Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Game 2 Running Blog

This whole 8pm EST start time is not making this West Coast 9-5'er a very happy girl. Luckily I had Sherry's liveblog to help me get my Sens mojo going before I left the office.

Laughed with Mo on the phone while I cooked dinner went through the drive-thru and drove home. I decided not to start blogging until after I finished my low cal meal.

1:53 OH. MY. GAH. Michael. Fisher. Normally I'm against retalitory penalties, but Ho.Ly. I need to move along...

1:28 Text message recieved from Momma McPhizzle, "Your husband is such a Brute! And so cute when he's mad!"

5:58pm Chris Simpson interviewing Teemu Lightyear. I don't like him with the beard. He should shave it. Because I said so.

6:01pm Text #2 from Ma McP, "Your dad is looking good tonite. Hot is the word, I think!" HA! Well, Ma, now we know how I got here.

6:03pm Dad picks Chris Chelios as his Leader of the year. Good call. He's like a freakin timex... Still tickin.

6:11pm They keep showing Mike's tantrum. I do believe McPhizzle will have to put him to bed when he gets home. ("So THAT'S what the kids are calling it these days.")

10:00 Why aren't people speaking up more about the goaltending in this series? Half-way through the 2nd and they're still tied at 0-0

6:30pm "Wyann Smyff!" He's wearing blue.... Maybe foreshadowing of him re-signing with the Isles? Please?

7:05 Is it wrong that I love watching Emery flop like a fish? Or that I REALLY wish Priessing was still a Shark?

6:18 "Neidermeyer to Neidermeyer" teehee... all i can think of is Knob Hockey.

2:40 Finally back to watching the game after Roomie (who is hopped up on diet pills) called and yapped about her office drama for a good 5 minutes.

0:44.2 the orange Home Depot Power Play flag is REALLY distracting. Why didn't they just make it sparkly?

0:24 Traps McDonald with the hook. He kind of looks like the Dbag I've been playing hard-to-get with over the past year. That makes me like him even less.

6:52pm Papa Clement says he'd give the first star to Emery. FINALLY! THANK YOU!

6:58pm If I hear this Absolut Vodka ad (the one with the muther effing pillow fight riot) one more time, I'm going to beat my TV with a wine and cheese baguette.

6:59pm Welcome to the States - we give more face-time to SnoopDog in a Ducks sweater than the actual game. Apparently Hockey is a G-thing. Makes me thirsty for some Gin and Juice.

18:07 I'm sitting on my bed and yelling "GO GO GO GO!!!" like I'm on the US Women's Olympic Curling team when Roomie walks in. She feels the need to over-exagerate my Minnesota-tinted accent. I tend to love her.

16:37 I. Love. My. Goalie. Ray mudder flinking Emery.

14:34 OH fisticuffs. (Margee's beloved) Heatley and Pahlsson chipping at eachother as they're both trying to leave the ice, a pileup on the boards. I love hockey.

5:44 (Margee's beloved) Heatley turns the puck over and Pahlsson scores. McPhizzle yells, "EXPLITIVE!" and Roomie quietly leaves the room in fear.

3:01 I'm standing next to my bed making incoherant loud noises every time the sens get the puck near Giguere. I'm sure the downstairs neighbors of Casa De McPhizzle are wondering what kind of sexual exploits are going on.

00:00 It's time to clean the bedroom and pop some food in the crock pot while Roomie and I go on our nightly hike around the sub-division. Hopefully I'll be sound asleep by the time (my husband) Mike Fisher gets home. Something tells me he's not going to be in his normal love of a self.


Sherry said...

Asides from Emery, your husband was the best player out there. Also? I got so much joy out of seeing that little tantrum he had on Perry. He's usually so serene!

McPhizzle said...

He's starting to get a little frustrated, as you could assume, so his serenity left him for a bit, but he cooled down in the sin bin and is now fast asleep. Serenity reclaimed for game 3 & 4 at home.

Sherry said...

That's good to hear. We need him back to his usual "That's awesome!" form for games 3 and 4 and I have no doubt he will be.