Monday, August 20, 2007


Ok, so the title of my blog isn't exactly correct anymore. There will still be musings and they're still coming from someone radical, but technically I'm not a redhead anymore.

*pause for you to catch your breath*

I know it's a big decision, but I've been thinking about it for about a year and yesterday took the plunge into Brunettehood. I still surprise myself when i look in the mirror.

MissRoomie loves it, as does the McMan, although it took his Hetrosexual Life Partner (aka his roomie... aka MrRoomie) pointing it out for him to notice (see photos below for how redonkulous that was) - the UPS guy noticed within 10 seconds of being in my office. McMan held several conversations with me before he was tipped off.

MrRoomie: (2 seconds after seeing McP) Hey! You did something different with your hair. it looks nice!
MrRoomie: Ooooh..... You're in TROUBLE!
McMan: I noticed, I just didn't say anything b/c she doesn't like it when people make a big fuss over her hair when she straightens it. (which is true - and he got brownie points for remembering that and saying it aloud)
McP: kind of fuming
MrRoomie: Dude! She changed the color of it!
McMan: She did? (looks at McP) OOPS!


(ok, so my eyes are closed, big whoop... lol)


Kirsten said...

It looks really good!

Everyone knows that being a brunette is where it's at!

Hope you love it.

Margee said...

I like it! It's cute. Brown hair is so shiny.

Tracy said...

I quite like it!! I love red hair but I truly think that dark hair brings out the best in everyone.

Sherry said...

It looks great McP! That shade of brown is quite lovely but your natural red is quite lovely as well :)

I'm dying my hair next week too. Here's hoping that it'll actually make a difference!

McPhizzle said...

Kirsten - Thanks!! I do love it... It faded a little when I washed it again but I'm still feeling the brunette power.

Margee - Thanks! That shine in the picture really surprised me... God bless Redken conditioner!!!

Tracy - Thanks! It makes me feel super sassy... evryone knows redheads are firey, but I feel like I could kick some major ass now.

Sherry - Thanks!!! do it! Take the hair colour plunge! It's fantastic!

Jordi said...

Eee I love the hair! Coincidentally I recently dyed my hair too. But to a copper colour more. Funnily I got the same reaction from a friend as well instead it was "you're wearing something different!"