Tuesday, August 28, 2007

really? for real?

Tuesday... not usually a BAD day, per se, but this one didn't start out too hot...

I woke up late. On purpose, but late. Left the house at about 8:20 to stop in quickly at Dr. S's office and get a persecription for something to make what I thought was bronchitis go away. Get into the parking lot, slow down and stop behind a minivan that is about to park and all of a sudden, her reverse lights go on.... she starts backing up.... she ignores the sound of my blaring horn and all I hear is *crunch* well, before I said, "fucking shit" and put my car in park. No damage... And oddly enough, she was wearing one of the breast cancer awareness Ams shirts. Hmm.. Like I told McMan, "I decided not to comment on it in the fear that I'd tell her she didn't deserve to don the logo of MY team if she's going to back into me."

So, after she parks the van and i go down the few more offices and park in front of my dr's office, I go in, see the doctor and he tells me I don't have bronchitis or a sinus infection. I have asthma. Oh. Joy. And please please please tell me why it takes 20 minutes to put an inhaler together... I'm assuming they had to hand craft the plastic holder there in the pharmacy at Walgreens.

Yeah. It was an awesome morning.... and to think, I was all ready to wirte a hockey post about training camp so far.... SO i'm just going to post photos from the annual Todd Klassen Memorial Classic game, which was held at the buttcrack of dawn on Sunday. (photos by MLM photographer VonHammer)

Me singing the anthems after running around the arena... i thought they were going to re-zam the ice. oops.

Thrilling hockey action = painting the nails in the stands

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Best Lunchbreak EVER!

The morning started with an early rise from bed. I showered, straightened my hair and took myself to work. Once again, no blueberry scones at Starbucks. Someday I'm going to call and complain abut that. Get to work and most of Downtown K-Town has NO power. Even the traffic signals were out. (Ps- no one in this town knows how to use a freakin 4-way stop!) I sat out in the foyer and read the paper and drank my coffee b/c our phone system is also electric. After I read through the classifieds and saw 2 pianos for sale, I decided that's what I was going to ask for for Christmas from my parents. With that thought, I went into the Chapel and played the piano that one of the bosses is storing here until their new house is finished until the power came back on.

At about 11, I took a lunchbreak, which I normally don't do at all, but I needed to drop my jeans off at Buckle to get them hemed (yay for free alterations! 8 inches off the XXL jeans). As I was driving down Canal Drive, I saw an upright piano sitting on a trailer at Ernie's Car Place with a bright yellow tag on it that I thought said $250. That can't be right! I thought to myself. I turned my little car around and went to check it out. Not only did it say $250, but it said, "WAS $250 NOW $150 OBO". OH. EM. GEE! I marched into the office and asked if he'd take $100 for it. I am now the proud owner of an upright piano.

I emailed Roomie2.0 telling her that i made a BIG impulse purchase and that I'd be really flexible with any furniture arrangements she wanted to make lol.

It's going to cost me an arm and a leg to have it moved... From the quote I got from the company that I liked the best anywhere from $149-$225. Then in 2-3 weeks I'll have it inspected, cleaned and tuned to the tune of $95 (+$35 if it needs extensive tuning). But still, that's an upright piano in MY apartment in MY posession for $420 or less. YESSS. And then, about 1:10, my ma calls me and tells me to come out front because she has something for me. I meet her outside my office and she hands me a bag of money. $70 to help toward the movers. How much do I love this woman?!

I emailed Rabbi Herschel about it... his response, "That's awesome about your piano. I don't envy the movers getting it up the stairs to your apartment though... yuck... Let me know when it arrives, I'll play you a jaunty tune!" Jaunty tune party at my house!!!!

It's old and a little beat up, but it's a PIANO and it's got character. My own piano. I really didn't think I'd ever have one... well, at least until I was grown and married or something. I'm freaking out. I may or may not be a little fahklempt. Talk amongst ya'selves. :)

Monday, August 20, 2007


Ok, so the title of my blog isn't exactly correct anymore. There will still be musings and they're still coming from someone radical, but technically I'm not a redhead anymore.

