Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's just a talent I have, I guess...

First it was this...

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"Shhh... I know, baby. I know."

And now it's this. Now, I'm not a huge fan of Perez anymore - he's just getting too mean for my tastes, but Sister pointed it out to me. (it's not like we didn't know JC was a little 'curious' but just like with my LanceyPants, it's nice to at least have the illusion of a fantasy left.)

Here's the convo that lead to my 'le sigh'

Sister: Oh! My! Gosh! lol Have you seen perez yet?
McP: no, but i shall... front page?
Sister: Yeah...jc story
McP: omg I turn them all
Sister: Did you find it? lol
McP: [current-flame] is going to come out in the Fall
Sister: Shutup!
McP: and [former-flame] is going to end up marrying [sister's 'curious' ex]
Sister: Oh fuck! Lmao!
McP: maybe i should invest in a self-cleaning llitter box and a scratching pole for all of the cats i'm going to end up with
Sister: LOL I know right....
Sister: That would be a hot couple though
McP: no shit

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Game 2 Running Blog

This whole 8pm EST start time is not making this West Coast 9-5'er a very happy girl. Luckily I had Sherry's liveblog to help me get my Sens mojo going before I left the office.

Laughed with Mo on the phone while I cooked dinner went through the drive-thru and drove home. I decided not to start blogging until after I finished my low cal meal.

1:53 OH. MY. GAH. Michael. Fisher. Normally I'm against retalitory penalties, but Ho.Ly. I need to move along...

1:28 Text message recieved from Momma McPhizzle, "Your husband is such a Brute! And so cute when he's mad!"

5:58pm Chris Simpson interviewing Teemu Lightyear. I don't like him with the beard. He should shave it. Because I said so.

6:01pm Text #2 from Ma McP, "Your dad is looking good tonite. Hot is the word, I think!" HA! Well, Ma, now we know how I got here.

6:03pm Dad picks Chris Chelios as his Leader of the year. Good call. He's like a freakin timex... Still tickin.

6:11pm They keep showing Mike's tantrum. I do believe McPhizzle will have to put him to bed when he gets home. ("So THAT'S what the kids are calling it these days.")

10:00 Why aren't people speaking up more about the goaltending in this series? Half-way through the 2nd and they're still tied at 0-0

6:30pm "Wyann Smyff!" He's wearing blue.... Maybe foreshadowing of him re-signing with the Isles? Please?

7:05 Is it wrong that I love watching Emery flop like a fish? Or that I REALLY wish Priessing was still a Shark?

6:18 "Neidermeyer to Neidermeyer" teehee... all i can think of is Knob Hockey.

2:40 Finally back to watching the game after Roomie (who is hopped up on diet pills) called and yapped about her office drama for a good 5 minutes.

0:44.2 the orange Home Depot Power Play flag is REALLY distracting. Why didn't they just make it sparkly?

0:24 Traps McDonald with the hook. He kind of looks like the Dbag I've been playing hard-to-get with over the past year. That makes me like him even less.

6:52pm Papa Clement says he'd give the first star to Emery. FINALLY! THANK YOU!

6:58pm If I hear this Absolut Vodka ad (the one with the muther effing pillow fight riot) one more time, I'm going to beat my TV with a wine and cheese baguette.

6:59pm Welcome to the States - we give more face-time to SnoopDog in a Ducks sweater than the actual game. Apparently Hockey is a G-thing. Makes me thirsty for some Gin and Juice.

18:07 I'm sitting on my bed and yelling "GO GO GO GO!!!" like I'm on the US Women's Olympic Curling team when Roomie walks in. She feels the need to over-exagerate my Minnesota-tinted accent. I tend to love her.

16:37 I. Love. My. Goalie. Ray mudder flinking Emery.

14:34 OH fisticuffs. (Margee's beloved) Heatley and Pahlsson chipping at eachother as they're both trying to leave the ice, a pileup on the boards. I love hockey.

5:44 (Margee's beloved) Heatley turns the puck over and Pahlsson scores. McPhizzle yells, "EXPLITIVE!" and Roomie quietly leaves the room in fear.

3:01 I'm standing next to my bed making incoherant loud noises every time the sens get the puck near Giguere. I'm sure the downstairs neighbors of Casa De McPhizzle are wondering what kind of sexual exploits are going on.

