Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dear 8 lb 6 oz Baby Jesus, Please give us beautiful babies!


+ = ♥?

Doing my daily reading of PerezHilton.com, I came across the little tidbit that my girlfriend2.0 (Carrie Underwear - close second to my Xtina) and my HusbandMikeFisher are allegedly a couple. If this is true, Never before has there been a celebrity/hockeyplayer relationship I have endorsed more or as whole-heartedly! And if it's not... Well, It should be!

People who know me know how much I love and respect Mike Fisher for not holding back his beliefs and his giving back to the community that's given him so much. They also know that I feel a kinship with the American Idol winner (and former Miss America Organization Contestant) - not to mention, I want to have her babies... wait, that's not right... but it's true - i could look at her for days - and listen to her sing longer.)

I'm sending the flying monkeys to check on this...


Finny said...

HOLY EFF HOLY EFF... seriously?!?!?!? mike fisher is gorgeous... made all the more gorgeous-er by his faith... and carrie, though not my top pick (I heart taylor swift slightly more from a musical standpoint, but i wont deny carries hotness factor is hotter than taylors), well, I can sorta see that working... wowza.

"Dave Schultz" said...

my only concern is what if they are one of those amazingly gorgeous couples who unfortunatly, and oddly, have ugly children. It happens. i don't get it, but it does.

both are smoking hot. the end.

McPhizzle said...

I told MaMcP that their babies would be born with halos and she replied "And TEETH!" HA! She kills me.

Fin - Taylor Swift will be my daughter in law someday when my "son" Jarrett (on the team here) marries her.

Hammer - I thought of that, maybe God would play a cruel joke... But I just don't think He could do that to two people i love so much.

And yes, beauty. The end. Goulet.

Mike said...

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