*pause for you to catch your breath*

I know it's a big decision, but I've been thinking about it for about a year and yesterday took the plunge into Brunettehood. I still surprise myself when i look in the mirror.

MissRoomie loves it, as does the McMan, although it took his Hetrosexual Life Partner (aka his roomie... aka MrRoomie) pointing it out for him to notice (see photos below for how redonkulous that was) - the UPS guy noticed within 10 seconds of being in my office. McMan held several conversations with me before he was tipped off.

MrRoomie: (2 seconds after seeing McP) Hey! You did something different with your hair. it looks nice!
MrRoomie: Ooooh..... You're in TROUBLE!
McMan: I noticed, I just didn't say anything b/c she doesn't like it when people make a big fuss over her hair when she straightens it. (which is true - and he got brownie points for remembering that and saying it aloud)
McP: kind of fuming
MrRoomie: Dude! She changed the color of it!
McMan: She did? (looks at McP) OOPS!


(ok, so my eyes are closed, big whoop... lol)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Damnit, Uncle Wayne, Help a sister out!!!

Ok, for reals? Just when we get our hopes all up that the jolly green giants in Everett might not be the US Division "Champs" yet again, Uncle Wayne has to go and dash my hopes and dreams. Then again, there's always hopes that with Constantine gone to coach in Houston that they might not be the trap-playing bore that they have been the past 4(?) years. Hopefully they're still the WHL Diving Team, though.... they could win gold at the next summer games...

Peter Mueller --
The eighth-overall pick in 2006 has come a long way in a short time. That’s saying something considering that he was the Western Hockey League rookie of the year prior to being drafted and had a strong camp with the Coyotes last summer.

“We had a chance to watch Peter at our development camp recently, and we were very impressed by the amount of development he’s had between last summer and this summer,” says Treliving. “He knows what to expect a little more, and has a better sense now of exactly what it takes to be a pro. There was already a good foundation, and he’s building on it very nicely.”

This past season, the 6-foot-2, 205 pound Mueller posted 78 points, including 57 assists, for the Everett Silvertips in 51 WHL regular-season games. In the postseason, he had 16 points in 12 games. He sees the ice very well, and has worked hard to improve both his skating and his two-way approach.

“We really like the package of skills that Peter brings and we think he’s got the chance to be a special talent. Now, having said that, we’re not going to rush him,” says Treliving.

Mueller, who turned 19 in April, will come to camp with the big club. While there’s a chance that he could make Wayne Gretzky’s opening night lineup, another year of junior development and a potential shot at playing for Team USA at the World Junior Championships certainly wouldn’t hurt. He was invited to the Team USA camp taking place in Lake Placid, but was unable to attend due to a minor injury.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

*le sigh*

Let's catch up on a few things:

  • Casa McP will be changing a bit... MissRoomie is moving in with the Director of the pageant and so Roomie2 will be moving in at the end of the month. She's nice and cute and likes wine - it's all good to me! :) We'll be replacing a few things and rearranging. MissRoomie is still going to come over for slumber parties, etc. Honestly, I'm pretty devistated about it, but having a positive outlook. New life experiences.
  • the McMan and I made it official on Monday night - therefore, he is the McB/F. I'm sure as hockey season starts some of his comments and observations will show up here and at the HLOG. Oh, and he's getting dish so we can watch hockey in HD. YESSSSSSSS! There's nothing like being with someone who understands the love of the sport!
  • Went to the Martina McBride concert on Tuesday. OH. My. DUDE! She was amazing. She is now on my list of "Fem Boners" with Christina Aguilera and Idina Menzel.
  • The Canucks aquired a player from St Louis... I'm pretty sure his name starts with a "Z" and ends with an "ack Fitzgerald." HA!
  • The Bruins don't disappoint - they signed Zach Hammill (the player we love to hate from Everett) and (former Am) Sean Curry. Upon informing Hammer of the sitch, she said, "Wow! The tips might not be #1 this year! Wait, neither will the Ams, :("
  • Throwing a baby shower on Saturday for Prego Mego! SO stoked! YAY! Baby will be here in about 3 weeks!
  • I need a nap.
  • Finally got Quickbooks for the office - my life is SO much easier!
  • I was caller #11 this morning for Nickelback tickets - they were looking for #12. I sent the flying monkeys to throw some poo.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Warning! Funniness ahead!

