Tuesday, October 16, 2007

MIA McPhizzle

Ok, so the flying monkeys have pulled me out of the cave that is my new apartment and plopped me down in front of a computer.... ok, so really I'm at work and have some down time, but that's neithere here, nor there.

I'm all moved. Ma, McMan, MissRoomie and Rabbi Herschel and I did it in a weekend. I have so much CRAP! it's insane!!! oh, and my apt is handicapped-accessable, so it's laid out a bit differently than the floorplan online. whoops. Luckily all of my furniture fits, but not the way I intended it to. The closet is about 1/3 the size of what I had before, so I had to get creative - like getting rid of a CRAPTON of clothes, finding creative ways to organize things and putting all of my hoodies and hockey jerseys in with my coats into the already jam-packed coat closet. I LOVE LOVE LOVE not having to share my kitchen with anyone. and my FRIDGE! omgsh... for real, it's amazing.

Agnus Muffin Mary Pat Kate Francis McPhizzle is LOVING being able to roam free in the new place. Little does she know she'll be moving to the big city when McHannah comes to town in November. My little baby fluffball will be moving to Seattle. The Apts let me keep her for a few weeks as I am "kitteh-sitting" without the pet fee. WHich is $300. NONrefundable. OUCH. You could re-carpet my apt TWICE with that amount of money. Whatever. I am trying to get excited about having my laundry room for storage instead of her food/water/litter/scratching area instead of my heart breaking about the little love of my life not greeting me at the door whenever i come home from anywhere. Good death I love that crazy cat... even when I warn her that I'll sell her to a taco truck if she doesnt stop chewing on my laptop cord.

McMan and I are doing well. We've laughed a LOT the past couple nights. We're heading to Vegas in November. I'm excited. The people we're going with are freaking hilarious... Too bad the only thing I'll be able to afford drinking is water. lol. Maybe he wont mind if I bring some low-cut tops and bring "the girls" out to get me some free adult beverages sent to me from across the casino. *shrug* what else are they for before you have to feed kids with them? haha.

I freaking miss MissRoomie! She's ÜBER busy with all of her royal duties, but she started a new job last night where she'll only be working Monday and Tuesday nights. YESSSSSSSSSSS!!! I mean, that's cool... We spent SUnday afternoon and evening together - Grand Opening at the new Target in West and then to McMan's for the Seahawks Game in HD. Pictures document the fun we had... you can check them out on Facebook/Myspace and I might just post a little photoessay here if I feel like it. lol. No promises on when that may or may not happen.

in other news, IT'S FREAKIN HOCKEY SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ams - WOW! What a start to the season! Sure, they've pissed their last two games away with bad penalties (POKEY.... I'm lookin at you) and they've got some injuries players out due to numbers (Uncle Mitch)... but they're still an impressive 7-3 - especially with all but 1 of those being on the road. They're a-top the US division with 14 pts (Spoke nipping at their heals with 12) and have been ranked in the CHL top 10 the first two weeks of the season. Maybe the 15-game homestand will get them back on their game.

The First Born - He's in England, havng fun, playing the game. He's happy, he's more in-shape than he has been in years and that's all we could ask for, really.

Carey - OMGSH! So watching his debut game in the NHL was so strange.... We were all huddled around the TV at his old Billet's house cheering. He's still the same old Carey: cool, calm, collected and sickeningly humble. The success really couldn't be going to a better kid - and Lord knows it's not going to his head.

Sharkies - Honestly, with all of the moving and unpacking and getting ready for my spa party, etc, I've had NO time to watch them. I've got 5 games on my DVR right now on High Priority. I'll catch up someday... I heart JR. I heart Joe. I heart Tosk.... oh, that's right, i've been watching him in BLUE. grrr... still bitter? me?! NEVER!

I guess I should actually get some work done, hey? le sigh.

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