Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's just a talent I have, I guess...

First it was this...

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"Shhh... I know, baby. I know."

And now it's this. Now, I'm not a huge fan of Perez anymore - he's just getting too mean for my tastes, but Sister pointed it out to me. (it's not like we didn't know JC was a little 'curious' but just like with my LanceyPants, it's nice to at least have the illusion of a fantasy left.)

Here's the convo that lead to my 'le sigh'

Sister: Oh! My! Gosh! lol Have you seen perez yet?
McP: no, but i shall... front page?
Sister: Yeah...jc story
McP: omg I turn them all
Sister: Did you find it? lol
McP: [current-flame] is going to come out in the Fall
Sister: Shutup!
McP: and [former-flame] is going to end up marrying [sister's 'curious' ex]
Sister: Oh fuck! Lmao!
McP: maybe i should invest in a self-cleaning llitter box and a scratching pole for all of the cats i'm going to end up with
Sister: LOL I know right....
Sister: That would be a hot couple though
McP: no shit

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