Thursday, October 30, 2008

I heart XM Radio!!!

So I would have to say that my investment in XM Radio has paid for itself time and time again, but yesterday (on a particularly stressful day at work) it completely made my day.

Not being able to decide on a music station to listen to, I turned to trusty channel 204, NHL Home Ice. First thing I hear is that the next caller/guest they were going to be talking to on "NHL Live!" was Jumbo Joe Thornton. Didn't have a chance to jot down too many notes about what he said, but he was adorable... well, as adorable as a large, hairy, hockey player can be. No wonder I'm infatuated with him - he's a NERD! He confessed that he plays Risk online constantly - always starting with Ontario, of course. His thoughts on the new season are that 1) it's still young, they're not getting ahead of themselves, 2) they've addressed their issues and it's all about playing well in the new system and working well together, which he thinks they're doing well.

A little later in the afternoon on "In the Slot," they completed the trifecta of McP's favorite power forwards - Jeremy Roenick and Todd Bertuzzi. I was emitting squee from my freaking pores.

He called Brian Boucher their “shut out king.” HA!!!!!! I for real LOL'd

On new coach, Todd McClellan – He's implemented a good system and he's all business, no foolin' around. The system is more like Detroit – which we all know works extremely well… high paced, center-driven shooting mentality. The guys accepting and enjoying it. He's excited for the game tonight against Detroit.

About his age and the late stage of his career: He's having so much fun even though ice time dropped. As much as he didn't know if he would, he enjoys being the roll player, setting an example for the younger kids by working hard – plus, he admitted, he's getting older, only so much a body can take, but it’s a great feeling. Pavelski, Setoguchi and Mitchell coming to him for advice gives him as much satisfaction as making the big hit or scoring the big goal because he sees that people still admire him and see his hard work. Papa JR even has the young guys over for dinner once or twice a week to make sure they’re being fed well.

On ending his career with the Sharkies: His buddy "Dougie" Wilson stepped up to the plate when he was looking for a place to go and he is very grateful for the opportunity afforded him. Roenick is happy to be ending his career with his head held high and with a team as classy as SJ.

On why Hockey players are so loved by their fans: There is no question in his mind that the egos and the personalities are far and away more likable and respectful in hockey in general than any other sport. If an NBA player was asked, "Who’s the best player in the league?" Jeremy says the only answer you'd get would be, "I am!" As a hockey player the same question, it's not gonna happen. Hockey players have a respect for the media and that the NHL has a nice clean slate (compared to other sports). The players are approachable and that not only makes them more likable, but more fun to watch.

Rossi and Espo didn’t want to jinx it, but they “have a feeling about the Sharks this year"….. if you’re pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down...

Then there was *drumroll please* Todd "Toddball" Bertuzzi!!! My squee cup runneth over!!!

Why did he pick #7 when he got to Calgary? Funny they should ask him that, as Espo was the inspiration. He came up with it with some buddies over some beers.

How does he like playing LW? He Played RW majority of time he was in Van but when he was in Anaheim, he had a little eye trouble with left eye (fluid) and asked to be moved to LW so he could see the ice better... Makes perfect sense. Plus, he doesn't think he couldn't bump Iggy out of the RW position if he tried. As long as he's skating and moving the puck, he'll play anything.

Speaking of, how is it playing with Iginla? He's never met a more competitive human being in his entire life.

What about Andre Roy? "He's a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful man." Andre sits behind him on the plane - it's like own little commentator behind him.

Why Calgary? Spoke to Jerome a bit, and talked to Mike Keenan. He feels he also needed to get back into a hockey market. With no disrespect to Florida or Anaheim, he just felt he needed the pressure that he was being counted on.

When he was a Canuck, he was playing at around 250-245 pounds. He's now 225… skinny Todd! "Kids are too fast now, had to lose it to keep up!"

Todd enjoys passing – would rather have an assist rather than a goal. (To which Espo froke out - "You were born in Sudbury, not New York!") His goal is to get back to 4-6 quality shots a game to get back to 25-40 goal range.

Espo then brought up the little nugget of laughter he'd been talking about the day before - Interviewing Todd after the draft, the price tag was still attached to his brand new suit. A Buddy told him to leave it on. Hockey players... It's all about the buddies.

So after that interview ended, I was able to get back to work... I can neither confirm nor deny that I had a couple voicemails to answer.


PaV said...

On why Hockey players are so loved by their fans

Its SO true!!!!!!! Rugby is the same way. Its never about 'me' its always about the team and other players around the league. You respect people that have skill, plain and simple...!

violator said...

Great stuff.