Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Feminist in McPhizzle

A message to Sarah Palin from the Young Girls of America

Whoever you're planning to vote for, please become educated! and Please vote!!!


PaV said...

I am just roaming around and came across this! Nice commercial. Every young girl in America should watch this.

McPhizzle said...

Pretty much one of the most important commercials I've seen. Heck, every old girl in America should watch it :)

PaV said...

True. I have to agree. We here in Canada have been following the election pretty close. The general consensus around here is that we would like Obama to win.

I have been reading through you blog, its pretty awesome. If you do not mind, I am going to add it in to my daily list of blogs to read.

McPhizzle said...

I'm with you on the Obama bandwagon. I'm not big on anything McCain/Palin have to offer.

You're more than welcome to add me to that list, maybe that will motivate me to post more.

Can I be invited to read yours?

PaV said...

I am not sure if you saw the Matt Damon thing on Palin. It was pretty intense. He pretty much sums up her and her campaign as a 'really bad Disney movie'.

And the one blog that is listed in my profile isn't mine. I just post there once in a while. I can ask, I am sure it isn't an issue.

PaV said...

Check this out:

I am not a fan of the site but the video is pretty awesome. I am not sure if you have seen it or not