with no underware." - Hammer re: the dogs and McP

"Schon of a Bitcsch." - Hammer & McP doing their best Bryan Murray

"WHO shit in my kitchen!?" - Hammer

"PIMS! That's MY snow cone! Now it has dog slobber in it! You're lucky I'm drunk and don't care!" - Hammer

"Did you have a nice shit on my floor?" - Hammer to the dogs

"I'm not sure..." - SlutBucket
"Oh come on, it's the internet, what could go wrong?!" - Hammer

Summer effing Vacation

I'm angry, I'm sad, I'm worried, I'm hopeful... I'm tired.

I hate hiding my feelings, but I'm trying to be really strong for McMan. Keeping a happy, cheerful face, while still being mindful and considerate of plans and things changing because of his tumor. I've grinned through all the jokes him and his friends make, coping with it, but I just want to hit them all. This isn't like his gallbladder, or his appendix. it's a TUMOR next to his BONE.

He's tired, he's frustrated, he's scared, even if he doesn't admit it to anyone but me. He's more than entitled to that... But I am too. And I'm sick of putting on the happy face about it. I fucking hate this damn tumor.

He's going over to Seattle on Monday with his mom to see the Dr. over there about treatments. My guess is they'll say, "ok, that's what it is, we're taking it out this afternoon/tomorrow."

I'm not even asking to go even though I'm going to be useless at work. I had to practically get into a fight with him to let me take him to the hospital in March and he wouldn't even let me stay until they took him in to prep him.

He's not sure now if he wants to take our trip this weekend for the holiday. I completely understand since it'll be 1o hours in the car round trip only to turn around and spend another 3.5 to Seattle on Monday.

I want to cry, but that doesn't seem very hopeful, does it? I want to scream and punch things, but that's not attractive or productive. I want to be with him right now instead of alone in my apartment, but I do wake up at an ungodly hour, and he needs his rest, especially if he's having surgery next week.

I effing hate being a big kid.

100th Post is a good one - My Miss Roomie!

Miss [Roomie] has a story she wants to tell
By Michelle Dupler, Herald staff writer

Look behind the tiara and the sash, behind the perfect blond hair, the megawatt smile and the trademark wave, and there's a story.

For Miss [Roomie], the story began at the age of 12 when her mother was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Being on the cusp of adolescence, she thought that would be the end of the story, that a diagnosis meant the same as a cure. She didn't understand it was only the start of a long struggle she and her mother would share.

"We went through the rollercoaster together," [Roomie] said. "My mom is now managing her illness. One of the hardest decisions a person can face is continuing treatment. ... My mother finally reached the point that she realized long-term treatment is important."

More than a decade later, [Roomie]'s story still is being written as she prepares to compete in the Miss Washington program in Tacoma on July 11 and 12. She hopes to go on to Miss America in 2009.

[Roomie]in turn has become a storyteller, using her position as Miss [Roomie] to raise awareness about the realities of mental illness.

"She's been extremely outgoing and she never turns down an opportunity to teach people mental health awareness," said Melody Otness, president of the National Alliance for Mental Illness [Local]. "She's bubbly, she's fun, but she gets her point across and people leave knowing more than when she came in."

[Roomie], 23, of [town], said she didn't enter Miss [Pageant] with stars in her eyes. She needed the scholarship money for college.

"My mom struggled to make ends meet for herself," she said. "She couldn't pay for school."

Winning Miss [Pageant] earned [Roomie] $10,000 for her college education. She plans to earn a bachelor's degree in elementary education and teach kindergarten.

"Education ties in with anything that's happening in society," she said. "I hope to be a positive impact on childrens' lives. ... I think it's interesting how you can impact young children. You can really affect a child's life for good."

Teachers were a strong influence on [Roomie]'s life through her challenging adolescence. She said music teachers in particular helped her find an outlet for her emotions through performing. She'll play alto saxophone as her talent in the Miss Washington program.

But it's talking about her platform that truly excites her.

"I learned that it needed to be spoken about," she said.

She's spent her year as Miss [Roomie] speaking to community groups and getting active with NAMI to teach the community about mental health resources, and to try to erase the stigma attached to people with mental illnesses.

They're no different than anyone else who suffers from a chronic disease, she said. They're the people we know -- our friends, our neighbors, our loved ones.

"Everybody has a personal story," she said. "Everybody can relate it to their lives."

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No Strings Attached?

NBC busted out a new show - Celebrity Circus. Anyone who was a fan of *NSYNC during the NSA days was taken back in some sort of time machine. Joey Fatone is the host and was wearing a jacket reminiscent of the "good old days". Even some of the performers were wearing No Strings Attached-ish costumes (Peter Brady, I'm looking at you.) AND there was a performance with green laser lights (ie - Digital Get Down).

