Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I'm moving to Edmonton.

Edmonton, AB has been given a franchise in the WHL, the Oil Kings. They will start their inagural season this upcoming September.

The expansion draft was held today. Teams who had not made a previous deal with Edmonton had two options: a team can protect 15 players aged 16-19 and one 20 year old, or protect 13 players aged 16-19 and three 20-year-olds. Edmonton was not able to take any player who was part of the 2007 WHL bantam draft.

One player. One. Out of our roster AND prospects, not including the protected list. Who knows what ever goes on in TraderBob's bald noggin, but he failed to protect our most veteran Dman and who undoubtedly would've been the heart and soul of the team next year. Matt Swaby is now an Oil King.

I am devistated. Matty's been here since before he was a rookie. He was at Training Camp the year Broseph got into his minor traffic infraction and shoved that cocky kid (name is escapting me....) against the wall of Rink B. Always ready with a big hug and an even bigger smile. More than willing to hang out with the tots at the skates and the fans at events. Heck, anyone who calls my mother "the sweetest woman in the world" and lets me call him Matty in front of everyone is a good kid in my book. And who is going to wear the full blue-jays uniform at the softball game/bbq this year?!

Bye, bye, Matty. We'll miss your flowing curls and heart-warming smile. Don't worry, there will be a large bus bag for you when you come to visit. :o(

Mattycakes and McPhizzle

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