Saturday, May 19, 2007

Eastern Conference Champions!

Perfect morning for hockey. I woke up early and helped Roomie look like a Barbie - she even asked me to do her hair for the pageant itself. Might as well, since I'm opting out of actually going.

So there I was, sitting in my living room in my over-stuffed chair while Roomie was at her pageant contestant meeting, sipping tea and getting ready to watch the love of my playoff life, Mike Fisher, play game 5 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. I thought to myself, THIS is perfection.

I started taking notes to make a post filled with all the hockey goodness from the game and then Roomie came home and started filling me in on everything that went on at the meeting, so that stopped. I can't watch hockey, listen AND type a the same time - I'm only one woman.

So, here's what I got down:

Buffalo's third-jerseys drive me batty. I'm not quite sure why, but they make me angry.

Ottawa seems to want it more. They're limiting the Sabres chances and ... (i didn't finish that thought. I think that's when Roomie walked in.)

Paul Gaustad Vs Mike Fisher... That's a good-looking battle.

Roy's hooking penalty - "oh fuck off!" HA love it! The joys of lip reading... not like it'd be hard to guess what they were saying.

That's where it ended. i'm pretty sure that's when I pressed record on the DVR and went to Target and the Pageant Closet with Roomie, only to come home to watch the end of the game - oh wait, no, the Preakness pre-show. Grr. Turns out they switched it to VS, so I wouldn't have gotten the celebration saved to the harddrive of my Dish anyway. L-A-M-E, NBC. LAME.

Will the hoisting of the PofW trophy be a precursor to the end of the next series the Sens enter into? Or did they jinx it? I'm hoping for the first.

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