Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Best Lunchbreak EVER!

The morning started with an early rise from bed. I showered, straightened my hair and took myself to work. Once again, no blueberry scones at Starbucks. Someday I'm going to call and complain abut that. Get to work and most of Downtown K-Town has NO power. Even the traffic signals were out. (Ps- no one in this town knows how to use a freakin 4-way stop!) I sat out in the foyer and read the paper and drank my coffee b/c our phone system is also electric. After I read through the classifieds and saw 2 pianos for sale, I decided that's what I was going to ask for for Christmas from my parents. With that thought, I went into the Chapel and played the piano that one of the bosses is storing here until their new house is finished until the power came back on.

At about 11, I took a lunchbreak, which I normally don't do at all, but I needed to drop my jeans off at Buckle to get them hemed (yay for free alterations! 8 inches off the XXL jeans). As I was driving down Canal Drive, I saw an upright piano sitting on a trailer at Ernie's Car Place with a bright yellow tag on it that I thought said $250. That can't be right! I thought to myself. I turned my little car around and went to check it out. Not only did it say $250, but it said, "WAS $250 NOW $150 OBO". OH. EM. GEE! I marched into the office and asked if he'd take $100 for it. I am now the proud owner of an upright piano.

I emailed Roomie2.0 telling her that i made a BIG impulse purchase and that I'd be really flexible with any furniture arrangements she wanted to make lol.

It's going to cost me an arm and a leg to have it moved... From the quote I got from the company that I liked the best anywhere from $149-$225. Then in 2-3 weeks I'll have it inspected, cleaned and tuned to the tune of $95 (+$35 if it needs extensive tuning). But still, that's an upright piano in MY apartment in MY posession for $420 or less. YESSS. And then, about 1:10, my ma calls me and tells me to come out front because she has something for me. I meet her outside my office and she hands me a bag of money. $70 to help toward the movers. How much do I love this woman?!

I emailed Rabbi Herschel about it... his response, "That's awesome about your piano. I don't envy the movers getting it up the stairs to your apartment though... yuck... Let me know when it arrives, I'll play you a jaunty tune!" Jaunty tune party at my house!!!!

It's old and a little beat up, but it's a PIANO and it's got character. My own piano. I really didn't think I'd ever have one... well, at least until I was grown and married or something. I'm freaking out. I may or may not be a little fahklempt. Talk amongst ya'selves. :)

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