My bestie Chris is my #1 guy on the myspace (and the reason i can say, "It's OK, I'm with the band.). I filled out a bulletin/survey that you will read below... following that is the hilariosity that followed:

1) Who is he?
Chris... one of my besties and former neighbor before he and his pigeon-filled BBQ moved to a land far far away. (a whole 10 minutes instead of 10 seconds)

2) Do you trust him?
More than most people I know put together

3) When’s the last time you talked to him?
Saturday while I was at Targ├ęt

4) Does he have a girlfriend?
Negatory, Ghost rider, the pattern is full.

5) Is he one of your friends?
Um, Duh?

6) Where does he live?
the Land of Rich

7) Is he older than you?

8) Are you related to him?

9) Would you do anything for him?
I would... well, short of stabbing myself in the eye with a searing hot french-fry. We'll leave that to the crazy squirrels.

10) Do you have a nickname for him?
He's listed as "Stewart" in my phone... everyone calls him Blinky, but I usually just call him Chris... Oh! Or Rabbi Herschel.

11) How long have you known him?
about 2 years now

12) Do you think he will repost this?
Most likely not, but he might read it?

He repsonded in an email to me:

12) Do you think he will repost this?
Most likely not, but he might read it? You are correct! haha. I only post bulletins when they promote shows that I'm playing... we all know that I'm egotistical like that, haha.

So I'm not hip enough to repost this, but I will email it back to you:

1) Who is she?
Merrick McP-Dizzle

2) When’s the last time you talked to her?
Earlier today

3) Do you know her middle name?
I'm going to take a guess at this one and say Zambindosiaplasopheria

4) Does she have a boyfriend?
Hmmmmm.... I think that her and Mike made it official but I've honestly never gotten the official press release on the subject.

5) Is she one of your friends?
Friends is a word that's tossed around so lightly these days. Let's just say she's my favorite daughter of Israel ;)

6) where does she live?
In reality: Washington
In her dreams: Anywheresville Canada

7) Is she older than you?
No way. I think she's 19... maybe 20... ;)

8) Would you do anything for her?
I would not stab myself in the eye with a searing hot french fry, but other than that.... yeah, pretty much.

9) Do you have a nickname for her?
Mer Dawg, Mo McPhizzle, MC McPherson,

10) How long have you known her?
approximately as long as its been since the first time I met her.

11) Do you think she will repost this?
Not a second time... or will she... I shall ponder this in greater detail on the toilet.... or I'll read Maxim.... I haven't decided yet... only time will tell.

After exchanging a couple emails about his current g/f sitch (or lack-there-of) I replied with:
There's nothing wrong with that. Hopefully she feels the same way... and if she doesn't? (well, we both know how much i think of you - you're my rabbi, for moses' sake!) it's her loss... yours too, b/c she's a great girl, but if she can't be with you right now, for whatever reason, she's the one making the decision to give up - not you.

Either way, Chin-up Herschel, you've given this your best shot and put your best yarmulke forward. If she decides to let you go, there are a lot of shiksa's in the sea, my friend.

Ok, so here's the funny part:

Well, I’m glad you think it was the right move. Your use of Yiddish in our emails is quite entertaining by the way. Let’s see if I can get this right:

Rabbi: The guy in charge of saying things like “Oy” and “What are you talking about, $3.95?! for split pea soup?”

Moses: The guy in charge of saying things like “I’m schvitzing like a mohel over here!” and inspiring Mel Brooks comedic genius.

Shvitzing: Sweating

Mohel: The guy who nips the tip!

Herschel: Yiddish translation for Christopher

Shiksa: Yiddish translation for “Perks of being in a band”

My tearful response to him:
Today, my son, You become a man!

I get back:
So what type of mitzvah would this be? Bar or bots?

and finally:
Bar is when you become a man... Bat is when you become a woman... Bots can be when you become Optimus Prime

Oh good death... THAT was a good laugh...