Thursday, November 8, 2007

Blog Hiatus Over.

Ok, so I'm completely moved now. And without a kitteh. She went to be a city kitty in Seattle on Monday with my wonderful cousin, HB.

Worked until 8pm last night (yay for 11 hour workdays... well, when they're in preparation for the trip to Vegas with McMan next weekend) and flipped the Stars at Sharkies game on when I walked in the door. Mike Modano ties and surpasses the US-Born scoring record. Not gonna lie, even though it was against my Sharkies, I was happy for the pop-star marrier. Willa probably got some good lovin when the plane got back to the Big D.

McMan and I discussed the goalie situation in San Jose. "Guess they should've kept your boy Toskala." I explained to him that they didn't consult me on the trade, therefore they are reaping what they quilted into their team this year. They're above .500, but nowhere near where I feel they should be. Something just doesn't look right... grrr... And admittedly, I haven't watched them enough yet this year to really put my finger on where they're going wrong. Maybe I'm a jinx on Nabokov b/c of my bad attitude toward him. Maybe I should try to remedy that. Maybe not lol.

As I mentioned before, McMan and I are heading to Vegas next Thursday evening for a weekend o'good times. So, if anyone's going to be around there, I'm the only girl out of 5 of us going.... I'm going to need a little Estrogen. :)

I've been crazy busy at work today. Even the 15 minutes I stepped out to go to the post office, i got called on my cell to come back for a cornea harvest/donation. Grrr... At least all I have to do when I get home is get my mail and my Sensaria shipment... and clean. Now that kitteh is gone, i can get rid of all of the kitteh hairs and put some stuff in my laundry room for storage. ooh... and the kitchen floor!!! Now I'm kind of excited.

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