Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ma McP and I cover the ACMs

After the Sharks game (and after Ma called to comment on Carrie Underwear) I turned on the ACMs in HD - which took a few minutes since I had to hook up an air-antenna - stupid Dish Network and Fisher Broadcasting fued...

Our text-fest started when Miss Carrie was performing "I Told You So" wearing that beautiful, billowing, red dress.

Ma: That dress is either over-the-top or just all over!
McP: I want to be her when I grow up... You think the red dress was to symbolize "standing by her man?"
Ma: For sure.
Ma: He was hiding under there with the whole team.
Ma: (re: her acceptance speech saying she knew she was forgetting someone) Um... "my boyfriend?!"
McP: LOL!!! So True!
McP: (re: Blake Shelton) This guy called me Darlin' when I met him after the concert here.
Ma: You so sick.
Ma: (re: Taylor Swift) What's with wearing one dress all night?
McP: she's young, we'll forgive her.
Ma: Just this once.
Ma: Maybe Underwear can give her a yard or two off that train. Like she would miss it.
McP: I bet she would, she's a good Christian girl. I'll ask her - after all, she is my sister wife (refering to her relationship with myhusband Mike Fisher)
Ma: She's makin all you compound dresses - and all the sister children.
McP: As long as those compound dresses look like the white one she's wearing now, I'm down.
McP: (re: her acceptance speech for Entertainer of the Year) "mike, baby, I wish you were here!" what about me??
Ma: Wrongo. The cup - oh wait. She's got the fisherman soon!

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