Saturday, May 19, 2007

Supernatural Apartment

Setting: My apt.

Time: approx 1945 PST

Roomie and I had taken little cat naps in our big chairs in the living room. When our neighbor came and knocked on the door to invite us to dinner, she woke up - when she closed the door, I woke up. She told me about how she had this dream that there were two guys here and i was telling her that they were hunting evil spirits, and that Maggie and I (ps- we dont know a maggie) were slayers and were going to hunt a spirit with them.

Cut to

Time: approx 2230 PST

Roomie and I had been in the living room for a good 5 minutes - possibly longer. Seriously. Neither of us had even set foot near the kitchen. Scout's honor. She got off the phone with a friend and looked at the garbage can... it has one of those swinging lids on it... it was swinging. a lot. like someone had just thrown something away.
Roomie pointed it out... which freaked me out... which made her scream, "YOU BROUGHT EVIL SPIRITS HOME!"
My reply was raising my hands and saying,"I claim this apartment in the name of Jesus Christ!"
Which made her run around my chair over to the wall of the dining area, remove the iron cross off the wall, run into the kitchen and hold it out to the garbage can, screaming, "EVIL SPIRITS BE GONE!" She brought the cross back to my chair and put it on the arm, "Keep this here for protection."
So she went into her bathroom to get ready to meet up with her friends at the Towne Crier and she lifted up her arm and there was this mysterious blue mark on the under-part of her upper arm that took us 5 mintues of scrubbing to remove, "I've been MARKED!!! You brought them here! We haven't had crazy shit happen the whole time we've lived together and then you start watching this freaky-ass show and... Well LOOK!"

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