00:00 It's time to clean the bedroom and pop some food in the crock pot while Roomie and I go on our nightly hike around the sub-division. Hopefully I'll be sound asleep by the time (my husband) Mike Fisher gets home. Something tells me he's not going to be in his normal love of a self.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Oh good grief!

Looks like Clay and Shawn will be riding home in wet gear after losing games next season if they don't make the Wild Roster.

Oh well... at least I wont have to see him across the rink anymore - and maybe we'll have a shot at 1st in the division. Maybe. lol .... (I doubt Hamilton would give Carey back...)


Minnesota native has seven NHL seasons, IHL championship to his credit

HOUSTON, Texas – Kevin Constantine, a former runner-up for the National Hockey League’s Coach of the Year honor, has been named the head coach of the American Hockey League’s Houston Aeros, the team announced Tuesday. Constantine spent the last four seasons as head coach of the Western Hockey League’s Everett Silvertips. The announcement was made by Minnesota Wild President/General Manager Doug Risebrough. The Aeros are the Wild's primary developmental affiliate.

“A development team requires a leader who will teach the players the game, while at the same time instilling the discipline, accountability and hard work required to play in the NHL for this organization,” Minnesota Wild Assistant General Manager/Aeros General Manager Tom Lynn said. “Kevin has a demonstrated record of all of these elements. In addition, he has had success coaching at all levels of hockey, and in particular in developing younger players.”

Constantine, 48 (12/27/58), has been behind the bench as a head coach for more than 1,000 combined games, presiding over teams in the United States Hockey League (USHL), International Hockey League (IHL), National Hockey League (NHL) and Western Hockey League (WHL).

The native of International Falls, Minn., accrued a 159-153-66 mark in seven National Hockey League seasons with San Jose, Pittsburgh and New Jersey. Two seasons after helping Kansas City claim the International Hockey League’s Turner Cup championship in 1991-92, Constantine took over a Sharks team that won just 11 games the previous season. Constantine led San Jose to a 33-35-16 record in 1993-94 and a first-round upset of Detroit in the Western Conference Quarterfinals. He was the runner-up to current Minnesota Wild head coach Jacques Lemaire for the Jack Adams Trophy as the NHL’s top coach, after the Sharks improved a league-record 58 points. Constantine is the only NHL coach to ever lead a pair of eight seeds over a No. 1 seed, having also led Pittsburgh over New Jersey in 1998-99.

Constantine joined expansion Everett in 2003-04 and led the Silvertips to a 162-106-20 mark in four seasons. Everett won division titles in three of his four seasons there, and advanced to the WHL Final in its inaugural season, helping Constantine land Coach of the Year honors. In 2006-07, Constantine led the Silvertips to a 54-15-1-2 record and a berth in the Western Conference Semifinals. Among the players under Constantine’s tutelage in Washington have been Ondrej Fiala, the Wild’s second-round pick (No. 40 overall) in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft, and Peter Mueller, the eighth-overall pick by Phoenix in 2006.

In two seasons with Kansas City, Constantine’s Blades went 102-48-14. Constantine has also served as an assistant coach with NHL Calgary, IHL Kalamazoo, and as head coach of North Iowa and Rochester of the United States Hockey League. Constantine also founded the North American Hockey League’s Pittsburgh Forge in 2001. The Forge compiled an 80-24-8 record in his two seasons there. Eighteen Forge players earned Division I scholarships.

Constantine played amateur hockey at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in upstate New York and was Montreal’s ninth-round pick (No. 154 overall) in the 1978 NHL Amateur Draft.

Cosntantine has three sons: Mathew, Jeffrey and Nicholas.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Game 1 running Blog

Wow... fast start... I can't remember seeing hockey this fast... maybe it's the break...

First goal Ottawa! YESSSS!!!! what great persistance to get that in...

The Sens defence is kicking ass. no shots on that first PP for the ducks. i lke it, boys, coach mer says keep it up

Gotta admit, Jiggy is looking pretty good. Damn.

When May was exchanging words with the Sens bench my mom's Fisher quote was, "My mother-in-law is going to eat your liver!"

MacDonald and his traps scored a goal. he can't even raise his arms all the way to celebrate.

Nice clothesline on Comrie, Jackman... this game/series is going to get UGLY... i should've figured with two super physical teams... but that was a stupid penalty

Teemu "Buzz Lightyear" Selanne is looking on top of his game. As much as I'm tooting for the Sens, he catches my eyeballs... he really wants "to go to infinity and beyond."