I'm not sayin... I'm just sayin...


Like Molls had the ever-popular "Seamus" living in her digestive system, McMan seems to have a "Fred" living at the base of his right tibia. Fred is a Chondroblastoma (a large-cell tumor). He's most likely benign and his kind usually occur in young people aged 10-30 and in males at a ratio of 2-3:1.

They're sending McMan to a tumor specialist here (if they can get him in this week or the week after next). Or to Seattle/Spokane (if the dr. here is booked). Then we'll find out how (what kind of surgery) and when Fred will be put to death.

Here's to me trying as hard as I can to be "Supportive g/f McP" instead of "Medically Educated and Intrigued McP".

Fred is a bastard that is making my b/f worried and scrrrrd and ruining my summer plans. Die Fred, Die.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Marking a year...

McMan and I marked a year into our relationship. Boy, when we do something, we do it big. Why not ring in year 2 of the relationship with something that shows you what's really important?

What?! No, I'm not pregnant!

McMan had an x-ray 2 weeks ago and an MRI last Friday and got some news today. He's got a tumor next to his tibia in his right leg, at the bottom, by his ankle. They're pretty sure it's benign, but we'll find out more when he has his appointment on Wednesday.

Apparently this is pretty rare, as in the ortho that looked at his films for him hasn't seen anything like this in the 30ish years that he's been practicing. I'm hoping that he'll get to be on some kind of Medical Miracles show - I told him we're holding out for TLC so I can meet Jon and Kate plus 8 and he chimed in, "And Dwarf on a Farm!"

While I'm making light of it in some ways to keep myself sane and from going deeper into my medical mind, we'd both really appreciate any prayers, good vibes, thoughts and or juju you'd like to send our way.

Un An

Well, it's been one year since Carey's Calder Cup BBQ at the Williams' Residence where I discovered McMan didn't hate me (as I'd thought for as long as I'd been acquainted with him) and he discovered that I wasn't hitched (as someone had told him when he mentioned asking me out months before). The rest, as they say, is history.

So, here's to Carey Price and the 2007 Hamilton Bulldogs. Merci Beaucoup!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Coming out of the dark...

As the immortal Gloria Estefan, I am returning from a hiatus. The flying monkeys and I have had quite the spring. I started a new day-job... one that doesn't allow me hours upon hours for mindless searching on the intermanet and time to ponder and blog it. But it does pay really well.

People have been clamoring for my thoughts on a few things:

McP, your thoughts on the Spokane Chiefs Captain Chris Bruton drops the Memorial Cup?
Since the Ams were the last team to beat the Chiefs this year and they are the Highway 395 rivals, I do admit, I jumped up and down while watching it happen on YouTube with McMan at the lake. How embarrassing to have the whole arena booing you for a hardware malfunction! But they deserved the cup - they were determined and worked as a team throughout the playoffs.

How much did you love the touring company of RENT?
Oh holy night... For real, people, the flying monkeys had to carry me out to the car after the show. I can neither confirm nor deny that I wore my "Measure in Love" t-shirt with my character name of "Maureen" on the back. I can, however, confirm that 'Mark', 'Roger', 'Mimi' & 'Maureen' all smiled at me when I was singing at the top of my lungs during the finale. I mean... what?

What about the Red Wings winning the Stanley Cup?
The what? Who? I completely have no idea what you're talking about.
Note from the monkeys: McP is still in a bit of denial, if you couldn't tell.

How's the new Casa McP?
WONDERFUL! I've just got a few things left to get done in the guest bedroom and to get a dining table to be completely happy with everything.

Excited about the Draft?
YES! Especially the goalies... Everything is better with Chetter.

What are your plans for Canada Day?
I'm heading south to the MLM-Milton branch for a WONDERFUL afternoon/evening of NHL monopoly, fun, games, prizes and dairy-free food! YESSSS!!!!

Speaking of the Mafia, any news there?
YES! I'm very proud to say that Hammer has not only been accepted into the wonderful sisterhood of HLOG, but has also been linked frequently by some bigtime bloggers in the blogosphere! YAY for famousness!

Shouldn't you be sleeping?
yeah, considering I'm now usually AT work between 6 and 630 (yes, that's am), I will very shortly be returning to sleepytown.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Former American Makes Team Canada Roster for Women's Worlds


"In goal, 21-year-old Shannon Szabados will be the third goaltender instead of Sami Jo Smalls."

Shannon backed up Ams goalie Tyler Weiman early in the 2002-2003 season, becoming the first female to play in the WHL and made history when she played 20 seconds of a regular season game before being sent down to the Alberta Junior Hockey League.

