Wednesday, September 5, 2007

JR is Swimmin with the Fishes

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The Newest Fishie in the Bay

Doug Wilson (DW as I like to call him) called up his old buddy (and former teammate) Jeremy Roenick and got him to sign a $500,000, one-year deal with the San Jose Sharks.

"A lot of teams expected me to retire and thought I was retiring," Roenick said
Tuesday. "But it took the initiative of one person to make the phone call to
find out is that was really happening.

"This is not a financial thing for me," Roenick told reporters on a conference call. "I even asked for a bit less. My motivation is to win a Cup. My motivation is to try and gain my respectability as a hockey player back. ...

"The only reason that I would be playing this year is because of Doug Wilson and the opportunity that he's given me to play with, I think, the best team in the National Hockey League, and have a chance to win a Stanley Cup."

"We know Jeremy very well," said Wilson. "This is not a negative to where he's been in prior situations, but I think a player like this has to be in a situation where he perceives an ability to win and the ultimate winning being competing for a Cup."

I, Personally, love this. I've always been a big JR fan... (what can I say, I love loud mouths!) I think with the right linemates he could be a big contributer again. That's not saying I think he's going to have another 50-goal year or anything, but I don't see a down-side here. He's not taking up a lot of salary-cap room, and as long as he doesn't throw a water bottle at anyone, he's not a huge liability. (teehee... as inapropriate as that was, i loved it)

Welcome to my Sharkies, "Jer-my"!

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Kirsten said...

I suppose you can't really go wrong with 500,000...