Thursday, June 21, 2007

Starbucks, Latex and Contracts

Sounds kinda kinky, no?

Really, though, I'm just loopy from an allergic reaction from sleeping in a room at my parents' house painted with latex paint. McPhizzle = Allergic to Latex. McPhizzle = Loopy and trying to correct it with an Iced Venti Sugar-Free Carmel Soy Latté. (and hoping i don't turn into a jittery mess... let's face it, i'm already there.)

Dropped Ma & Pa off at the airport this morning at 4:57. I didn't know my clock had more than one of those, honestly. Told them that if they saw "Uncle Wayne" or "Uncle Mario" in Columbus to give them a hug for me and to cheer real loud for me if when the Big Guy gets drafted.

Looks like my Sharkies aren't planning on re-signing Scott Tarz-Hannan. They signed Craig Rivet to a 4 year deal at $14 mil ($3.5 a year). Buzz is he'll go to VAN or LA... and the Sharkies will try to bring in someone else.

Looking forward to next season, I'm really hoping to see Devin Setoguchi have a good camp. Not only did he have 65 points for PG this year in 55 regular season games (21 in 15 playoff games) but has a bit of a mean-streak as well. Plus, his Dad and Sister (who, btw, is GORGEOUS) were amazingly generous when the Broseph got traded to Saskatoon (and then immediately to Lethbridge) and his stuff was pretty much abandoned by the Blades' bus - which if I remember correctly, caught on fire later that season in Cranbrook. If I'm right, Karma's a bitch. Edit: Ok, so I was wrong... It was just a couple years ago and it was the Regina bus at SaskPlace... I knew Megan was there and smelled the fire, I just thought it was when she was working for the Ice, my bad.

It'll be interesting to see what happens in the draft this weekend....

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