It's always nice to see her accomplishments. Way to go, Shannon! We'll be rooting for you!

The story of a torn goalie lover

Last night's Sharks game was rough. I was watching it with McMan at Ma's house. Everyone else on the ranch was rooting for Montreal because of Baby Carey Price and his affiliation with our local Major Junior team and our family. What's a girl to do? Root for the young man who is ultimately responsible for bringing together me and McMan and providing us with years of quality goal tending or root for my favorite NHL players and team?

The Sharks looked sharp despite a few bad penalties. They took advantage of defensive breakdowns (and non-calls) and skated with speed and determination and ended up winning the game. Marleau, Thornton and Cheechoo scoring along with Shelley's first of the season and Cambell's first as a Shark in his first game at HP Pavillion. If they keep playing like that, they've got a shot at passing the Ducks and possibly even the (Richards-boosted) Stars.

Carey was hung out to dry a couple times by his defense. He also was interfered with more than I like to see my team do to anyone - not just a goalie with a special place in my heart. His frustration was apparent through most of the last 30 minutes of the game - not something normally shown by the cool, calm and collected Price. But not to worry, Habs fans, in the past, he has used that and come back more determined than ever.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I ♥ My Goalie!!!

Great article and pics about Jill and Dennis' visit to Montreal to visit Baby Carey.
Jill said last night that she took Carey to WalMart to go grocery shopping - somehow that doesn't surprise me.

Click here for article and pictures that are funny, but even better if you have ever been around the Williams Residence.

Something also tells me that we haven't seen the last of Carey here in TRI. Jill and Dennis do throw a mean BBQ!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Continuing the Trend

Dear Cody McLeod,

I can't stand you. I haven't been able to stand you as long as I've known you were a human. You were a thorn in my side when you played for the Winterhawks and now you're a burr in my butt with the Avalanche.

Keep your effing stick down and keep your gap-toothed mouth shut. You're damn lucky the refs were checking out Jon Cheechoo's butt out and missed you getting your stick up on Big Joe Thornton's face. I hope that Mike Grier isn't the only guy willing to drop the gloves with you tonight.

You're cockier than most hockey players, and that's not a compliment. Your face makes me want to punch babies.


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Really?! Really.

It's 11:37pm PST. My neighbor upstairs is vacuuming.

quiet hours are 8:00am-10:00pm every day.

I stop playing my piano at 9:58 at the latest.

Vacuuming. Really?! Really. really.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Update Re: People

Then there are the people who are just mean and demanding.....

Not only did the family I have in right now (different family from the service this morning) change the times for public visitation up two hours ON THEIR OWN WITHOUT CONSULTING US REGARDING OUR SCHEDULE, they showed up 30 minutes early and have complained about absolutely everything. EVERYTHING. Dude, your mom was REALLY sick, she's not going to look like her pictures from 5 years ago no matter what the funeral directors do; you gave us no time to do anything the way we normally would've done it, btw, what we did, was a damn good job and in RECORD time.

I can't sympathize with you on what you're going through, but I understand that you're devistated. You're not the only family we're serving this week or even today. You're not the only one who has a loved one who has died, and at least your mother went peacefully and the things you're complaining about are because of a medication she took and now that you've given us the permission, we can fix it, but we don't normally do unnatural things to people. Your wife remained calm and explained things to us... you're acting like a spoiled 12-year-old who is just SURE that everything is RUINED FOREVER and NO ONE can fix it. NO ONE!!! *stomps into the bedroom and slams the door*

with that said.... and deep cleansing breaths taken.... and taking into account that i have not had lunch... or breakfast for that matter... and since this family is here early i WONT get anything to eat before i leave here..... i still.... kind of.... heart people.

Thoughts on the day...

Working where I do (funeral home - office only, no bodies for this girl.) you see a lot of different people. As Finny said yesterday, "everybody's gotta go sometime" and it's true. Doesn't matter what your social standing is, who you are, what your job, class, creed, religion, it's going to happen.

So as I'm sitting here, watching people come in to the service this morning, it's running through my mind how equal we really all are. I admit that I'm a little bit elitist, even though in a town like the one I live in, there isn't really an "elite". I'm snarky. I try to look for the best in people, but words like "Overstuffed burrito" have come out of my mouth when someone wears a skin-tight outfit. (Not saying I'm skinny or the picture of health, but hey, i buy clothes that fit me - not that it really excuses the remark at all)

At times like weddings, funerals, birthday parties... we're all the same. Sure, the way we celebrate each occasion changes from culture to culture, family to family, but it boils down to human emotion. We all have it. Some of us don't show it as much as others, some show it in horrible ways and some in good, but deep down, it's there.

funny.... as I finished that sentence, the whole assembly at the funeral laughed at a photo in the slideshow DVD.

