Wednesday, June 13, 2007

By the beard of Zeus!!!

Mo and I were talking a few weeks ago about our beloved Orlando and some of our favourite places to visit or drive by while sipping on a slurpee, blasting the techno-filled *NSYNC European Debut CD and trying to keep our oh so loverly naturally curly hair under control in the unbearable Central Florida humidity. One of those places we discussed is the Ye Olde TransCon Building, where the five lovable lads of one of the aforementioned power-pop juggernaut spent hours upon hours in the un-airconditioned hell, learning how to make young women drop their panties.

Of course, through the years we've grown to hate what that building stands for - Lou Pearlman. The man who created financed the fledgeling vocal group and stole a crapload of their money. (Along with the BSB, but he really did put them together... whatever...)

Well, the Fat Bastard is finally reaping all that he sowed, and that karma is a BITCH. An article on the front page of Yahoo details the bankruptcy auction of all of the personal belongings that went "bye bye bye" on Tuesday. He hasn't been seen or heard from in months, doesn't have an attorney retained in either his bankruptcy or any of the other suits against him (conning people into fraudulent investments to cover his debts and losses in other companies and banks after more than $100 million).

The real eye-catcher in the article was this little tidbit:
"A man wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers shirt paid $2,200 for a wall hanging commemorating the Backstreet Boys selling 7 million copies. He declined to be interviewed, but said he was still deciding whether to sell it."


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I'm just saying...


Shmee said...

My friend Nicole and I recently went on a road trip. I grabbed my CD case without "vetting" it and the first three sleves were a combo of NSYNC, B-street Boys and BB Mac.

McPhizzle said...

I'm convinced it is the best roadie music EVER.

When my brother got suddenly traded while playing Jr hockey, he left with only what he could take on the plane and we were left to pack up the rest of his stuff and ship it to him. I opened up his CD case to see if there was anything I wanted to burn from him and found all of the Britney, Xtina, Mandy Moore, *NSYNC and BSB CDs AND, the kicker - LFO.