Friday, June 8, 2007

End of the Season...

As I sit in my office, listening to my iPod, Justin, Chris, Joey, Lance(ten) and JC are reminding me that the hockey season is, in fact, "Gone."

While I'm trying my best to "be a man and be strong, the truth remains" that I'm totally bummed.

Jordi has asked us all at HLOG to do a little analysis of our teams' season and the UFA's... I don't know if I can do that yet - that makes it official that it's *gulp* the off-season.

I hung out with my little buddy LilRed#1 at the Volunteer Picnic last night. She applied for a job with the Ams Office. She said that her mom had suggested that if she got the job she'd be able to ask one of the players to Homecoming if it wasn't on a game night and that she replied, "From what I've heard and what Boogie said to LilRed#2, that's not something I want to even consider." I felt like a proud Mama! She said she'd learned from my mistakes... GOOD! I'm glad all the preaching I did in Sunday School and on the concourse actually sank in. Stay a fan, babygirl, stay a fan.

On the LilRed topic, #1 said #2 was dealing with MattyGate pretty well... Poor thing... I remember The Great Trade of 2002 and the ickiness I felt for weeks. Maybe I'll send her a sympathy card or bring her cupcakes and a mix cd or something. Rainbow Chip Frosting and peppy pop songs cure EVERYTHING.

Hammer posted an article from today over at the Maple Leaf Mafia blog about the asshat #1 mentioned. It still baffles me that with how he played this season that he got a contract. He's got great speed and has flashes of brilliance with the puck, but those flashes were few and far-between. Maybe now that he's actually going to have to fight for a place on the roster (instead of being handed the roll of the enforcer on a silver platter) he'll be more consistant. If he hadn't have been completely inappropriate with one of my students, I might've wished him the best.

Wow... already 1340... day is going fast... that's good times - unless my body doesn't stop being angry with me about my latté splurge before I need to hit the road...


Shmee said...

Until the Cup was over, I could delude myself into thinking the season was continuing and the Caps were coming back. Now I am just depressed. Even my netflix que of movies is depressing. Maybe I will just try to pass the next 4 months in a drunken stupor?

McPhizzle said...

oooh! drunken stupors are a great idea as to how to pass the off-season. too bad off-season clothes aren't big sweaters or we could also add an all baked-goods diet to that.