Even if I make snarky comments about hair or clothes, or supress odd looks, I know that deep down, under everything, we're all people, and as I believe, made in God's image. All that said, I love people.

Remind me of that next time I'm driving and talking to you on my bluetooth talking about how I hate all people, especially stupid drivers who obviously are high on meth :) (even though they probably are)

Monday, January 28, 2008

Really? Really.

So on the morning radio show I listen to, like many others, there is a "Mystery Oldie" part of the program. I usually know the answer, or at least title OR artist, and most of the time, it is at least over 10 years old. Today, however, was a different story.

Being Joey Fatone's 31st birthday, (Happy Bday, Joe!) they played "It's Gonna Be Me" for the mystery oldie. Ok, so it was released in 2000, that's 8 years old... But does that really make it an oldie? I guess it's up to each person's descretion, since a google search produced no good answers. But honestly, couldn't they have chosen "Tearin' Up My Heart" or "I Want You Back"? At least they're 10 years old.

Jeebus. 10 years.... I guess, since it is the Fat One's Birthday and since my love of "the stinky boys" (As Ma calls them) has hit a milestone anniversary (10th is traditionally tin/aluminium --wha?) I'll post my very favorite *NSYNC blog-post ever made:

Originally posted by "Rainbeaux" at on 7/24/2003

Think of how much you loved JC the first time you heard Blowin' Me Up. And then the first time you heard Build My World. And when he called you a bitch in Some Girls.

Think of how much you love him for "people" and "because yes" and "I'm 'bout to get groped" and every other piece of silly drabble that ever left those pretty lips.

Think of how much you love him in pink, and glitter, and low-rise jeans, and cropped pants, and flip flops, and more jewelry than any three boys you know combined own.

Think of how much you loved Chris for Icky Vicky. And how you loved him even more for My Shiny Teeth and Me. And how the "Word!" you and your friends always spouted from the Simpsons is now followed immediately by "Don't say that."

Think of how much you loved him when he broke up with Dani and had to have it dragged out of him on live television by an interviewer we all knew didn't know half a shit about him, her or them. Think of how much you loved him the day after his "off night" in Chicago when we found out Busta had died.

Think of how much you loved his dreads and his braids and his mohawk and his little purple streaks and how no ridiculous thing he did to his head ever seemed quite ridiculous enough to keep up with him.

Think of how much you wanted evil, creepy Justin stalking through Not Britney's house. And how the delicious chills turned abruptly to a sympathetic heartache with one twinge of his face in the last scenes.

Think of how it felt to watch him grow -- from baby Justin who owned it and didn't know it, to No Strings Justin who owned it and did know it, to Celebrity Justin who owned it, knew it, and worked it like it was going out of style.

Think of how much you loved him for the quiet "thank God" and the big hug he gave Joey when he got back to the Pop video shoot -- and, right before he backpedaled to allow for the obligatory two feet of "we're not gay" space, just how tight they held each other.

Think of how much you loved baby Lance, the towheaded half-redneck that bumbled helplessly through his first couple of years of showbiz -- shot down, spit on, downplayed, almost thrown out of the group -- and still managed to grin like he loved every minute. And of how much you loved watching the others dote over him, protect him, because goober he may have been, he was their goober.

Think of how much you love the old pictures -- drawls and y'alls and jazz hands and sequins -- and looking at what they grew up to become. And how much you love the brief moments where The Pop Star slips from his pedestal and the resignedly famous Southern boy peeks briefly around the facade.

Think of how much you loved how excited he was when he went to Russia (even if you didn't really want him to do it). Think of how easy it was to ignore the fifteen pounds he lost if you concentrated on his smile (even if you didn't really want him to do it). Think of how your heart broke when he managed to keep smiling when they sent him home (even if you didn't really want him to do it). And think of how fun it was to hear all the late-night comics talking about him, tasteless jabs or no.

Think of how much you loved Joey for taping Europe -- all of it -- and then letting us see. Think of how he pretended not to be in torturous pain during the Pop shoot, and cracked jokes about his fat legs saving him.

Think of him with a wife and baby daughter. Seriously. Just think about it for a second.

Think of how you went to see the goofy little indie film that could, before it could, just to hear him say "I have three testicles" in Greek. Think of sitting through the entire first two episodes of the God-awful sitcom they made of it, just to hear him gripe about selling fish. Think of the fact that he read the script for On The Line, and then, as an experienced actor, agreed to star in it anyway -- because, dammit, his little brother needed somebody to play his best friend in a movie. Think of watching NBC's half-assed American Idol ripoff just to see him in a tux.

