Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Price is Wrong, Bitch!

The big bro with his team visit the Price Is Right:

I totally forgot to update about this last night, but that is probably because I was laughing too hard.

So I get home and turn my TV on, ready to watch my DVR'd "The Price Is Right" Starring the Utah Grizzlies, right? Well, i watched american idol (duh) and house (habit) before i remembered that there was some Twitchy McGee love to behold.

The Grizz acted like they'd all just got pulled up to the show when they called Ed Campbell's name. Jake chopped his locks a smidge - layered, I think... but he looked a little chunkier than I last saw him... Note to the first born: when you're injured, cut back on the beer.

Ed was pretty funny - DEF a hockey player. Cracking jokes, hugging it out with Barker, looking to his teammates for help guessing prices. Jake is special - Hammer can attest to this - he can't even hold up a steady number of fingers. You're on national television, try not to look like you need a helmet off the ice, too, mmkay, broseph?

Ed spun that wheel like it was his JOB. Big Bob even joked that they'd have to cut out a commercial break b/c it was still spinning. Not only did kid go to the showcase showdown, but he won a spin-off to get there!

I'm fairly sure a couple of Barker's Beauties had to be moved to the IR after the massive dogpile on The Twitch when he won it all.

All-in-all, it was good times.

Update: Mom came by to watch her son's national tv debut (his hockey mug on the evening news in Minneapolis for being arrested doesn't count as national) and as soon as he popped up on the screen (well, after she wiped the tears from her eyes) she said, "That's the sweater I sent him for Valentine's Day!"
My answer to that, "Sweater? All I got was a teddy bear with a crown on and fruit snacks... that I was allergic to."

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