Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend Updates

Spent the weekend scrapbooking and relaxing with my Doodle and 'lil man while her hubby was duck hunting and McMan was finishing up his tour of Western Canada. Got almost all of the DisneyWorld 2007 scrapbook done! YESSS!!!

Ams did well last night... Can't say the same for Friday, but it was the end of a long road trip.

McMan is home!!!

After work tomorrow, I'll stop by my place to get the blueberry pie I just baked on the way to Ma's for Thanksgiving(CAN) dinner!!! I'm so stoked. I'm contemplating skipping lunch. Ma's invited some boys whose billets aren't celebrating.. Should be interesting.

Sharkies won again tonight. 1-0. Boucher in goal - nice to see the former American doing well and getting some ice time in the shadow of Nabby. 15th career shut-out for Mr. Brian Boucher.

THIS little nugget made me giggle... I try to keep my political views private, but since so many people are assuming I'm a Palin fan because we're both former Miss America Organization participants, I have to say, there's no way I want my Vice President dropping the puck and waving to the crowd like she should have something sparkly on her head or saying that her favorite theme of a pageant was "Amer-I Can!".

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"Dave Schultz" said...

i expect turkey day pictures! :)