Think of all the performances. The specials. Every song. Every note.

Think of *N the Mix. MSG. The Reel NSYNC. Making the Video. Driven.

Think of all the friends you've made with whom you have nothing in common but this.

Now take all of that, and put it all together. Look back at this list and think of all the beautiful things you have in your life because of them.

Think of how much you love them.

And realize that, for all this, for all we love them without ever really knowing them...

After eight years, nobody -- none of us -- can ever love them like they love each other.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

All Star Shiz - part Un.

I'm almost falling asleep, so this will be short... but will be continued at a later date and time.

  • East (Pretty Ricky) vs. West (Big Joe)... what to do, what to do?!
  • Canadian Anthem by Kathleen Edwards... now, I haven't heard anyof her normal repitoire, but she was out of breath, flat in spots and sounded nervous as hell. Not saying I woulnd't be... maybe she had to run to the ice? who knows...
  • Star Spangled Banner... Atlanta Boy Choir... Great tempo! The tune was snagged from an old drinking song, not a funeral durge. I heart choirs.... you can take the girl out of the choir, but never the choir out of the girl :)
  • Oh Em Gee... Pretty Ricky miked up... and scored upon... teehee, "I take that back, my hip's killing me." "Don't worry about it" oh jeebus.... you're one jabbery man, Ricky. as Knob Hockey once wisely said, "Maybe someone should've spent less time running their mouth and more time shutting their five hole"

game notes 1-27

So, through the almost 8 inches of snow, McMan and I ventured to the ams game.
The other members of the MLM, for safety reasons, went home early after staying the night at a billet house. All got home safely.
Ma also stayed home. Not feeling too hot. I sat in her seat.

  • First of all, the game was BORING. I couldn't pay attention.
  • Secondly, Shawn Vey is going to drive me to drink. heavily. Birch could've had the third goal had Shawn not been skating in his sleep.
  • Tyler Schmidt needs to calm the eff down. Every time we're about to get a PP, Tyler has to be the tough guy and gets penalized, taking that PP away. There was once tonight where I'm sure Kirk (don't EVEN get me started on this guy......) warned him about it.
  • Birchy needs to play more if he's going to reach his potential as a goalie. Right now, he's ascribing to the Hasek School of Goal Keeping - aka, flopping like a fish. There were many times where (forget Chetters) there were some twinkies in MY pants at the close calls in net.
  • That said, the D was... well, missing. Toll had some good plays, Mestery was giving his all every shift he was out and Werbs .. umm... well, he was trying. TJ took a bunch of BS penalties (the one for elbowing was phantom, but still... ) and I didn't notice him at all on the ice besides his parade to the box.
  • Radek's goal was killer. Great for him against his former team and second in 2 nights.
  • Seattle's 2nd goal was PRETTY, not gonna lie. Knocked Birch's water bottle 1.5 feet in the air before returning to the same spot he'd placed it.
  • Well, that's about all i have to say about tonight's game. They cancelled the skate - probably would've been 10 of us and the ams out there. Not a bad thing, but I'm glad I started home when I did.

It's been a LONG time since I've said this, but I'm glad this weekend is over.... Hopefully this week will be happy times.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Miss Washington Places 2nd Runner-up at Miss America

image credit to AP

Miss Elyse Umemoto, miss Washignton 2007 placed 2nd Runner-up to Miss America in Las Vegas tonight. She won a $20,000 scholarship on top of the $10,000 scholarship and shopping spree she won in being chosen as one of the three finalists in the Miss America; Reality Check series on TLC.

She placed higher than any other Miss Washington in Miss America's 87 year History.

The flying monkeys and I are SUPER excited for her and SO proud that we can say that she's OUR Miss Washington!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Starbucks redeems themselves? itself? whatever, they're redeemed.

So I decided to try something new this morning. The Venti Soy Sugar-free Cinnamon Dolcé Latté just wasn't sounding as tasty as it usually does. I ordered a Venti Green Tea Soy Latté. I get to work, an after tasting the deliciousness, I went to trusty to see the nutritional information. Calories, not too bad for non-sugar-free; fat calories, not bad at all... Read the description:
An intriguing blend of premium green tea, soothing steamed milk and delicately sweet melon.
MELON?! JEEBUS! No wonder it's so tasty... I'm freakin allergic to it. WHY don't they list that anywhere else!? It's not a "Green Tea Melon Latté"! (See: Starbucks Rant #1) Am I drinking it anyway? Yes. Yes I am. That's $4.44, I'm not pouring it out... and no one else works at my office, so I couldn't give it to anyone.

