Monday, July 13, 2009

Birthday Musings....

After spending the evening with G$, looking at random things on the interwebs (and laughing our butts off), we ended up on my blog. On the way home, I decided I needed to write a post.

The 26th anniversary of my birth is on Sunday. I realized this weekend that I am not in the least bit excited about it and in fact, I'm dreading it, which is strange for me. As G$ said, "But it's a day that's all about celebrating YOU!" "I know, but I do that every day."

My 24th birthday was amazing, I was newly in-like with a guy and MissRoomie was about to be named Miss TC. My 25th birthday blew a lot - despite the amazing birthday cake that exMcMan hobbled around and made me, the day itself was less than thrilling (including a too-small bridesmaid dress and having to help MissRoomie give up the Miss TC crown).

My 26th birthday promises to not hold something that I had grown accustomed to and really, cherished, the past few years: a birthday kiss.

The simplest of things is what I'm dreading and I think the reason why is that the lack of that kiss means the lack of some other things I thought I'd have by now - if not being married, at least being in a committed relationship headed toward marriage, maybe engaged. Maybe married and buying a house? Or a nugget on the way? And while in my head I know I still have plenty of time for these things in my life, that lack of the birthday kiss represents failure to me.

At least G$ said even if everyone else bails out, he's free Saturday night so I wont end up spending it watching a rerun of SNL with Edouard.

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Mosphina said...

I love your blog ... I can't figure out how to make one of my own ... so I will just continue to be jealous of yours :)