Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'm not a bad blog-mommy, really....

The flying monkies have finally dug me out from the mounds of paperwork on my desk and pumped me full of Starbucks Venti Soy Sugar-Free Cinnamon-Dolcé Latté and pointed me in the direction of my blog. Remind me to give them extra treats tonight.

In Football News:
(FOOSBALL, BOBBY BOUCHÉ?! FOOSBALL IS THE DEBIL!) Ok, ok, I'm a hockey girl, but it's the friggen Super Bowl, who doesn't follow Football right now?! Plus, it's not really related to the game, just dudes that play it. What do you expect from a girl who was always shaking her pom poms and making sure the rest of the squad wasn't getting hurt while our team was going 1-11 our Senior Year?
  • Miss Tom Brady and his SuperSperm were hobbling out of that model's apt in NYC donning a moonboot (aka walking cast). Now, Sure, I think he's pretty, and if he wasn't a good QB, he wouldn't be where he is today, but I was a bigger fan of his when he was with his BabyMama. All that aside, I have to say that I don't really wish moonboots on anyone............ When I was hit by an errant puck during the 2004 WHL playoffs, I had to wear a moonboot for a few weeks - I spiced it up by putting NASA stickers on it. I even had to audition/interview for my first Miss America Local Competition with it on. Gave me a great conversation-piece that led into talking hockey for a good portion of the interview, but you can't exactly walk gracefully in them. Not that any of that matters to Tom Brady or the Pats, but how much would it suck to not only be wearing the moonboot, but have it be the week before the Big Game and have it splashed all over the media?
  • I heart that Eli Manning and the Giants are in the Superbowl. See, I heart Peyton and his fantabulous acting abilities and his willingness to totally sell out for kickass commercials. My new favorite? The Oreo Licking League.... CLASSIC. And the morning-radio spots where they've dubbed someone saying "Eli" over "Peyton" in some Manning-ish voice made me laugh so hard this morning I almost got hair product in my eye.

Hockey News:

TC Americans (WHL)
  • The ams are 1 point out of 1st in the Western Conference of the WHL. They've been playing pretty well as of late (let's not think about the game in Lethbridge on Saturday...) and now that we have Procsyshen back, I think Reddick will get his mojo back.
  • With Yellow being out last game, it forced the PP to be shaken up a bit, which, obviously we needed. When you can't "get it to Yellow" you have to fun something different - McMan said at the game in Lethbridge, even after the second 5-on-3, the 'Canes PK unit wasn't even tired - they read our PP like an all-picutre edition of FHM.
  • Midel seems to be fitting in well, Ma said he's shopping at A&F almost every day and that last night he came home with a John Deere hat. I ♥ Euros.
  • TraderBob didn't move ANYONE at the deadline. I can't remember a season that's happened. Is this a sign of the apocalypse?
  • Little Chetters is going to the Top Prospects Game this week. Schnacs is coaching the opposite team. Great honours for both of them. McMan and I think our goalie has been hitting the fake-n-bake and the whitestrips a little hard lately - his teeth are like a beacon unto the night. I still want to shrink him and carry him in my purse everywhere - that smile is like a flashlight.
  • #1 is the obligatory, I ♥ Big Joe. 56 Points and still as cute as a big, furry button.
  • Cheech... Where do I begin? His eyes are creepier this year... Maybe when he's back to 100% the creepy eyes will fade back and he'll be putting the points up again - or maybe the creepy eyes will stay and he'll score more. Hell, if I was in net and saw the crazy-man, intense eyeballs of Jon Cheechoo, I'd step aside and say, "Your net, sir?" in fear of being turned to stone if I didn't.
  • Trades... Hammer and I were talking about this on Saturday night while the Redwings were stomping on my already horrible hockey-night. We spoke of Cap'n Patty and how he's not flourishing under RW and maybe could be back to his full potential somewhere else, but I brought up the point that NO ONE seems to be flourishing. Plus, I don't know if we'd get his full value in a trade right now. (That and I want my former TBird to stay a sharkie!)
  • Goaltending. Haven't seen enough of the back-ups to say if they should be in net more, but I think anyone anyone who remembers how I went into mourning after the Toskala trade or who has seen or heard me watch the Sharks this season can tell you what I think of the tender who is normally in net. I'm a Goalie Girl... for me to roll my eyes every time he skates out is a BIG deal. le sigh.
Personal Life:

  • Got my hair chopped off. It's already growing back rapidly, so it was only about 3 weeks of constantly wearing it straightened to avoid the Poodle/Box-'do.
  • Had a hellacious week at work last week... the words "Illegal" and "L&I" came out of my mouth way more than I wish to admit. I now consider myself a UFA and am actually shopping myself around the business community. There are a couple things I've applied for that if I were to get hired, I'd officially be a high-roller in my own mind. Keep your fingers crossed for me
  • MissRoomie is landing in Vegas right about now to spend the week at Miss America. (I decided I couldn't take the time off work to take up the generous offer to go for free... which turned out to be the best decision I've ever made considering the job-situation) I'm rooting for Miss WA, Elyse Umemoto, of course. There are a few others I've kept my eye on while watching "Miss America: Reality Check" on TLC... If you haven't seen it, you MUST! Even non-pageanty's love it. Not a lot of cat-fighting or anything, but some great snarky comments by the Advisory Panel.
  • McMan and I are going out to dinner at my Ma & Pa's tonight. Have to help Ma with her new MP3 phone... this woman doesn't even know how to use call-waiting. This lesson could get really interesting. At least McMan will be there to help her when i throw my hands in the air and quit.


"Dave Schultz" said...

atta kid, I was beginning to worry.

Ditto on thought about the AMS. Wonder how Snach's coaching will go at Top Prospects when he can't yell "Give it to Yellow" there either. hahahaha

John Deere?? Which prairie boy convinced him THAT was a good idea? but i like it. LOL

Cheech has magic eyebrows. Although, apparently not scoring magic.

Download a funny/naughty ring tone for mama. she'll love you for it (NOT! which, by the way, who says that anymore?)

McPhizzle said...

HAHAHAA! They'll all be skating around, "He does know that Yellow isn't here, right?!"

I have no clue, but he came in and said, "Look! It's what um..."
Ma finished "Farmers wear?"
"Yeah! So SICK!"
Sure thing, buddy...

Well, he's not back at peak physical condition yet... Scary Eyeballs, Check.

HAHAHAHA!!!! I don't think I could shock her... I'll have to load O'Canada, Some Xtina song for me, and something sappy for Dad lol.

"Dave Schultz" said...

Euros are silly. boys are weird. hockey players are from another planet. the end.