Saturday, June 27, 2009

Draft Day number one...

What? It was draft day? Couldn't tell it by me - since yet again, the Sharks had no first round pick. As a matter of fact, they don't pick until round 3 tomorrow. Therefore, when the minor league baseball team asked if I would be willing to sing the national anthems for the game against the Vancouver Canadians on the first night of the draft, I gladly obliged.

Let's start the day - I headed out to Ma and Pa's place where Ma and I colored my hair and watched the 20/20 specials on both Farrah Faucet and Michael Jackson. Both were great programs and I'm not gonna lie, I squirted a few tears at points in each of them. Two very talented and charismatic people lost in one day. Wow. Still kind of wierded out and shocked by MJ's death.

After finishing up there, I came home and practiced a few tricky spots in a few songs for "Godspell". I love being an Alto, but sometimes I think it might be nice to have the high note - so much easier to hear!

Met up with Mizzle for a little snack and some shopping as well as planning a bit for the show. I'm so stoked not only to be doing this show, but to be doing it with her as my director. I love spending time with her - we might as well be sisters, we're practically the same person!

Hammer got to town as Mizzle and I finished up some costume shopping and we headed to the baseball game. We had some CHOICE tweets... you can head to to check it out.

  • Hammer's comment, "Does he know he's gay?"
  • The fact that she's again a traitorous whore - but it's a little better this time because now she's a "Dirty Canadian Lover"
  • The girl in the SnoCone (aka SnoPenis) who was very reminiscent of the SnoPenis worker from 2007-2009 Ams Camp, (in to her cell phone) "Just a minute, I need to put their flavors on."
  • Yelling, "UGLY BATTER!" works just as well as "UGLY GOALIE!" when yelled at a crucial point in the game.
After the game, we drove through Sonic mostly to feed my face with some delicious tots and Cherry Limeade, a little to avoid the traffic. We took the short drive down here to the land of Hammer and now I'm firmly planted on her couch. Tomorrow morning we'll get up and decorate and finish stuff up for the Canada Day Festivities and then party like we just invented the Canad-Arm!

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