So as i sit here with slight discomfort in my throat (no worries, there's no anaphylaxis going on... yet...) watching the clip from yesterday's Ellen show with Jurstind Timberlake, I noticed "The Way I See It # 264" printed on the side of my cup:
Every 20 minutes - less time than it will take you to drink your coffee - another child is diagnosed with autism. It's much more common than people think, with one out of every 150 children diagnosed. Learn the early warning signs of autism, and if you're concerned about your child's development, talk to your doctor. Early intervention could make a big difference in your child's future.
-- Bob Wright
Former chairman and CEO of NBC/Universal, co-founder of Autism Speaks

My first experience with Autism was with an old boyfriend. His youngest brother (I believe he was 5 at the time) was autistic. I didn't know all that much about it except that he wasn't social at all and that he wouldn't eat dinner at the table. One night, on the phone with said ex-b/f, he stopped in the middle of his sentence and said, "EW!"
"What?" I asked, concerned.
"Oh, I just stepped on a hot dog. My room must've been where Wayne ate his dinner."

Funny story, he stepped on a hot dog... But I started to do some research on autism at that point. There wasn't as much information out there as there is now, but I got the general gist of it.
Not too much longer after that, our community started to hear a lot more about autism because of Olaf Kolzig's oldest son Carson and the foundation Olie and his wife, Christin started (Carson Kolzig Foundation) to support families challenged by autism.

I encourage everyone, especially parents, potential parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles to help in any way they can, whether it be donations, volunteering or just becoming more educated on the subject, watching for signs and symptoms in children in their lives.

Photo By Kelly Pickard
See? Chetter is helping out! The #1 ranked North American goaltender in the upcoming NHL draft has the "autism awareness ribbon on the back of his mask.

Some Links:
Cure Autism Now
Autism Speaks
Athletes Against Autism

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Love Child...

McMan and I were watching the Sharks After-game report on FSN BayArea and he made a comment about "Mr Clean" Drew Remenda. I looked at him and saw it... the love child...

Drew Remenda is the lovechild of Mr. Clean and Tyler Schmidt.

Schmidt_Frame" />

Can't believe I forgot this....

So, last Wednesday night, I was at McMan's helping him do laundry and pack for his Weekend in the Great White North. The Sportcenter top 10 came on and one of the plays was Niittymaki making a great save. I was 1/2 asleep, but I woke up really quick to ask if I had just heard something right, "Niittymaki... Sounds like some kind of sushi!" I had. I laughed. I immediately had to go potty.


While he was in the laundry room, I was watching Sportscenter and folding the clean clothes. All of a sudden he heard me yelling, "HOCKEY ON ESPN!" and immediately after, "OMG! Just when you think Barry Melrose can't get any greasier!!! UGH!"
He popped his head out and asked, "Ew. Does he have old, grey, ball hairs on his chin?"
My reply? "Yes." *shudder*


Later in the broadcast (later... lol.. the whole thing was about 3 minutes long) Barry was posed the question, if the coach of a big game and you had the choice of Marty "Big Lovin" Brodeur or Pretty Ricky DiPietro, who would he put in net? He chose Marty, I chose Pretty Ricky and
McMan and I proceeded to argue about my decision all the way up the stairs:
McMan: Are you KIDDING?! But it's Marty Brodeur!
McP: No I'm not kidding, I'd choose DiPi in a heartbeat!
McMan: That's just because you think he's cute.
McP: Marty's cute, too... In that I-slept-with-my-sister-in-law kind of way. I would just rather have new blood in net. Plus he's American.
McMan: I'm still stuck on the slept-with-my-sister-in-law part.

I'm not a bad blog-mommy, really....

The flying monkies have finally dug me out from the mounds of paperwork on my desk and pumped me full of Starbucks Venti Soy Sugar-Free Cinnamon-Dolcé Latté and pointed me in the direction of my blog. Remind me to give them extra treats tonight.

