Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Caption Me: Ryan Miller

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"WHAT?! Everyone knows I have a mancrush on Danny Heatly. His eyes. They're so distracting."

sidebar: is it just me, the angle of the photo, or are his hands really that freakishly disproportionate to his body?


Heather B. said...

I love that if you walked by Ryan Miller on the street you'd probably think he was a homeless guy who hadn't eaten in a few weeks. What is that shirt/jacket thing he's wearing?

McPhizzle said...

I'd totally expect him to be driving an old beatup truck that's spray-painted in parts to cover the rust. Most likely with his shirt off driving by my parent's ranch, whistling at me as I was walking out to the road to get the mail. To which I would yell, "Put a shirt on or eat a cheeseburger, greaseball!"

Sherry said...

Better to catch pucks with, I suppose!

McPhizzle said...

Sherry - i don't see why he needs a glove or a blocker, those things could catch fish right out of the ocean!