Ok, boys. 30 seconds left before you can get back into the locker room and pull your heads out of your asses, and come back in the 2nd with the same intensity you had in the 1st 1/2 of the period

(dinner break)

5 on 3... little bit of a disciplinary breakdown, eh, mr ducksworth?

RE: the 5 on 3 & Emery's disappearing act from the crease...
Hammer: I bet Brian Burke just shit a brick.
McP: I hope it hurt
Hammer: LOL No kidding. Asshat.
(insert him moving out of goal)
McP: Check that. I just shit a brick.
Hammer: so did Ray Emery.

Paulsson drives me nuts. i'm sure if he was on a team i liked he'd be one of my favorites, but since he's on the opposing team, i dislike his chippy play with a great intensity.

Hammer: I'm hope Murray and his lisp are on the press conference. "Thisch schaushce isch scho scho."
McP: Haha! Fischer'sch firscht goal was crucschial.

There's gotta be a picture of Mrs. Neidermeyer in the box... those boys have been in there a lot.

Number of bricks now in Emery's hockey underware = 3.

The shout heard round the Ranch when the Quacks scored #3... "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! EEEEEFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!" ...... Followed by my mother calling me by my full name. oops.

Pronger wants to make out with Heatly.... Wonder if his wife will make him sit out the next game.

Karma's a bitch, eh, Chris? 19:16 in the box. As Jen said, "Burke having brick diarrhea."

Damnit. Quack quack quack quack, Mr. Ducksworth.

The end.
back to the Sopranos Marathon on A&E.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Feminist-ish rant.

Tipped off by Shmee at HLOG, I read about this little tidbit of ickiness...

No way to treat a lady: Red Wings fans get passionate (and nasty) when someone picks against their team, but the real anger should be aimed at Detroit's owner.

Please tell me why people are still this think this way? For real?! It's insane in this day and age that someone would actually send that to her. And mean it.

I like to think of myself as a forward-thinking woman. And even though I live on the "conservative" side of my state and aspire to be a housewife and mother of a small hockey team someday, it's hard to believe that there are people out there who still believe that's all women are good for and actually vocalize it. (Let alone are literate enough to use a computer and compose an e-mail)

(Okay, so, my Grandpa A. thought that way, but he was an old, stubborn, southern mule -may he rest in peace- and he only expressed those thoughts to the male members of the family because he also while he thought women should be at home, he respected them for everything they did there. Oh, that and he knew that his crazy red-headed granddaughter could and would tear him to shreds in an argument.)

I guess the point of my post is that people are asshats. Which we already knew. I knew more about hockey than 90% of the guys I went to high school with - hell, I know more about hockey than 70% of the guys I hang out with now... Just because I'm a woman - an extremely feminine woman at that - doesn't mean that I don't know the game or that I don't have valid and informed opinions about it. Also, just because I'm not a fan of a particular player or team doesn't mean I can't see their strengths and weaknesses.

Hockey means a lot to me, it's a big part of my life. It's entertainment, it's fellowship, it's emotional, it's a family. But I don't let it take my life over to the point of verbally assaulting another human being.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

OH sweet Jeebus...

When choosing a team to post about over at HLOG, I had two choices, since the Sens positions were filled. The Sharks or the Islanders. Being over here on the West Coast, not having Center Ice and because there is a slim to none chance that there would be a time where the Islanders were playing in Vancouver when I could get up there (without tons of missed work and/or the pass being closed), I chose the Sharks. Ok, so admitedly, I'm a relatively new Sharks fan. (I came over as a part of the deal for Joe Thornton) But they're easily caught on Versus, and as the Roomie said a couple weeks ago before they were ousted, "Because they're your Sharks, you know everything about them." Touchét, Roomie, touchét.

It now seems as though my choice was even more appropriate than I first thought. As we all know (or maybe don't) the big broseph plays for the Utah Grizzlies of the ECHL. Mom called me this morning to tell me of some affiliation news...

It has come to the attention of McPhizzle that the Grizz are now affiliated with the NYI, therefore completely hindering her ablility to not be totally giddy about everything Islanders in a little-sister, completely defensive kind of way.

The funny thing is that when we went to see him play with Lethbridge up in Cranny back in 2003, the Islanders were scouting him. My mother is now convinced that her first-born is going to the show. We'll see, Ma... We'll see.