In Football News:
(FOOSBALL, BOBBY BOUCHÉ?! FOOSBALL IS THE DEBIL!) Ok, ok, I'm a hockey girl, but it's the friggen Super Bowl, who doesn't follow Football right now?! Plus, it's not really related to the game, just dudes that play it. What do you expect from a girl who was always shaking her pom poms and making sure the rest of the squad wasn't getting hurt while our team was going 1-11 our Senior Year?
  • Miss Tom Brady and his SuperSperm were hobbling out of that model's apt in NYC donning a moonboot (aka walking cast). Now, Sure, I think he's pretty, and if he wasn't a good QB, he wouldn't be where he is today, but I was a bigger fan of his when he was with his BabyMama. All that aside, I have to say that I don't really wish moonboots on anyone............ When I was hit by an errant puck during the 2004 WHL playoffs, I had to wear a moonboot for a few weeks - I spiced it up by putting NASA stickers on it. I even had to audition/interview for my first Miss America Local Competition with it on. Gave me a great conversation-piece that led into talking hockey for a good portion of the interview, but you can't exactly walk gracefully in them. Not that any of that matters to Tom Brady or the Pats, but how much would it suck to not only be wearing the moonboot, but have it be the week before the Big Game and have it splashed all over the media?
  • I heart that Eli Manning and the Giants are in the Superbowl. See, I heart Peyton and his fantabulous acting abilities and his willingness to totally sell out for kickass commercials. My new favorite? The Oreo Licking League.... CLASSIC. And the morning-radio spots where they've dubbed someone saying "Eli" over "Peyton" in some Manning-ish voice made me laugh so hard this morning I almost got hair product in my eye.

Hockey News:

TC Americans (WHL)
  • The ams are 1 point out of 1st in the Western Conference of the WHL. They've been playing pretty well as of late (let's not think about the game in Lethbridge on Saturday...) and now that we have Procsyshen back, I think Reddick will get his mojo back.
  • With Yellow being out last game, it forced the PP to be shaken up a bit, which, obviously we needed. When you can't "get it to Yellow" you have to fun something different - McMan said at the game in Lethbridge, even after the second 5-on-3, the 'Canes PK unit wasn't even tired - they read our PP like an all-picutre edition of FHM.
  • Midel seems to be fitting in well, Ma said he's shopping at A&F almost every day and that last night he came home with a John Deere hat. I ♥ Euros.
  • TraderBob didn't move ANYONE at the deadline. I can't remember a season that's happened. Is this a sign of the apocalypse?
  • Little Chetters is going to the Top Prospects Game this week. Schnacs is coaching the opposite team. Great honours for both of them. McMan and I think our goalie has been hitting the fake-n-bake and the whitestrips a little hard lately - his teeth are like a beacon unto the night. I still want to shrink him and carry him in my purse everywhere - that smile is like a flashlight.
  • #1 is the obligatory, I ♥ Big Joe. 56 Points and still as cute as a big, furry button.
  • Cheech... Where do I begin? His eyes are creepier this year... Maybe when he's back to 100% the creepy eyes will fade back and he'll be putting the points up again - or maybe the creepy eyes will stay and he'll score more. Hell, if I was in net and saw the crazy-man, intense eyeballs of Jon Cheechoo, I'd step aside and say, "Your net, sir?" in fear of being turned to stone if I didn't.
  • Trades... Hammer and I were talking about this on Saturday night while the Redwings were stomping on my already horrible hockey-night. We spoke of Cap'n Patty and how he's not flourishing under RW and maybe could be back to his full potential somewhere else, but I brought up the point that NO ONE seems to be flourishing. Plus, I don't know if we'd get his full value in a trade right now. (That and I want my former TBird to stay a sharkie!)
  • Goaltending. Haven't seen enough of the back-ups to say if they should be in net more, but I think anyone anyone who remembers how I went into mourning after the Toskala trade or who has seen or heard me watch the Sharks this season can tell you what I think of the tender who is normally in net. I'm a Goalie Girl... for me to roll my eyes every time he skates out is a BIG deal. le sigh.
Personal Life:

  • Got my hair chopped off. It's already growing back rapidly, so it was only about 3 weeks of constantly wearing it straightened to avoid the Poodle/Box-'do.
  • Had a hellacious week at work last week... the words "Illegal" and "L&I" came out of my mouth way more than I wish to admit. I now consider myself a UFA and am actually shopping myself around the business community. There are a couple things I've applied for that if I were to get hired, I'd officially be a high-roller in my own mind. Keep your fingers crossed for me
  • MissRoomie is landing in Vegas right about now to spend the week at Miss America. (I decided I couldn't take the time off work to take up the generous offer to go for free... which turned out to be the best decision I've ever made considering the job-situation) I'm rooting for Miss WA, Elyse Umemoto, of course. There are a few others I've kept my eye on while watching "Miss America: Reality Check" on TLC... If you haven't seen it, you MUST! Even non-pageanty's love it. Not a lot of cat-fighting or anything, but some great snarky comments by the Advisory Panel.
  • McMan and I are going out to dinner at my Ma & Pa's tonight. Have to help Ma with her new MP3 phone... this woman doesn't even know how to use call-waiting. This lesson could get really interesting. At least McMan will be there to help her when i throw my hands in the air and quit.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Attempt #2

So I went to the Dr this morning - Bronchitis. Ick. Feeling much better, though.

