Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Attempt #2

So I went to the Dr this morning - Bronchitis. Ick. Feeling much better, though.

#1 - WHOO HOO!!!! Chetters playing in the Prospects Game!
#2 - WHOO HOO!!!! Donny to coach one of the teams! (Promotion back to the E, A or N!??!!? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?)

made Coconut Shrimps for McMan and I for dinner. YUM! Washed it down with some Buckley's. YUK!

Brooks Laich scored the first goal for Washington tonight. havng a career year with this, his 8th goal. That's his total for all of last season. Go Brooksie, Go!

Olie kicks ass. In so many ways. And is beautiful. And a goalie. Enough said.

Hannan... Whenever I look at him i want to pinch the underside of his arm... REALLY hard! I'm still bitter he's not in Teal.

Watching the Dallas feed of games makes me want to light my face on fire when they play that Muzak during commercial breaks. But will I change it to the Chicago feed? No way. Then I'd swear at Jonathan Towes, or anyone who said his name, very loudly.

Everett scored first and second. Um.. Boys? Just because we're first in the league in PK doesn't mean you can take those shifts off. K thx.

PS - Hammer, your pancake made me angry.

First intermission recap comes on and they re-play the goal... McMan, who is sitting in the big puffy chair cheeered and raised his hands. I looked at him totally deadpan and said, "It's the re-cap."

"Wow. You are on Fuckin fire tonight, buddy." - McMan on the foxsports intermission report on the radio. (Heavy sarcasm implied)

Brent Seabrook. Remember when the (Lethbridge) Hurricanes had Seabrook bobble head night? I do. I was pissed it wasn't Firstborn bobble head night. Then again, I'm a little biased. Whatever, who cares if brent is in the NHL and Firstborn is in the English Elite league ;)

Stars win... Marty Turco is a freakin stud! Teddy bear, mickey fickey!

Ams: Jason misses the open net twice, Yellow misses the open net... How many times are we going to give Merrick a heart attack tonight?

McMan: "Notice Schmidt wasn't ranked."
McP: "Imagine that."

The girls on Deal or No Deal are hot. Especially in beaded cocktail dresses and leis.

Beach goes for High Sticking... Mestery refains from retaliation. THAT is why I heart #7.

McMan: You have a man voice right now.
McP: Does that turn you on?
McMan: NO! Thank God!

Goal tending change for Everett... Irving pulled with 2:46 left in the 2nd... maybe he has to poop? "Maybe they just traded him." - McMan

NO!!!!!! MY SON!!!!!!!! I don't like hearing that he's flat on his face after Bauer left his feet to check him from behind, but i LOVE hearing that Chetters almost went after Bauer. JEEBUS. My son is already more susceptible to concussion b/c of his broken jaw last year. 5 and a Game for Bauer - hopefully a suspension.

For real? did the rest of the league get together and decide that we were too good and to make us a team of conkies? Joseph, Abraham and Moses.

Oh yeah, classy, Everett fans... Boo the call.

Irving only out 37 seconds... Not enough time to poop... maybe just pee?

MY SON IS BACK ON THE BENCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!

Sidebar- met Midel this morning. Pretty cool kid. As long as he stays out of the box.

Everett takes another stupid penalty and Yellow scores from Reese and my son on the 5-on-3! THANK YOU! Tied the game at 2:05 with a minute to go on the penalty from hit on my son!

Oh great... Another hook behind the play while we're tied at 7:55 left in Regulation. Jason Reece, I'm looking at you.

Oh, Tyler Keifer.... Retaliation is bad, mmkay? Wait a minute, we got the PP, good boy.


HONESTLY?! 5-on-3 at the end of a tied game?! For crying out loud there is 2:12 left in regulation and our top goal-scorer is in the flinking box.

OT... i hate OT with everett... i hate SO's even more..

Westie just jinxed Midel. Stop doing that, Westie!

Jeebus... on to the shootout.

AND we lose.

I feel the urge to not blog anymore tonight. grrr... Son of a Beach.


"Dave Schultz" said...

Don't get angry at the pancakes, they are meant to encourage. Take your anger out on stupid Everett. As they say, don't hate the player, hate the game. which i believe is backwards, but whatever, I didn't come up with it.

"Dave Schultz" said...

and please don't say coach is leaving. Besides what he allows the power play to do (or not do, I should say (ahem, TJ)) I think he's a good coach. while i think he's worthy of a promotion, i don't want him to leave. just a selfish thought.

Shmee said...

Brooks is definitely blossoming under Bruce Boudreau

Kirsten said...

Ah the good days when I listened to the Tigers games due to an NHL lockout, then watched the boys go to the WJCs.