Friday, June 22, 2007

Draft day #1

Mom's called about 10 times so far, keeping me up to date on everything going on in Columbus.

  • they ran into Donny Nachs last night as they were leaving the restaurant. He proceeded to run his mouth until my mom started to point her acrylic tipped finger at him, to which he replied, "It's OK, Teri, I'm just pushing your buttons." (note to Schnacks: Don't do it. It bites you in the ass. Trust me.)
  • Saw Darrell May today and talked to him for a while.
  • Saw Darryl Porter and didn't fart in his general direction. I would've. Twice. After drinking REAL milk. (I'd suffer so he could suffer.)
  • They've been bar hopping b/c of a lack of places to sit and they can't get into the arena until 6:15 EST. So far they've been in the company of Ken Hitchcock, Pascal Leclaire and Rick Nash. That was all while I was on the phone with her.
  • She's a bit over-dressed, I guess. Oh well, I'd rather be the cute one than the scuzzy one... well, most of the time.
  • Thomas Hickey goes at #4. Mom called me, "CAN YOU FREAKIN BELIEVE THAT?! THAT T-BIRD!" Ma, he was good.
  • Text from Hammer when Zach Hamill went at #8 "Well good. No reason to start liking Boston."

I'm sure I'll be updating this later....

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Shmee said...

Did she have more NHL celebrity sightings? So jealous I was stuck in DC and couldnt go.