Tuesday, June 5, 2007

*Le Sigh* Sens style.

Last night's game... Where to start?

(my husband) Mike Fisher - I now want to clone him, not only for myself but for the whole freaking Sens team. If it was me, I wouldn't be speaking to any of my teammates - but we all know that since it is Mike, He's in there encouraging (and praying for) every single one of them. I love that man.

Ray Muther Flinking Emery - Floppin like a fish is good... when it works... I'm assuming he's asking his Dmen if they plan on making the trip to Anaheim. Maybe even enticing them with the fact that Honda Center is located relatively close to (the holiest of all places) Disneyland.

Don Cherry - The suit was toned down, yet didn't make him look like any less of a windbag. While I respect the fact that he's a National Treasure in (the Homeland) Canada, he always annoys the crap out of me. That was, until he called MamaBear Brett Hull out about getting off Alfredsson's case on the GOAL that he scored on account of the "goal" Brett "scored" in 1999.

Hammer & McP via text on Don Cherry:
Hammer: HA! Don inviting himself back! I love it!
McP: Hahaha! NBC is shitting themselves!
Hammer: I bet they had more viewers, though. Who doesn't love Don Cherry? Ok, lots of people, but they still watch him to see what shit comes out of his yapper. :)
McP: Either that or they were wondering what in the hell Colonel Sanders has to do with Hockey.
Hammer: LOL! Exactly!

The game did bring a tender moment to Casa de McPhizzle, however. Roomie came in for the final minutes of the game. "Oh good lord! This is intense!"
"Now you know why I love hockey."
"Can we hold hands the rest of the game?"
"I thought you'd never ask."

Tender moment ended at the buzzer when I, once again, chased her from my room by dropping the Eff Sharp pretty loudly.

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