Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Seems kindof insignificant now, but I might as well finish the adventures of Steve and Teri.

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Well, the rents went to cheer super loud when Big Guy got drafted and b/c they hadn't had a vacation without either me or the little bro or both since... well, ever. Long story short, Big GUy didn't get drafted (read my next post for my comments on that sitch) but my parents had a FAB time in Columbus.

Like I said in my first draft day post, they saw Rick Nash, Ken Hitchcock and Pascal Leclaire at a pub before the draft started.

  • All my mom can talk about were all of the little boys who were going around getting everyone's autograph.
  • They got draft shirts for me, dad's bosses and the little hockey boys from the rink, Jackson and Cubby and hats for themselves. I tend to love my parents and their gift buying.
  • Ma was appauled at the Bluejackets Fans for the booing... it didn't sound like any more than normal on TSN, but I guess some of the scouts, etc they were sitting by said that it was worse than they'd ever heard... other than that the hospitality was good though.
  • Dad got a picture of Brian Murray for me... SCHWEET!!!
  • Ma still tears up at the sight of The Great One - even in photos. She's a sap.
  • They went through all the exhibits of the trophies and the new jerseys, etc... Dad got a super cute pic of Ma peaking around the waist manequin. Yes, the waist. Ma McP Is getting close to being pocket-sized at 5'1" (don't let her lie and tell you she's 5' 3 3/4" call her out, she's in denial.)
  • Ma said there were several men there she wanted to club over the head and ship home to me... I'm still wondering why she didn't.
  • They hit an Ohio State sale at the airport, so we all got buckeye gear... It's super cute, but I do have the urge to hum a few bars of the Golden Gopher fight song while I'm wearing it to show my loyalty lol.

I guess that's really all.... the drama comes in the next post when we chronicle the rise and fall of Big Guy.

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