SO! Here's me raising my overly-large water glass at my desk to the big bro and his Grizzly career, may it continue all the way to where it should've been years ago.... and may he stay out of the Minneapolis/St. Paul police reports this summer to do so.

Godspeed, Little Man

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Three-year-old succumbed to cancer two hours after his favourite team won

Mike said they'd get the cup for you. Put in a good word with the Big Guy for them, ok? Who am I kidding, you so already have.
Have fun in Heaven, Little Man.

Why am I having such a hard time with this? Children die every day, which is devistating, I'm not trying to say it's not... I deal with death on a daily basis. It's my business... and before that, when I was helping bring life into the world, I still had to deal with it. It's a part of life. I'm not afraid of it, I know the little guy is in Heaven now and not in pain anymore.

The sadness of the death of a child is someting that touches quite close to home. People would think my parents were nutty if I said that I was one of 14 children. Explaining that I'm one of 10 biological children with one adopted brother, one step-brother and one half-sister is still a lot of kids... until I explain that I'm the only one of the 10 biological children to survive.

Maybe it's that I'm sad he'll never get to grow up. But he did make an impact on Ottawa and the hockey world. I wonder a lot what my siblings would've been like, how our lives would've been different, if I'd even be here - after all my twin and I were numbers 4&5, I believe. Or if the world would've been able to handle two of me.

At least I have comfort in the knowledge that everything happens for a reason.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Playoffs of days gone by...

I remember it like it was yesterday. I tuned in to game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final between the Dallas Stars and the Buffalo Sabres on June 19, 1999. I, of course, was cheering for Stu Barnes of the Sabres.

I had a firey hatred for the Stars, almost equal to the hatred I had/have for the Wings. Not only were they the favorite team of the guy that dumped me a few months before, but their star player was Brett Hull. Cocky, loudmouthed, goal scorer. Normally I would've been throwing my panties his direction (well, if he was better looking...), but there's something about the man that rubs my fur the wrong way.

My eyes were glued to the TV and I was oblivious to everything going on around me. A boy started talking to me. I was too engrosed in the on-ice action to notice how attractive he was. How was I supposed to know that he would end up being my first love and we'd spend the next 3 years together? but that's neither here nor there.
"What are you watching?"
Still focused intently on the game, I answered, "Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Third Overtime. Stars are up 3-2 in the series."
"What's the score?"
Insert my 'wtf' face here, "It's Tied."
"Obviously." He laughed.
"Who are you cheering for?"
"Sabres. Hate the Stars."
Catching on that I'm not a huge talker during OT, "Great. Me too."

It was right about then that Brett Hull scored the game-winning 'goal.' I stood up and shouted at the TV, "NO! NO! HIS FOOT WAS IN THE CREASE! NO GOAL! HIS FOOT WAS IN... they're hoisting the cup. No. NO! SUCK IT! Suck it, Brett Hull!" (and yes, any of you who are familiar with the former WWF, I included the DX motion of crossed arms with the pelvic thrust)

It was right then that he proposed marriage to me. I believe his words were, "You know hockey, hate the stars AND you watch wrestling? You are quite possibly the perfect woman! Someday you will marry me."

Oh, how things change in 8 years. I learned a lot from him (one thing being to never date a Blackhawks fan) but haven't spoken to him in about four years. I hear he's in Texas - I think San Antonio. I no longer have a hatred for the Stars, in fact, I want to shrink Marty Turco down to a size where I can carry him around in my purse all the time, and the only time I have to see Brett Hull is when he's having his little lovers quarrells with Ray Ferraro on the NHL on NBC with Papa Clement there to keep them from having make-up sex right there on the newsdesk.

Caption Me: Ryan Miller

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"WHAT?! Everyone knows I have a mancrush on Danny Heatly. His eyes. They're so distracting."

sidebar: is it just me, the angle of the photo, or are his hands really that freakishly disproportionate to his body?

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Eastern Conference Champions!

Perfect morning for hockey. I woke up early and helped Roomie look like a Barbie - she even asked me to do her hair for the pageant itself. Might as well, since I'm opting out of actually going.

So there I was, sitting in my living room in my over-stuffed chair while Roomie was at her pageant contestant meeting, sipping tea and getting ready to watch the love of my playoff life, Mike Fisher, play game 5 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. I thought to myself, THIS is perfection.

