Monday, April 23, 2007

Playoff Musings

I'm already enjoying the hours upon hours of sunshine (albeit through the windows in my office...) and I'm STOKED to get out on the river (when it warms up a few degrees). However, I am aware of the fact that soon, the only hockey I'm going to be watching is if I walk into the living room at an inopportune moment and catch my roomie on the couch playing tonsil hockey with one of her many suitors.
Post season thoughts. In so many ways, for so many teams.

  • Our Ams are home for the summer. Partying like it's 199--- their birth year.

  • The Grizz... who am I kidding? Jen is right, even the Winterhawks could've beat them this spring. At least they got their celebration on at the Price is Right.

  • My Islanders (because as they say, We're all Islanders) We all celebrated their jubilant rise to the post season only to have it raped away by the refs and the 'roids. (Wise words to Sean Hill from the immortal Pauly Shore in the cinematic masterpiece Son in Law, "Juice will make the jewels shrivel into sundried tomatoes!")

  • The Blackhawks - Is it strange that sometimes I forget that they're in the NHL?

  • TC Titans - I could really go for some Nachos and yelling random names at kids who are "squeezing the last drop out of Livin' the dream." I may or may not have woken from a deep sleep this morning shouting, "You're NOT OVECHKIN!"

  • The Flames - I guess we'll have to get our fix of The Dion and slash-happy goalies from Youtube.

  • The Pens - Read Ann's post from earlier today. My biggest fear: He'll try his damndest to corrupt poor Cindy Crosby. Be afraid. Be very afraid. He's brought the stock of other talented players down.... *coughheedcough*

  • TampaBay - No sadness here. Just means that Vinny will get to start his scedule of shared custody with Jen and me.

  • The Caps Again, no sadness. Just means we get to see Olie's "ugly mug" around town all summer. Ask Shar, it's a tough one to look at.... ha...

  • Everett - You got beat by PG. Stick that in your rank, wet gear and ride home in it, Constantine.

  • Seattle - Not so hot without Schmitty scoring goals for you, are ya?

At least the Maple Leaf Mafia never takes an off-season!

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