Monday, June 30, 2008

AAAND on a happier note...

After chatting with Hammer a bit tonight, I feel much better about cracking under the pressure of Fred the GD Tumor tonight. Especially after realizing that even Cindy Crosby the Human cracks from time to time... even though, as Hammer pointed out, he copes by extreme amounts of exercise and i cope by eating too much teriyaki and drinking copious amounts of splenda-sweetened iced tea.

Without further ado, I give you the "Quotes of the Night" from the 2nd Annual Maple Leaf Mafia Canada Day Celebration.

Quotes from the NHL Monopoly pre-party:

"It's the Ryan Getzlaf House of Hairy Teeth and Balding" - Hammer re: Anaheim

"He looks like Bob the Builder!" - McP
"I fucking love it." - Hammer
re: Drayson Bowman in the Yellow Hard Hat

"It's the no juice juice." - Hammer re: KoolAid

"No one else likes playing Monopoly because they're sucky suckholes." - Hammer

Quotes from the Party:

"Put that wang away!" - SlutBucket

"Guess we're going to Dairy Queen." - SlutBucket re: Hammer forgetting about the grill

"I took her under my stinky armpit years ago." - Hammer re: Glitter being one of her former students.

"We almost had to stay in the Dalles!" - The Lumberjack on the commute from Portland to the party

"Did you take the wrapper off?" - everyone
"Ok, it's officially funny." - VonHammer re:Canadian Pride tattoos.

"WHO SHIT?!?!?!" - Hammer Re: Pims and Jake leaving presents upstairs

"Fuck off with the CanadArm!" - Hammer during the Great Canadian Board Game

"We didn't even have alcohol at that party. It was just funny!" - Hammer re: 'it rhymes with muffalo!"

"Two words, it rhymes with Paint Johns." - Hammer

"Fuck off! ... neh... I don't owe you anything!" - VonHammer re: helping the Lunberjack win the game

"My favorite people are here with no underware." - Hammer re: the dogs and McP

"Schon of a Bitcsch." - Hammer & McP doing their best Bryan Murray

"WHO shit in my kitchen!?" - Hammer

"PIMS! That's MY snow cone! Now it has dog slobber in it! You're lucky I'm drunk and don't care!" - Hammer

"Did you have a nice shit on my floor?" - Hammer to the dogs

"I'm not sure..." - SlutBucket
"Oh come on, it's the internet, what could go wrong?!" - Hammer

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"Dave Schultz" said...

lurve it.

What a great party, I already can't wait for next year.

thanks for taking notes and posting here. you rule.