I started taking notes to make a post filled with all the hockey goodness from the game and then Roomie came home and started filling me in on everything that went on at the meeting, so that stopped. I can't watch hockey, listen AND type a the same time - I'm only one woman.

So, here's what I got down:

Buffalo's third-jerseys drive me batty. I'm not quite sure why, but they make me angry.

Ottawa seems to want it more. They're limiting the Sabres chances and ... (i didn't finish that thought. I think that's when Roomie walked in.)

Paul Gaustad Vs Mike Fisher... That's a good-looking battle.

Roy's hooking penalty - "oh fuck off!" HA love it! The joys of lip reading... not like it'd be hard to guess what they were saying.

That's where it ended. i'm pretty sure that's when I pressed record on the DVR and went to Target and the Pageant Closet with Roomie, only to come home to watch the end of the game - oh wait, no, the Preakness pre-show. Grr. Turns out they switched it to VS, so I wouldn't have gotten the celebration saved to the harddrive of my Dish anyway. L-A-M-E, NBC. LAME.

Will the hoisting of the PofW trophy be a precursor to the end of the next series the Sens enter into? Or did they jinx it? I'm hoping for the first.

Supernatural Apartment

Setting: My apt.

Time: approx 1945 PST

Roomie and I had taken little cat naps in our big chairs in the living room. When our neighbor came and knocked on the door to invite us to dinner, she woke up - when she closed the door, I woke up. She told me about how she had this dream that there were two guys here and i was telling her that they were hunting evil spirits, and that Maggie and I (ps- we dont know a maggie) were slayers and were going to hunt a spirit with them.

Cut to

Time: approx 2230 PST

Roomie and I had been in the living room for a good 5 minutes - possibly longer. Seriously. Neither of us had even set foot near the kitchen. Scout's honor. She got off the phone with a friend and looked at the garbage can... it has one of those swinging lids on it... it was swinging. a lot. like someone had just thrown something away.
Roomie pointed it out... which freaked me out... which made her scream, "YOU BROUGHT EVIL SPIRITS HOME!"
My reply was raising my hands and saying,"I claim this apartment in the name of Jesus Christ!"
Which made her run around my chair over to the wall of the dining area, remove the iron cross off the wall, run into the kitchen and hold it out to the garbage can, screaming, "EVIL SPIRITS BE GONE!" She brought the cross back to my chair and put it on the arm, "Keep this here for protection."
So she went into her bathroom to get ready to meet up with her friends at the Towne Crier and she lifted up her arm and there was this mysterious blue mark on the under-part of her upper arm that took us 5 mintues of scrubbing to remove, "I've been MARKED!!! You brought them here! We haven't had crazy shit happen the whole time we've lived together and then you start watching this freaky-ass show and... Well LOOK!"

Friday, May 18, 2007

It's that time of year again...

That's right, ladies of the Greater Mid-Columbia, It's May and that means that very soon, Arthur E. Fuller Auditorium will be filled with girls all vying for the title of Miss Tri-Cities and a chance to represent our region at the 2008 Miss Washington Scholarship Pageant, a preliminary to Miss America.

This year will be a bit different than those of years past. McPhizzle has hung up her acrylic heels, put her sequins into a garment bag and accepted her last silver tray. Someone else will be called as the winner of Miss Congeniality this year b/c McPhizzle is now too old to win the crown - or anything else for that matter.

Since everyone has been abuzz about it lately and the Roomie already has all of her wardrobe picked out and her talent piece memorized, I've been taking a few trips down memory lane.

Filling out a questionaire for the HLOG, something from my interview for Miss TC '04 came to mind. I'd bet that a good 5 minutes of that 10 minute interview was about hockey in some way, shape or form.

I remember them asking me why I wanted to go into Hockey Broadcasting.
"Why not get paid to do two of my favorite things? Watch hockey and talk."

There aren't many female broadcasters in sports. Can you name one you look up to?
Totally forgetting about Phyllis George, a former Miss America and a former correspondant for Monday Night Football, my answer was, "I don't think we should put gender limitations on who we look up to and want to be like. My favorite broadcaster is Barry Melrose. He's got lots of experience with the game and has no problem stating his opinions with elloquence and a little bit of humor. Plus he's got some of the best hair out there, which I think we have in common."
*insert judges laughter*

Why hockey?
"I've grown up around it. It's the one sport that I know everything about and don't have to ask any questions about the rules, regulations or play. It's full of strength and grace."

