Sunday, June 14, 2009

McP feels...

Today is a time for feelings. Let's discuss, shall we?

Nervous excitement - I've got a Call Back tomorrow evening for the musical "Godspell." My first return to any kind of theatre in 6 years and my first venture into musical theatre since 2000.
Pride - I walked over ten miles this weekend with my "lil sis" for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. SUCH an amazing experience!
Love - McNephew saw a pictre of Carrie Underwear on my iPhone, pointed at it and said "Dat's you!" "No, baby, that's Carrie Underwood, but thank you!" "No, MeMack, that's YOU!" "if you insist my little nuggett."
Giddiness - The Penguins won the Stanley Cup!!!!!! I know, I know, I'm a Sharks fan, but if the Penguins won, that means THE RED WINGS LOST!!! AT HOME!!!! HAAAAAAA!!!!! (Sorry, Melmo)
Sadness - I just got home from getting most of my stuff from HM (formerly McMan)'s house. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. My hands were uncontrollably shaking the whole time and nothing that i was trying to do to stop it worked. I had a few things over there that I had forgotten about and didn't have room for in my sedan. Suck.
Anger - Because I can't hate him - and believe me, people have done everything they can to get me to. It'd be so much easier if I could call him a douchebag, flip him off and tell him to take a flying leap. I can't' do that. I have to be a big kid. Being a big kid can bite my big toe.

I saved this one for last to remind myself of it:

Joy - My life is wonderful. I have a job, a beautiful and safe home, a wonderful family and amazing friends. I have talents and gifts and a God who loves me and has SO much in store for me. Patience, McP... Patience.

Also, 13 DAYS UNTIL CANADA DAY FIESTA 2009!!!!!!!! (i'm living for this, ladies and gents!)

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Finny said...

total congrats on the callback! :) <3 <3 <3 they should totally cast you!

and amen to the red wings losing at home bit :)