Monday, June 16, 2008

Marking a year...

McMan and I marked a year into our relationship. Boy, when we do something, we do it big. Why not ring in year 2 of the relationship with something that shows you what's really important?

What?! No, I'm not pregnant!

McMan had an x-ray 2 weeks ago and an MRI last Friday and got some news today. He's got a tumor next to his tibia in his right leg, at the bottom, by his ankle. They're pretty sure it's benign, but we'll find out more when he has his appointment on Wednesday.

Apparently this is pretty rare, as in the ortho that looked at his films for him hasn't seen anything like this in the 30ish years that he's been practicing. I'm hoping that he'll get to be on some kind of Medical Miracles show - I told him we're holding out for TLC so I can meet Jon and Kate plus 8 and he chimed in, "And Dwarf on a Farm!"

While I'm making light of it in some ways to keep myself sane and from going deeper into my medical mind, we'd both really appreciate any prayers, good vibes, thoughts and or juju you'd like to send our way.

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