Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cutest, Fluffiest Sharks fan... a report by the flying monkeys

This is Eddie. He's 10 weeks old, loves watching the Sharks and enjoys working on his goalie moves, giving himself baths and long naps next to the Mazel Tov picture frame on the piano.

His natural goalie talent came out at a young age. From the day after McPhizzle adopted him, he'd play with his track ball, stopping it and covering it. Auntie VonHammer was one of the first to notice - and the first to ref him. He covered the ball for two long, prompting her to call him for delay of game.

Full Name: Edouard "Eddie" Vesa Thornton McPhizzle
Favorite Food: Science Diet Liver and Chicken
Favorite Drink: Water or Organic Lactose Free Milk
Favorite Toy: Trackball Scratcher or toilet paper tubes
First Word: Meow
Favorite Sharks: Jumbo Joe and JR
Favorite Goalie Style: A little butterfly, a little pad stack...
Favorite Place to sleep: McP's keyboard or face... we're working on both of those.
Favorite TV show: Sharks hockey, Private Practice
Favorite Naughty Moment: Knocking the collage frame of Agnes down on the piano.
Favorite lap to sit in: McP... Take that, McMan!


PaV said...

That is a cute kitty! haha. I have a cat. She loves hockey. Well she likes the movement of the puck. The other day she sat and watched the leafs and the ducks play. It was the cutest thing. Crappy teams yes, but it was cute nevertheless!

"Dave Schultz" said...

awww, Eddie!!!