Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Getting misty over here.

Riding his trusty steed all the way to Edmonton
How could you NOT love this guy?

From the paper today:

"Matt Swaby had a feeling for some time that he would be one of the players the Tri-City Americans put up for grabs for Tuesday's Edmonton Oil Kings expansion draft.

The veteran defenseman just hoped the Oil Kings would not take him.

Swaby was one of several players chosen throughout the WHL by the Oil Kings to create a roster for the upcoming season.

"It was in the back of my mind," said Swaby, who played his entire WHL career with the Americans. "It was a surprise. I had a lot of messages on my phone and I didn't know what was going on. I wanted to come back, but things change.

"I'd like to thank the team for the opportunity they gave me and the fans for standing behind me. I'm going to miss them."
... "

Oh! Little Matty! We'll miss you, too.

They also took our little Archie from the Wiggity Wack. I just hope they come down here this season... We had the big Eastern Swing last year, so you'd think so, right? Right? :o(

More coverage of MattyGate (and pictorial tributes) located at the Maple Leaf Mafia blog.


Dave Schultz said...

MattyGate. perfect.

(by the way, i found you my redheaded friend. NHL monopoly soon??)

McPhizzle said...

NHLopoly ANYTIME you want it! You know I'm always down.

Dave Schultz, hey?

Dave Schultz said...

those who know me and know their hockey history know the connection. :)

how 'bout a Canada BBQ in MF? i think my sis will be here. course, she's of the anti-monopoly gang...

McPhizzle said...

I figured that was it... just had to make sure it was you. :)

OOh! Me likey the Canada BBQ - on Canada day, I'm assuming?

Anti-monopoly, schmanti-monopoly... She'll play and she'll like it... Or she can watch us duke it out and scream "OTTAWA?! FUCK!"

Dave Schultz said...

sweet! although, i think i'll make mexican food. it's better than maple syrup and poutine.

canada day is on a sunday so early afternoonish? we can narrow down the specifics as it gets closer.

by the way, i love how we are communicating by blog rather than text, email, or even phone. that rocks.

and i have a feeling i'll be saying "OTTAWA?! FUCK!" tonight unless they really do in fact clone mike fisher.

McPhizzle said...

Ooh!!! Olé, eh! I'm so down! (read about your difficulties with the raw tomatoes... stand strong, our allergies wont bring us down!)

sounds FAB. I'm pretty stoked for this, not gonna lie.

I know, right? Are you going to have internet when school is out?

AGREED!!! I hope (my husband) put the fear of God into his teammates...