Wednesday, May 23, 2007

OH sweet Jeebus...

When choosing a team to post about over at HLOG, I had two choices, since the Sens positions were filled. The Sharks or the Islanders. Being over here on the West Coast, not having Center Ice and because there is a slim to none chance that there would be a time where the Islanders were playing in Vancouver when I could get up there (without tons of missed work and/or the pass being closed), I chose the Sharks. Ok, so admitedly, I'm a relatively new Sharks fan. (I came over as a part of the deal for Joe Thornton) But they're easily caught on Versus, and as the Roomie said a couple weeks ago before they were ousted, "Because they're your Sharks, you know everything about them." Touchét, Roomie, touchét.

It now seems as though my choice was even more appropriate than I first thought. As we all know (or maybe don't) the big broseph plays for the Utah Grizzlies of the ECHL. Mom called me this morning to tell me of some affiliation news...

It has come to the attention of McPhizzle that the Grizz are now affiliated with the NYI, therefore completely hindering her ablility to not be totally giddy about everything Islanders in a little-sister, completely defensive kind of way.

The funny thing is that when we went to see him play with Lethbridge up in Cranny back in 2003, the Islanders were scouting him. My mother is now convinced that her first-born is going to the show. We'll see, Ma... We'll see.

SO! Here's me raising my overly-large water glass at my desk to the big bro and his Grizzly career, may it continue all the way to where it should've been years ago.... and may he stay out of the Minneapolis/St. Paul police reports this summer to do so.

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