#1 - WHOO HOO!!!! Chetters playing in the Prospects Game!
#2 - WHOO HOO!!!! Donny to coach one of the teams! (Promotion back to the E, A or N!??!!? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?)

made Coconut Shrimps for McMan and I for dinner. YUM! Washed it down with some Buckley's. YUK!

Brooks Laich scored the first goal for Washington tonight. havng a career year with this, his 8th goal. That's his total for all of last season. Go Brooksie, Go!

Olie kicks ass. In so many ways. And is beautiful. And a goalie. Enough said.

Hannan... Whenever I look at him i want to pinch the underside of his arm... REALLY hard! I'm still bitter he's not in Teal.

Watching the Dallas feed of games makes me want to light my face on fire when they play that Muzak during commercial breaks. But will I change it to the Chicago feed? No way. Then I'd swear at Jonathan Towes, or anyone who said his name, very loudly.

Everett scored first and second. Um.. Boys? Just because we're first in the league in PK doesn't mean you can take those shifts off. K thx.

PS - Hammer, your pancake made me angry.

First intermission recap comes on and they re-play the goal... McMan, who is sitting in the big puffy chair cheeered and raised his hands. I looked at him totally deadpan and said, "It's the re-cap."

"Wow. You are on Fuckin fire tonight, buddy." - McMan on the foxsports intermission report on the radio. (Heavy sarcasm implied)

Brent Seabrook. Remember when the (Lethbridge) Hurricanes had Seabrook bobble head night? I do. I was pissed it wasn't Firstborn bobble head night. Then again, I'm a little biased. Whatever, who cares if brent is in the NHL and Firstborn is in the English Elite league ;)

Stars win... Marty Turco is a freakin stud! Teddy bear, mickey fickey!

Ams: Jason misses the open net twice, Yellow misses the open net... How many times are we going to give Merrick a heart attack tonight?

McMan: "Notice Schmidt wasn't ranked."
McP: "Imagine that."

The girls on Deal or No Deal are hot. Especially in beaded cocktail dresses and leis.

Beach goes for High Sticking... Mestery refains from retaliation. THAT is why I heart #7.

McMan: You have a man voice right now.
McP: Does that turn you on?
McMan: NO! Thank God!

Goal tending change for Everett... Irving pulled with 2:46 left in the 2nd... maybe he has to poop? "Maybe they just traded him." - McMan

NO!!!!!! MY SON!!!!!!!! I don't like hearing that he's flat on his face after Bauer left his feet to check him from behind, but i LOVE hearing that Chetters almost went after Bauer. JEEBUS. My son is already more susceptible to concussion b/c of his broken jaw last year. 5 and a Game for Bauer - hopefully a suspension.

For real? did the rest of the league get together and decide that we were too good and to make us a team of conkies? Joseph, Abraham and Moses.

Oh yeah, classy, Everett fans... Boo the call.

Irving only out 37 seconds... Not enough time to poop... maybe just pee?

MY SON IS BACK ON THE BENCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!

Sidebar- met Midel this morning. Pretty cool kid. As long as he stays out of the box.

Everett takes another stupid penalty and Yellow scores from Reese and my son on the 5-on-3! THANK YOU! Tied the game at 2:05 with a minute to go on the penalty from hit on my son!

Oh great... Another hook behind the play while we're tied at 7:55 left in Regulation. Jason Reece, I'm looking at you.

Oh, Tyler Keifer.... Retaliation is bad, mmkay? Wait a minute, we got the PP, good boy.


HONESTLY?! 5-on-3 at the end of a tied game?! For crying out loud there is 2:12 left in regulation and our top goal-scorer is in the flinking box.

OT... i hate OT with everett... i hate SO's even more..

Westie just jinxed Midel. Stop doing that, Westie!

Jeebus... on to the shootout.

AND we lose.

I feel the urge to not blog anymore tonight. grrr... Son of a Beach.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

cough cough cough... oh nevermind

ok, so i'm sicker than the thought of OJ Simpson being the spokesman for Ginsu, so I thoguht I'd be a thought thief and live-blog a little (thanks, hammer)

I got my last textbook in the mail today. God bless Graduation in June, bitches!

got a text message from McMan:
"New show on A&E st 7 called parking wars. Looks entertaining if you name's [McMan] and you don't have the hockey package..."

mom just called to tell me to go to sleep and i said i was trying, but pretty ricky was on my tv, so it was tough to not watch.

accidentally hit the "recall" button and ended up getting sucked into a show about the Duggar Family on Discovery Health Channel. 17 children. I checked out their website... Kinda cool, really hardcore.

I don't want to jinx it, but the coughing has slowed... and I think I might be able to last the whole day at work tomorrow if I get some extra sleep tonight.

wow... short liveblog.