Monday, April 13, 2009

*Ding dong*

"Hello, Quack quack?"
"Candy gram."
"Quack what??"
"Uh... Flowers."
"I'm allergic to flowers, Quack..."
"Stale bread?"
*duck opens door* "Oh no! Quack! Landshark!"

So it begins. The civil war of hockey in California. North versus South. McP versus Finny. We've already discussed it. Both returning to hockey blogging at the same time, this was bound to happen. We've vowed to remain friends no matter what the outcome is.

She's scared - as well she should be. My Sharkies won the President's Trophy this year - that's pretty impressive! Having a record of 32-5-4 at home this year bodes well for the fishes.

HOWEVER - The Sharks and Ducks have battled it out all year. I'm not thinking the Quacks are going to swim right over to an exposed dorsal fin or anything. The Sharks need to want this. The need to play for it and they need to work as a team to get there.

I'm not skipping ahead to any thoughts on the second round, because, well, the first hasn't technically started yet. Let's just say I have confidence in my team. And I'll be on my couch sporting the 27 of My precious JR every game I can catch.

Edouard says "me too, mama." (which sounds an awful like "meow")

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Finny said...

mwahahaha, bring it, sistah! =D