Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Can't believe I forgot this....

So, last Wednesday night, I was at McMan's helping him do laundry and pack for his Weekend in the Great White North. The Sportcenter top 10 came on and one of the plays was Niittymaki making a great save. I was 1/2 asleep, but I woke up really quick to ask if I had just heard something right, "Niittymaki... Sounds like some kind of sushi!" I had. I laughed. I immediately had to go potty.


While he was in the laundry room, I was watching Sportscenter and folding the clean clothes. All of a sudden he heard me yelling, "HOCKEY ON ESPN!" and immediately after, "OMG! Just when you think Barry Melrose can't get any greasier!!! UGH!"
He popped his head out and asked, "Ew. Does he have old, grey, ball hairs on his chin?"
My reply? "Yes." *shudder*


Later in the broadcast (later... lol.. the whole thing was about 3 minutes long) Barry was posed the question, if the coach of a big game and you had the choice of Marty "Big Lovin" Brodeur or Pretty Ricky DiPietro, who would he put in net? He chose Marty, I chose Pretty Ricky and
McMan and I proceeded to argue about my decision all the way up the stairs:
McMan: Are you KIDDING?! But it's Marty Brodeur!
McP: No I'm not kidding, I'd choose DiPi in a heartbeat!
McMan: That's just because you think he's cute.
McP: Marty's cute, too... In that I-slept-with-my-sister-in-law kind of way. I would just rather have new blood in net. Plus he's American.
McMan: I'm still stuck on the slept-with-my-sister-in-law part.


Shmee said...

Excellent choice, I would go with Pretty Ricky too. The sleeping with your sister in law part is just plain...ICK.

McPhizzle said...

I know, right?! Plus, Marty isn't making headlines this year... well, at least he's not out West. Then again, Scotty Go isn't on his team anymore, so no one here cares lol.