Tuesday, January 8, 2008

cough cough cough... oh nevermind

ok, so i'm sicker than the thought of OJ Simpson being the spokesman for Ginsu, so I thoguht I'd be a thought thief and live-blog a little (thanks, hammer)

I got my last textbook in the mail today. God bless Amazon.com. Graduation in June, bitches!

got a text message from McMan:
"New show on A&E st 7 called parking wars. Looks entertaining if you name's [McMan] and you don't have the hockey package..."

mom just called to tell me to go to sleep and i said i was trying, but pretty ricky was on my tv, so it was tough to not watch.

accidentally hit the "recall" button and ended up getting sucked into a show about the Duggar Family on Discovery Health Channel. 17 children. I checked out their website... Kinda cool, really hardcore.

I don't want to jinx it, but the coughing has slowed... and I think I might be able to last the whole day at work tomorrow if I get some extra sleep tonight.

wow... short liveblog.


"Dave Schultz" said...

very little about hockey there missy. though i can understand how pretty ricky can be distracting. and tell mcMan anything must be made interesting if one does not have the hockey package. what kind of hockey fan is he???

McPhizzle said...

Yeah, I know... I got all kinds of distracted - by SEVENTEEN KIDS. SEVENTEEN! you can't even call that a litter...

He's a hockey fan who has Charter cable - which, in our market, doesn't offer Center Ice.

"Dave Schultz" said...

seventeen. that hurts me just thinking about it. Let alone the actual parenting.

obviously, not a real fan. or he would dump that Charter crap and get DirecTV which has Centre Ice AND the NHL network. :)

McPhizzle said...

I know, right?! And they actually do a fair amount of parenting - older children help, but still have their childhood, too, which I think is really cool. But for real, seventeen?! ouch. (and i'd hate to see what her skin is like on her abdomen... Ew.)

HAHAHAHAAAA!!! classic... Actually I'd make him get dish so i could get a discount for the next 10 months and since he has HD, he'd get NHL network anyway... then again, I'd NEVER be at my house.