Grace? I've never heard it described like that before.
"Think about it. Burley men, gliding on thin blades on a thin sheet of ice. Passing the puck, tape-to-tape. Fluid motions, Miraculous saves by the goalies. Oh, and then there are the bone-crushing hits. Also a big crowd pleaser."

Speaking of bone-crushing hits, There was a game earlier this year in which someone from the Vancouver team broke someone's neck. What do you say to people who ask if this sport is too violent?
"I was actually watching that game, and the game before it where the injured player, Steve Moore, took a cheap shot at the Vancouver Captain, Marcus Naslund. Todd Bertuzzi, the accused, is my very favorite player - I even recieved an autographed jersey for Christmas last year. The game you're asking about was way out of hand in the first period and the officials should've been handing out penalties to both teams long before the incident occurred. To those people who are judging the entire sport on this one game, I say it's not a common occurrance and these kind of actions are not sanctioned by the league, which is why Todd got such a hefty suspension. With everything, you have to take the good with the bad, it's just sad that in this case, the bad - two overly emotional teams who were poorly refereed - ended up costing a young man his career."

Damn, I'm good.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

SPN Finale Part II

Sister and I watched it 'together' (aka watching it at the same time and talking to eachother on the phone/laptop)... Gotta admit, I was way more excited to be 'watching tv together' than i was for the show itself. I mean, i love me some WinchesterLovin but last week's show left a little to be desired.


Was NOT expecting Dad/Denny. Sister said, "Awwe...You're crying, huh?" Yes, sister. Yes I am.

Also was not expecting them to kill the yellow eyed bitch. Oh, and Dean, how 'bout you say bitch a few more times. Mama like.

Western Conference zzzzz....

After my annual lady-parts appointment today (which we all know and love loathe) I picked my perscriptions up at the Walgreens and headed out the ranch to mooch some food off my parents and watch at least part of the Toddball's game on the big tv. I also snagged a quick power nap during the first period. The begining of the game was that riveting....

I do tend to love exchanging texts with Hammer during the games. (And mom laughs every time she hears the Maple Leaf Mafia ringtone) After the 1st intermission interview with Jackman we had a little chat chit about how we were glad he didn't put his teeth in for national TV so his credibility wouldn't be hurt.

I'm glad she understands what I mean when I say that even without his partial and a nose full of snot, that I'd still cuddle up with Big Bert all night long (with Julie's permission of course).

I guess I should explain how I feel about this series since you're probably all asking yourself why I'd be cheering for the Arch Nemisis Red Wings. Ever since they acquired the Todd, it's been hard to hate them with the fire of ten thousand roasted marshmallows like I used to. And the ducks... I don't have anything against them per say, but Brian Burke is their GM - as well as an owner in the Chili-wiggity-wack Bruins - which means he tried to steal my team from me. BAD BURKEY, BAD! Therefore, I guess i'm rooting for the Wings in this Western Conference Snooze-fest.

That Ryan Getzlaf and his stupid pretty goals... Been making me swear since he was a wee tot playing for the Hitmen. I do, however, enjoy when they pan to him between plays - he likes to say that F word. A lot. My favorite lip-read quote of the night comes from the young Ryan, "Come ON! F**k me!" No thank you, but I'm sure there are a few ladies and germs that would be more than willing to take you up on that, sir.

Hammer and I also think that Bert and Fillpula need to be traded to teams we actually LIKE.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Supernatural Workplace....

SO after watching all 6 season 1 dvds in the past few days, I feel as though i AM a Winchester, (After all, Jared and I do share the same birthday...) but what happened about 50 minutes ago takes the cake.

I went into the kitchen to fill my overly large cup with water. I turned the under-cabinet lights off and drank a bunch of it there in the kitchen. Figuring I'd probably want some more by the time I was done for the day, I turned the water on, filled the glass and when I turned the faucet off, the lights flickered. That's right, I said it, the lights flickered.
About 10 minutes ago, I looked at the grandfather clock down the hall from my office. It stopped at just about the same time the lights flickered. The lights... that were OFF... Flickered.

What makes it even more creepy-mcscary is that I work in a funeral home that is about 100 years old. CREEEEEEPPPPY!!! :) (I'm glad I have salt and pepper in my desk!)