Monday, September 24, 2007


Well, Casa McP is going to have a new address in 10 days or less.

That's right. I said it, 10 days OR LESS.

See, I got a call today from my apartment manager asking if I still had Roomie2.0 living there. I said yes, not knowing she hadn't turned in her application for living in our complex. Manager said, "Ok, you've got 10 days for her to vacate or we're going to have to evict you."


This all stems from her b/f being arrested in our apt for felony charges the 2nd or 3rd day she lived at my place. She also got a ticket for obstructing justice - which is why she wont be approved to live at our apartments.

So we went over the options, I could stay in my fabulous apartment and pay ALL the rent until Dec. 31, Pay the $1400 it is to break my lease and move somewhere else or since I'm the only name on the lease now, transfer the lease over to a 1 BR apartment in the complex. Since I'm not made of money (although I do like to think I am) I went for option #3. Therefore, on or before October 5, I'll be living across the complex.

I've got PUD set up to be turned on the 3rd... and if I need it earlier, then I can call and change it. I need to figure out when i can get in so that I can call and have my sattelite dish moved. Need to start calling all of my credit card companies and magazine subscriptions to get those changed over to the right apt. number.

Oh. And Papa McP will be contributing greatly to the McPhizzle Financial Fund. His support is greatly appreciated... as are viewers like you. (but i'm not paying you back like i am him.)

While moving is TOTALLY stressfull and SO not fun, i'm STOKED to do it. Not only do I get into my own place where i don't have to share my kitchen with anyone (really, it's a huge pet peeve of mine...) but i also get away from the drama that is my new roommate situaton. YAY! Oh, and I'll be hosting Canadian Thanksgiving in my own pad. :)

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