Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Like Molls had the ever-popular "Seamus" living in her digestive system, McMan seems to have a "Fred" living at the base of his right tibia. Fred is a Chondroblastoma (a large-cell tumor). He's most likely benign and his kind usually occur in young people aged 10-30 and in males at a ratio of 2-3:1.

They're sending McMan to a tumor specialist here (if they can get him in this week or the week after next). Or to Seattle/Spokane (if the dr. here is booked). Then we'll find out how (what kind of surgery) and when Fred will be put to death.

Here's to me trying as hard as I can to be "Supportive g/f McP" instead of "Medically Educated and Intrigued McP".

Fred is a bastard that is making my b/f worried and scrrrrd and ruining my summer plans. Die Fred, Die.

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normalooking said...

die, fred, die!!

tell mcman not to worry. he's got a whole nother leg on the other side. :o)