Sunday, March 1, 2009

UnClassy Spokane 2.0

After talking with MaMcP who got the lowdown on the happs after the cameras quit rolling from the billet bro, I now have a couple other things to say:
  1. I heart Bob Tory's passion for the game and his team.
  2. I effing can't stand Tokarski and would tell him exactly how classless and immature he comes off to his face in an effort to help the young man not be a douchebag.
  3. Mitch Wahl can lick my proverbial left nut. You're an 18 year old young man, which means you're an ADULT. You are someone that young players from the States look up to as a member of Team USA. Take the high-road. Pointing at your Mem Cup ring as you're walking by the bus holding a fellow member of the 2008 Draft class who YOUR TEAMMATE attacked is immature and unnecessary.
As a fan, my rivalry with the Chiefs used to end once they stepped off the ice. I had a billet brother who became a CHief in a trade and enjoyed his time there. I appreciate the Chiefs organization for offering free tickets to my parents for every game TRI played up there one year after they had a HORRIBLE experience in the stands (they turned it down and have only been back on rooter busses since) AND for what a great show they put on in that arena. That rivalry has changed. As those kids represent that organization as leaders, I now will be adopting the motto of my fellow Maple Leaf Mafia member, Hammer, "Spokanistan. This is war."

We'll see what all the suspensions and fines end up being after last night. I'm sure the Ams will get whats coming to them as well, but REALLY,Spokane?! Really?! No need to goon it up OFF the ice, too.


Shari said...

Umm ... so what the hell was done after the game. I went downstairs with said Hammer to get a certain Carolina property's autograph and thought some of our boys would come out too but no go. I'm guessing they were escorted out of the building and onto the bus as quickly as possible.

Wahl is a douchebag! First he mouths off to McColm and then doesn't fight but walks off when McColm is jumped by another Chief, then he tries to get at Fadden?!?! Umm ... I'm pretty sure Fadden would rock your world, and not in a good way, Wahl. And the Spokane announcers ... "uhh ... that isn't Wahl's game ... " then tell him to stop starting shit he isn't willing to finish. And really ... wearing your Memorial Cup ring?!?! Good for you ... but I'm pretty sure real professionals don't wear them all that often.

Tokarski is a little shit too. For all three of the "getting to know you moments" he was out of his crease, to the blueline talking shit to the AMS players. He even went out looking to go with Chet when Chet was down on the ice!! (The announcers even mentioned it) Nice to know that there is roomie love there. I would have loved to have seen either Fadden or Schmidt give in and go with him. He was trying to get one of them to go. And the refs had to restrain him at the end of the game. I'm not saying that Schmidt didn't slash him (he got the 2 mins for it) but I didn't see it. I did see Werbowski poke him with a stick though and tell him to get off the ice. haha.

It was pretty funny that Sutherland, wearing Reddick's jersey, came out to accept Reddick's 2nd star. Would have been funnier had it been Spencer or Drew.

I'll say it again ... I HATE THE SPOKANE CHIEFS!! I'm so mad ... I'm going to take my clothes off!

Chet better be ok ... Chet better be ok ... Chet better be ok ... Chet better be ok ... Chet better be ok ...

Shari said...

Oh and one more thing ...

Saw Letts downstairs afterwards and I really wanted to walk on over to the goon and PUNCH HIM IN THE NUTS. But I didn't because I knew that 1. It would be wrong. And 2. I would never try to intentionally injure another human being! I guess that's what makes me a classy person and him ... not so much.

McPhizzle said...

I guess there were some rumblings after the game which is probably why the players didn't exit the building in the normal fashion. Apparently there was a situation where a certain GM had to yell to security to "Get these 'effers' out of here!"

Wahl couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag agaist McColm OR Fadden. And he looks like "Little foot" from Land Before Time. Wearing his ring is one thing, they won it, wear it whenever you want. But don't flaunt it and point to it when the game was an effing debauchery.

Tik can sure talk a big game. I think he's afraid people will finally see what an overrated goalie he is now that 3 of their top Dmen are out... Goon it up, take the focus of your LACK of game. I'm convinced that Dustin has a man-crush on Chet and wants to be him when he grows up. The "feature" they did on him during the second intermission said he was from Winnipeg, MB - um... he won a Saskatchewan Midget Championship. Can't do that from MB. Asshats .

Kelly and I have decided that before the game next Saturday, we're taking a detour to Spokane to kick Letts in his hollow head. She's totally allowed without being deemed classless - she's got the same DNA as Chet. I'm getting my revenge vicariously through her - you're more than welcome to join! ;)